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  1. W

    Figuring out my Pathway/General Advice/Plan B

    I graduated a psychology degree in 2019 and quickly and thoughtlessly went for a criminology masters degree from 2021-2022. Long story short, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of a PhD at that point, felt a little "selfish" indulging my passion for Psychology, and also was told that an MA in...
  2. W

    Thoughts on LCSW Supervision for Counselor Licensure

    Some years ago the Board of Counseling in my state decided to stop allowing hours supervised by LCSWs, Psychologists, or other professions to count towards becoming licensed as a Professional Counselor. Currently there is a push to change that, though a public request to the Board to change this...
  3. N

    Question From a Social Work Student

    Hello all! I have posted here countless times in the past trying to decide whether to major in psychology or social work and whether to go for LMHC or an MSW program. I am currently a BSW student going into my second to last semester in the program and I am confident that I will be able to get...
  4. L

    Post MSW jobs

    Hi all, I'm an NYC based MSW graduating this year from a clinical program. I'm starting to research LMSW jobs and would love some feedback. I'd really love to continue doing clinical work and am thinking about working at a hospital, partly because the pay is much better than a lot of the group...
  5. M

    Preparing for graduate school- help

    Hi everyone, I've made this account because I'm in need of advice. :) I'm an undergraduate psychology (BA) major in TX and I'm to graduate in December. My goal is to go to grad school in a few years, my interests are developmental/child psychology and counseling psychology. I currently do not...
  6. M

    Seeking Therapists for Brief Online Study (Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!) - New/Fixed Link!!!

    Hello everyone, It's been brought to my attention that the link in my previous post about this same project was not working. I apologize! Here is the post again with a corrected link. Thank you, Michael --- Hello everyone! I am a fourth year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Long...
  7. M

    Seeking Therapists for Brief Online Study (Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!)

    Hello everyone! I am a fourth year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Long Island University - Brooklyn and am seeking therapists to participate in a brief online research project, which aims to contribute to the field’s understanding of psychotherapy/counseling training and effectiveness...
  8. L

    Yale Social Work Fellowship

    I'm curious to hear from anyone who either attended or has knowledge regarding the Yale School of Medicine's postgrad fellowship for social workers. The one I'm specifically interested in is the adult psychiatric program (they have a well known one with Yale Child Study Center but I'm not...
  9. L

    MSW fellowship or training opportunities?

    Hi everyone. I'm a first-year MSW student at a really great clinical/psychodynamically oriented program. Even though I'm still in my first year, I'm starting to look ahead for interesting paid training opportunities post-graduation. There are so many amazing post doc options for clinical psych...
  10. L

    PhD worth it?

    Hi everyone. I'm new to SDN so please be nice :) A little background: I'm a first year MSW student focusing on psychodynamic clinical social work. During the pandemic I realized that I wanted to go back to school to become a psychotherapist and began the process of looking into gradate school...
  11. ThatPsyGuy

    ASWB Licensure Exam No Longer Needed For LSW in Illinois (At both a B.A. & M.A. level)

    I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a graduate student in a Social Workers program in Illinois. They mentioned how taking the licensing exam is no longer required to become an LSW with your BSW or MSW starting in 2022 there due to SB1632. I was somewhat torn on this. In one aspect, it...
  12. G

    DSW reputation over PhD

    Hello all, I am currently getting my MSW. I have an MS in criminal justice. Long story short, I was once in a PhD program for criminal justice. I left it due to it being an extremely toxic program (full of drama and lack of support), and a feeling that staring at stats programs all the time was...
  13. M

    MSW student to DO??

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I hope I’m posting in the right place! I’m currently in a Master’s of Social Work program with the intention to become a therapist. After completing my first year including my first field placement, I’ve determined that social work is not for me. I...
  14. teal.gem

    Do LCSW's have any difficulty getting clients?

    Hi all! I am in my final semester of undergrad and I am considering getting either a Ph.D. in Clinical/Counseling Psychology or a MSW (to become a LCSW). I live in Texas and it seems as if the Psychologist to LCSW clinicians in private practice ratio is 50/50, however, I have been wondering if...
  15. M

    Torn between MSW and Mental Health Counseling Degree

    Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. It is not my intention to put down any profession or discipline. I'm just confused and trying to seek advice. This may be long, so please bear with me. I'm 32 years old, and have an undergrad degree in Psychology and a master's...
  16. M

    Needing advice!!!!

    Hi, I am beginning my MSW in the fall and having SERIOUS doubts. I have worked in the mental healthcare field for over four years- a good deal of that time in case management roles, and I am feeling beyond burnt out. Even feeling bitter and taken advantage of by clients using our services. I’m...
  17. D

    What can I do to make myself a well rounded candidate for an MSW program?

