secondaries tips

  1. H

    Challenge Essay Idea - Seeking Advice

    Hi all, I am usually a lurker, but seeking some thoughts on the personal/professional challenge essay. I am confused between these three options: 1) Immigrated to the U.S. right before college and got accepted to an elite school. Once in college, struggled with spoken English a lot...
  2. M

    Updating MCAT score before or after submitting secondaries?

    Hey guys, So I sent in my primary application on June 1st to bunch of schools that are more or less within my score range (GPA 3.65 and MCAT 506). The thing is I'm currently studying for the MCAT to take it a second time and hope to get at l least a 515. I'm probably going to re-take it first...
  3. hs764

    Do I let the admissions committee know that I made a dumb mistake?

    So I wrote the essays and submitted the fee for my University of Chicago secondary application months ago, but just today realized that I never hit that crucial "submit application" button. I feel like an idiot and I assume that the school is going to think I'm a huge slacker and pass me over...
  4. Babbitt4MVP

    What do admissions staff think of catchy essay hooks?

    Especially on shorter secondaries. Do you guys like them? Or do you often end up rolling your eyes at them? I sort of just want to get straight to the point with my secondaries, but I get that may not be super engaging or enjoyable to read.
  5. hs764

    Addressing grade fluctuations on secondaries

    Regarding the question that a lot of secondaries have that says something along the lines of "if there's any additional information that you would like us to know, please write about it here" - I know this is where a lot of people will write about any dips or fluctuations in their GPA. Would...
  6. hs764

    Any topics off-limit for secondary essays?

    I'm looking through old essay prompts for the schools I'm applying to just to try to get a jump on things, and some of the questions are pretty straightforward but a lot of them are really open-ended and I'm not sure where to go with them. Are there any things we should avoid talking about? Is...
  7. sparksflyup

    Secondary Apps: can you shorten school name in answers?

    For example, Drexel's secondary asks: "We at Drexel University College of Medicine have a rich history and a valued mission. Each individual contributes to, supports and enriches our community. Please share with us how you plan on contributing to our College." In my answer, can I refer to the...