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  1. sasukeuchiha33

    T20 next year or state school (T50) this year?

    Hi everyone- so I’m in a peculiar situation. I took the MCAT twice in 2020 and got a 503 both times. I applied to 20 schools, and so far only got one interview from my state school (Indiana University) My GPA is pretty high at 3.9+ too. I just got my MCAT from January 15 back and am very...
  2. Baryjt01

    IU (IS) vs. Louisville (OOS)

    Ok so here is the problem I have encountered. I have been accepted to Louisville and IU. IU is my state school so only 250k whereas Louisville is out of state which is 400k maybe a tad more. Louisville is the school I would rather go to but I dont know if i can do it with there being that much...
  3. D

    MD Applying to 6 or 7 schools only...bad idea?

    3.7 cGPA; ~3.5 sGPA -Graduated with Honors -Spanish speaking and immigration but not URM -Strong extracurriculars (3 years of paid clinical experience, lots of research but no publications, non-clinical volunteering, minimal shadowing, significant scholarships) -No MCAT yet - will be taking in...
  4. Sadlyanon

    MD WAMC URM 3.8c 3.69sgpa

    Hello all! cGPA 3.80 sGPA 3.69 First mcat 501 (127/122/127/125) Predicted Second mcat range 504-507. My 3 aamc practice exams were all exactly 507. But after yesterday idk how I feel. Worse case scenario if I got a 504 Will a third retake hurt my chances? Female. African American. First...
  5. Ms. Anon

    What would be the best schools for Canadians to apply to?

    Hi guys I'll be applying to schools hopefully this summers and I'd also like to apply to the states. I'd like to maximize my chances by picking schools which are more open to accepting international students/Canadians. Any recommendations on which schools would be the best?? Money is not an...
  6. S

    Taking ORGO 1&2 at another university for the Summer?

    Hey everyone! Even though I've been stalking SDN for a significantly long time, this is my first post! Small tidbit about me: Sociology Major, Spanish Minor Sophomore at Top 50 Private University 3.6 Overall 3.4 Science GPA Black Female Due to my interest in my minor, I have formed my four...
  7. Piglet2020

    Financing Med School

    Hello! I would like to learn more about loans/grants for medical school. I submitted my FAFSA yesterday. I don't think I would be eligible for free $ as my parents' income is over the need limit. So far, my state school hasn't sent me any info yet about financial packages. What should I do now...
  8. MisterTO

    Aspiring Doctor

    Hi, I want to be a doctor. It's not an out of the blue decision but an interest that has stuck and has never changed since the beginning of high school. I've wanted to be a plastic surgeon since junior(ish) year of high school and am currently on the baby steps of being one this fall. I'm...
  9. B

    Non-Degree Student at Emory vs. HES vs. State School?

    All, I am currently hoping to begin taking classes this upcoming spring semester (Jan 2018). I graduated May 2016 with a degree in Biology, so I only have about 4 more classes to take before I can apply to med school: Organic Chem 2, Physics, 2, Biochemistry, and Gen Chem 2. However, I am not...
  10. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    Looking ahead, why a top-tier med school?

    What is the allure of top-tier med schools as opposed to mid-tier/state schools? I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially in regards to my strange notion of having to go to the best possible medical school. I had it in my head that I needed to be at some top-tier medical school in...
  11. kesher

    Do adcoms weigh GPAs differently according to undergrad institution prestige/rigor?

    My senior year of high school, I decided to go to my flagship state school over more "prestigious" private schools to save money. My school is a respectable institution in my state and region of the country, but it pales in comparison to the top schools. Do adcoms give students at top private...
  12. K

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    What is the reputation of UNL? If one is looking at eventually applying to top-tier med schools, would UNL be an acceptable option for undergrad? If you went to UNL for undergrad, what was your experience? Thanks for everyone's help.
  13. NescacPremed

    Out of State, State U Med School?

    I really want to go to a State University medical school in a different state. For example, I really like the University of Washington medical school in Seattle. I know that they have quotas for people who live in the Pacific Northwest. They rarely accept people who do not live in the Pacific...
  14. D

    MD Am I crazy to even be thinking about the possibility of reapplying after being accepted?

    I am aware of the sentiment surrounding this topic. I was accepted to one OOS school and denied at my state school. I am very thankful for my acceptance and liked this school when I interviewed. I am going forward with everything to attend in the fall, but here are the stress inducing things...
  15. S

    Case Western vs. University of Tennessee for Pre-Med?

    Where should I go? I heard school names don't really matter unless it's like the Ivies or top public schools... I would have to pay about 28k for CWRU and 7k for UT Knoxville, and my parents said they would save up around 1.5k per month for me if I go to UT. I am planning to work really hard...
  16. Student114

    Applying to state schools in September - What are my chances?

    Hi. I'm new on SDN, but I've been quite anxious about my chances of getting into MD schools when I sent out my AMCAS app for verification on September 10, 2015. I applied to mostly in-state schools (1o MD schools total) and others that were less competitive. I have a 28 MCAT GPA of 3.5 I've...