    I am about to be a sophomore in college and I am majoring in Psychology. My plan is to earn an MSW after graduation and eventually become a LISW. The particular program I am looking at that is located at my university does not require the GRE. I know that GPA is obviously the number one factor...
  18. D

    What do you typically do as a medical social worker in a hospital setting?

    I'm just really curious what a medical SW does in the hospital setting. Do you work directly with the Physicians? Do you work on the interdisciplinary teams and rounds? What falls under your responsibility? What hours do you usually work? Whats the average salary of a medical SW?
  19. M

    Should I leave social work?- What’s next?

    Hi, Before I ask the quearions in the post title, let me give some background on my qualifications and career path up to this point. I have wanted to be a therapist since I was in high school. Since then I have always openly explored my options and challenged that career goal as I was in...
  20. D

    Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology

    I currently go to a community college and I will be earning an associates of arts and then transfering to a local four year university and majoring in Psychology. I would like to get my Ph.D. in clinical psychology right after I earn my bachelors degree. Another four year university an hour away...
  21. W

    Masters in Clinical Psychology or Social Work for becoming a Masters Level Licensed Counselor?

    Hey everyone, I'd like a bit of wisdom please. I'm currently attending classes at a local community college, working towards an associates degree to transfer to a university and eventually a masters program. My end goal is to become a licensed counselor focusing on giving psychotherapy for...
  22. C

    Getting into Social Work with DUI on record

    Hello everyone, I am an 18 year-old community college student living in Illinois who intends to complete my Associate's degree within the next year or two and transfer to a university and major in Social Work. However, I was recently arrested and charged with a DUI. This was the culmination of...
  23. S

    Any LCSW's out there making 80-100K? Please share your experiences.

    Hi I am entering into an MSW program and want to eventually get my LCSW...I am in NYS area. However, I have a wife/kids, debt and would appreciate those within the field that are making a good salary within the field 80-100K etc. to share how they got to that point in their career (what areas of...
  24. S

    MSW VS. OT

    Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I am truly in a dillema! All you replies will be truly appreciated. I did my undergrad in Psychology. Graduated from a private university with a massive amount of debt and a 3.6 GPA. The medical field has always been my passion. I had inteded to...
  25. Diastereo

    Feedback on Applying - 2018 or 2019

    Moved to a better thread - the search function is your friend.
  26. F

    U Chicago Social Work

    Hi All, Anyone have experience with U of Chicago SSA (their equivalent of the MSW)? I am wondering what the academics and overall student life is like. I've heard that it is very cerebral. Would love any insight you might be able to offer. Thanks!
  27. C

    Should I go for social work or counseling?

    I could use opinions on whether to pursue a masters in social work (department of health) or counseling (department of education). I've been out of the work force for awhile raising my family. I have an MA in anthropology and prior experience teaching at the university level. I know I'd like to...
  28. M

    Choosing a companion MSW Grad Certificate

    I have been accepted to grad school for my MSW. At my school, we can earn, as part of our program, either a "Graduate Certificate in Military Social Work" or a "Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy". It's not possible to get both during the program (sadly). The problem is I want...
  29. L

    Messed up in community college 5 years ago - What are my chances?

    Hi all. This is my first thread and I just have a few questions regarding my chances for med school. Sorry to be that guy. My general info: Year in college: Junior Major: Social Work Minor: Psych Clinical experience: 5 years in a SNF therapy gym, outpatient gym, and ALF gym. (hands on contact...
  30. M

    Masters--social work or psychology?

    I am currently a psychology undergrad. I plan to apply for my masters before medical school. However, I am still thinking about whether I should go for a masters in social work or psychology. My goal is to specialize in psychiatry...I don't know if that influences either choice. What is more...
  31. DeeRayy

    MSW vs MPH as a precursor to Psych PhD

    Hi Everybody, I currently have a BA in Psychology and research experience (RA work in a health psych laboratory and contributed to a publication). I graduated in 2014 and took time off to get some field experience since I was heavily interested in public health. I currently work as a program...
  32. K

    MSW Useful tools for advancement in a MSW program?

    Hello everyone, I have been granted admittance into a fully accredited (CSWE) MSW program that has the following requirements: (1) 62 credit hours, including 39 credit hours of required core and advanced clinical specialization courses. (2) In addition, students complete 9 credit hours of...
  33. M

    Masters vs. Medical School

    As of right now, I am a sophomore in college. I am pursuing a double major in psychology and social work with pre-med prerequisites. My decision to double major was last minute, but I am still very passionate about attending medical school after obtaining my bachelors in order to become a...