should i apply?

  1. R

    Chances at Texas MD?

    I would really like to go to a TX MD. I am not sure whether I should apply this cycle or next year. GPA: overall 3.65 BCPM: 3.64 MCAT 507 (128/122/127/130) I am retaking in August. I am currently in the UNT Masters of Medical Sciences program. Asian, TX resident. I have good EC's Undergrad at UT...
  2. C

    Where should I apply?

    Hey! So I will be applying this summer but I am still trying to solidify my list of where I am going to apply. Mainly, I am debating whether I should even try applying to schools like Harvard, Penn, UCLA, and UCSF (Also, Baylor sounds like a great option however I have heard that it is really...
  3. KCraig

    Honest opinion: Should I take a second gap year?

    I graduated in December 2016 with my degree in Biology. Here are my current stats if I apply this summer: 3.9 cGPA; 3.8 sGPA MCAT: Have not taken it, but based on diagnostic test, I'm sitting at a 501.. Not good. I'm currently doing a thorough content review using Kaplan. I plan to do one...
  4. H

    Help with schools list?? 3.51 cGPA, 3.29 sGPA, 33 MCAT (May 2014)

    Hi All! I am applying to both MD/DO schools this cycle As mentioned above, MCAT is 33, sGPA is 3.29, cGPA is 3.51 I have a variety of extracu.rricular (clinical and non clinical, can be listed if it will help) and I am a resident of California. **I feel its important to note I do not have a...
  5. H

    Re-applicant - what are my chances??

    Here is the low down: CA resident MCAT: 33 cGPA: 3.52 sGPA: 3.29 Main experiences on first app: 1 year full time job as scribe/surgery scheduler in orthopedics 3 years as division 1 track and field team manager (scholarship) 2 years paid marketing internship with division 1 athletic department...
  6. M

    Should I retake the MCAT? (123/124 on CARS)

    Hi All, Thank you so much for your help!
  7. O

    Received my MCAT score today and a bit disappointed. What should I do.

    Hi all, I received my MCAT score today and am pretty disappointed in it. The breakdown goes like this: Total: 505 Chem/Phys: 129 CARS: 125 Bio/Biochem: 128 Psych: 123 I am a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major with a minor in Chemistry (Involves taking Physical Chemistry) with 3.95 GPA...
  8. Kurk

    Another "Should I become a doctor?" thread

    Hello SDN. This is my first post. So here's my situation: I'm currently a high school junior at a competitive private school. I was a B student during my freshman and first-half of sophomore years; now I'm an A student. Any past feelings of apathy or lethargy are gone. I now put all my...
  9. AsianFonzie

    Should I Apply This Late (GPA: 3.91 MCAT: 500)

    I just recently found out about Podiatry school and am really interested! I have already interviewed at one medical school in Illinois, but I am wondering if January is way too late to apply to the Podiatry schools in California...A change in scenery certainly would be nice. How late is too late?
  10. ncmedfi

    Should I apply to post bad next year or wait?

    I am currently a junior in undergrad that decided just this year that MD is the health path I want to go on. I am interested in the career changer programs at schools such as Bryn Mawr, JHU, Goucher I have only taken 1 Chem and had a not great grade of a b- but have a's in some other non-premed...