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  1. shinebright

    What should I focus on in senior year of college, if I plan on taking a gap year with low gpa/EC's?

    This school year; 2019-2020 is my last year of undergrad. I've decided to take a gap year after college so I can improve my application. My gpa and EC's are quite low and I am planning on taking the MCAT later this year. What should I focus on this year to increase my chances of being accepted...
  2. aytenadyej

    Senior Year Pre-Dental

    I'm currently a third year (junior) and am applying into the 2020 application cycle. Some of the schools i'm interested in have certain required classes that, because of conflicts with my major-specific courses, I can't take until the spring semester of my senior year. Is this okay to do...
  3. G

    What to do during gap year?

    Greetings SDN Community, I am currently a senior at a public 4-year state school and have an anticipated graduation date of May 2019. I plan on taking the MCAT right upon graduation and would like to use my gap year to pay off student loans (private + fed) and gain more clinical/research...
  4. LCRUF

    Waiting last minute to shadow a Dentist/volunteer?

    Hello all! Here is my current situation: I will be starting my Senior year at the University of Florida in the Fall and I plan on applying to UF's College of Dentistry, as well as other colleges(I will more than likely be taking a Gap Year, I also need advice on this). My current Overall GPA is...
  5. O

    Senior Year Classes

    I am scheduling for my senior year of high school soon, and am a little conflicted on what classes I should take. This year I am taking AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology 1, Honors Pre-calc, as well as AP Comp Sci, and a Digital Electronics Engineering class (PLTW). My main conflict is whether...
  6. W

    Academic Dismissal, low GPA, upward trend

    Ok, so where do I begin.... I am a lower senior in my college and would like to go into medical school. Some facts about me, I was academically dismissed from my college during what would've been my first semester of my junior year ( two years ago). I've always been a good student but went...
  7. N

    Seeking Advice

    Hi everyone, I've been a casual observer for a while. However I am stuck in a dilemma and so I made this account to seek for advice. Tomorrow marks the first day of my senior year as an undergrad. My target is to apply to the College of Optometry of the University of Houston for this current...
  8. A

    Senior year course load

    Hi everyone! I am a rising senior and have finished essentially all my major courses already. With the extra room in my schedule, I am debating whether I should pursue a minor (probably either in English or History) or just take random classes that interest me. Any thoughts on whether one is...
  9. U

    Part-time senior year (no other option) - damaging for med school app?

    Hello, thanks in advance for any input. First, context: I am a political science major taking the premed requirements and finishing up my senior year. I connected the major to medicine by interning as a policy analyst at the California Medical Association. I have 1.5 (will be closer to 3...
  10. I

    Help Senior! To apply or not apply? And if not, gap year advice?

    Hi Guys! Please don't be scared by the long post, i've just thought long and hard and really need your feedback on what I should do next in my pre-med journey. So I am currently a senior entering my last semester as a cell & molecular biology major. Right now, I have a 3.4 cGPA and 3.1 scGPA so...
  11. D


  12. K

    Potential third time applicant... Drop in grades during my senior year

    Hello Everyone, I've been applying to medical school for the past two years now, and, unfortunately, I have yet to be accepted anywhere. This is a very long post, so thank you to anyone that reads it. If I can get any help or advice from anyone out there, it would be much appreciated. First...
  13. M

    Advice for Pre-med that might be rushing?

    Hello everyone, So Im currently in my first week Senior year at University. Before starting this semester I had plans on taking 15 credits this fall, allowing me to have enough time (20hr/week) to study for the MCAT. Now looking at my syllabus for my 4 courses (+one internship and 2 part time...
  14. D

    Taking a year off to become stronger applicant or Apply this cycle?Graduating Senior!

    Hey guys, Im a graduating senior this upcoming June and have been pre-dental for the last couple of years. I am a Biopsychology major so I have taken all the prerequisites for dental school; Bio, Gen Chem, Ochem, Physics, Physiology, and a quarter of Genetics. I currently have around a 3.2...
  15. S

    Slowly Loosing Confidence

    Hey all- I need your opinions. I just cannot seem to get my crap together. I am a pre-med senior. My GPA has been all over the place. Currently, my overall GPA is a 3.52 and my BCPM GPA is a 3.22. I thought a lot more of my biomedical science classes would could in my BCPM, but they dont. I am...
  16. S

    Applying to medical school senior year

    I was planning on applying to medical school in between my junior and senior year of college. But I realized I wasn't going to finish my pre requirements on time. So I'm waiting till senior year to apply. I know I may need to stay one more semester after my senior year bc I started my major...