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  1. Lifeblood_20

    MD & DO Depression as a rising M4

    M3 here on my last rotation (4 wks left). I've struggled with mental health for years, but M3 year has been so stressful that things took a nose dive. I have a good support system, I see a therapist, I take meds, do what I can to take care of myself, but I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. I...
  2. P

    For all the average, non-genius high scorers out there. How did you do it?

    This post isin't meant for the high IQ's, but rather the average joes who grinded their way into A's and top test scores. I'd love to know how you did it and any advice you'd give to yourself/students about to start mcat/med school studying. Thanks!
  3. MFateh2000

    How can you read a whole textbook in one month?

    I have read some threads on this forum and some students have written that they have read big Robbins in one month. How is this possible? How can one read around 40 pages in a single day while still being able to recall the information or even understand them to an enough extent? Any tips?
  4. N

    Any recommendations or tips on studying during a semester?

    Hey all! I have never posted here before, so feel free to tell me if I am breaking the rules or anything. I plan on taking the MCAT in late May (as of right now, I plan on applying next year as I am a Junior, I hope that's not too late). Anyway, I took the diagnostic Kaplan MCAT exam over...
  5. A

    DPT School - Study Habits

    As some realize, grad school is no undergrad and those study habits ain’t working! I almost never studied(well) in undergrad, and you can’t survive grad school 4 weeks into PT school, a D in one exam(Movement Science) and something needs to change. This Covid move to online learning is...
  6. Tgfu34

    Underrated Tips Prior to OMS-1

    Hey everyone! I was recently accepted and I have ~5 months until orientation week. I was wondering if could receive some recommendations as to what I could be doing to further prepare myself for medical school to make the transition smoother. It could be life hacks, suggestions for books to...
  7. L

    IL MPJE Study Tips

    Hi, What were the most useful resources when studying for the IL MPJE? Any books particularly useful? Any helpful study tips/things to watch out for? Transferring my license and looking to take my exam ASAP, and don't even know where to start! TIA!
  8. E

    Suggestion of using a Q bank during MS1?

    I am going to be an incoming student this fall and am trying to decide which q bank to use to supplement studying for classes/start prepping for board style questions. I just did a Masters program where I took anatomy, physiology, pharm and other classes I will be pretty much repeating during...
  9. H


    I was wondering if anyone could recommend what they used to study for (and pass) Massachusetts's MPJE? Did anyone use Prontopass? All they do is send you the same statutes you can find online, correct? Thanks
  10. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT 5 Keys to Staying Focused During an MCAT Study Session

    Setting aside time to study for the MCAT can be challenging, but staying focused during that time can be even more difficult. Here are 5 tips to help you stay focused and maximize the study time you do have: Turn off distractions. Engaging in deep, focused and meaningful learning requires you...
  11. thebossbaby

    Chem Study Tips?

    So I just withdrew from my first genchem college chemistry class. Does anyone have any tips on how to excel in a chem lecture with like 300 people? I have ADHD and dyslexia, and I think that they've really kicked my rear this semester and that's part of the reason I've been struggling, but I...
  12. S

    DAT Rescheduled: Studied in the summer, taking DAT in the winter

    Hey guys! I've been trying to find a thread that matched with my situation the most, but I cannot seem to find any. But I really need advice and some help! I was set to take the DAT this early September but I do not feel ready at all. I've studied everything but my scores in QR/Math and General...
  13. A

    Where do you start with MCAT Studying?

    How should I begin my MCAT studying?? I am staring at the big stack of Kaplan books in my room and it is very daunting!! Any tips?
  14. D

    Undergraduate Embryology Study Tips

    Hello! At my school, we have a sophomore level undergraduate embryology class. I tried taking this last year at the same time I was taking Organic Chem and I knew the first week it would be too much so I dropped the class. Best decision I made all semester! I was wondering if anyone had any...
  15. 7

    Frustrated with CARS

    Hello everyone, So I guess I'm going to vent a little (more like a lot) but as the title states I am so frustrated with CARS. It wasn't a surprise that this section would be a struggle because when I studied for the SATs I just could not handle this section. Maybe because English isn't my first...
  16. RedDevil202013

    How to efficiently study for Biology?

    Hey all! So I am currently studying for the DAT and everything seems to fine material wise except for Biology. I am still in the Material review phase so I'm not practicing much of what I'm going over but it just takes too much of my study time. I'm taking notes as I am going through Cliffs AP...
  17. S

    Study Skills and Class Success

    Hi guys. Just completed OMS I and barely got through this year. Needed some advice on how to succeed in the upcoming year where pathophys will be the dominant subject matter. I am personally really slow when it comes to studying which is why I struggled. My routine is as follows: 1...
  18. G

    Study Tips Full time job

    I am trying to decide if I should get and use the AAMC prep bundle and am hoping for feedback. Also, any general studying tips are appreciated! I took a practice Kaplan MCAT and need to raise my score 3 points higher than my Kaplan score to be safe for an interview and 6 points to be at the...
  19. Mason91

    How do you guys take notes/study for Biology?

  20. LuDeaux

    MCAT Tips + Materials

    :: Post is not yet complete. In first draft :: First, I wanted to preface that I am no more than another pre-medical student that took the MCAT. I didn't score 520+... But I recorded a lot of information along the way and really wanted to share with hope it'll be of some use. The MCAT requires...
  21. T

    How I Got a 24 AA in Less Than 2 Months

  22. V

    MCAT start approach suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I am currently a rising junior in college. I plan to take the MCAT in April or May of next year. I want to potentially start studying for it this summer, or at least have a plan in mind for when/how I should study. My issue is that I have not taken sociology, physics, orgo II, or...
  23. Cytokine2014

    Aphantasia - studying with no mental images?

    "I have never visualized anything in my entire life. I can’t “see” my father’s face or a bouncing blue ball, my childhood bedroom or the run I went on ten minutes ago. I thought “counting sheep” was a metaphor. I’m 30 years old and I never knew a human could do any of this. And it is blowing my...
  24. Jsor20

    Extra Courses to prepare for NEW MCAT

    Hello everyone, I am preparing to take the MCAT at the beginning of 2017. I have one more semester to take a couple extra classes. To anyone that has taken the NEW MCAT, or anyone who has good info, what are the best courses besides the required courses. I am deciding between a physiology course...
  25. The_Sunny_Doc

    If you improved your anatomy grade significantly, how did you do it?

    Anyone who changed their grade from a B or C to an A, how did you do it? Anatomy is the only class that kicked my butt first semester, both blocks. Not looking for tips from people who have been acing it all along. I'd like advice from those who changed how they studied this subject and thus...
  26. G

    All B's in Biology

    Hello everyone, I'm posting this thread because I am genuinely concerned about my grades as I had gotten a few B's in some biology courses. Please post your thoughts, I take constructive criticism pretty well - but have a hard time executing what I need to do. Please help. Thanks
  27. @

    Tips for college for a HS terrible student

    Hi, I'll be entering University this January. I'll be majoring in Anthropology. It would have been in August but during my senior year in HS I didn't apply to any American Schools. I applied to a bunch of 6 Yr MD programs in Europe. I got into a few of them after the entrance exams but the ones...