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    Gorgeous Condo For Rent Close To Texas Medical Center and Midtown

    This mediterranean style condo is located on a beautiful quiet street in the heart of Montrose and midtown. This 2-story condo has 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, bar area, new stainless steel appliances, front sitting patio (with a tree growing in it), back storage patio, computer niche, dimmable...
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    The Republic of Texas XXXVIII : The Cowboy Code

    Starting this Texas Applicant talk and support thread for 2019-2020 application season. We usually post progress, news, and later, updates, acceptances, and Waitlist action regarding all the Texas medical schools. Try to keep technical questions about TMDSAS on the official TMDSAS questions...
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    *~*~*~*Official TMDSAS Questions Thread 2019-2020*~*~*~*

    Welcome one and all, to the TMDSAS 2019-2020 application cycle! I'm not going to repeat everything in the Application handbook but just some tips to save you from frustration. DON'T use the back button on your browser while working on your application. DON'T copy/paste your essays into the...
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    The Republic of Texas XXXVII: Get up. Look up. Show up. Never Give up.

    Starting this Texas Applicant talk and support thread for 2018-2019 application season. We usually post progress, news, and later, updates, acceptances, and Waitlist action. Try to keep technical questions about TMDSAS on the official TMDSAS questions thread. Good luck, all y'all!
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    Transfering to another Medical School

    I've been accepted to an OOS school and waitlisted at a few other oos schools but am now having second thoughts looking at the tuition after spending so much money on applications and my family going through some additional financial hardship. The tuition at my state schools are ridiculously so...
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    Is taking the MCAT mid june too late or leads to any consequences for TMDAS/Texas medical schools?

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    MD In need of ADVICE Please

    Personal Info: I am currently a 4th year undergrad at UT Austin. I currently have a science GPA of 2.7, and a cumulative GPA of 3.34. I had received 2 Fs, 3 Cs, and 1 D for my basic sciences courses (Physics 1, BIO 1 and 2, CHEM 1 and 2) early on during my 2nd and 3rd year of undergrad and had...
  8. Cait

    How to make up for low GPA caused by medical condition?

    Hello! I am currently a junior at my university, and due to an undiagnosed health condition (which is documented on my medical records) I was unable to perform well in school and now have a very low GPA. I went from making a 3.7+ GPA per semester to barely passing classes. I took difficult...
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    Retake MCAT 4th time or give up Med School

    Hey guys, So I've applied this cycle to all Texas schools and a couple of other OOS but haven't heard anything from them yet. Disappointed and sad as I am, I'm not sure what I should do now. My 3 MCAT is May 2015; 498 Jan 2016: 501 (128-122- 127-124) July 2016: 501 (127-124-125-125) I...
  10. Y

    Chances of acceptance at Texas school?

    Wondering what my chances would be to get into any of the Texas Medical Schools? I will not be applying until next round, however I currently have a 3.93 gpa (but I would also like to know my chances if my gpa dropped to say a 3.75), and a 4.0 science gpa. I have recived a 515 on the new MCAT. I...
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    [TX] 3.4 cGPA/3.3 sGPA, 513 MCAT

    I am a Texas resident who attended UT Arlington and graduated from UT Austin (the one with the new med school I can't get into). I took a gap two years after graduating with a B.S.A. in Neuroscience and a German minor, and really need some help finding OOS schools where I'd be a good match. 3.4...
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    TMDSAS GPA report?

    Does the TMDSAS give you a report at some point letting you know what they consider your GPA? I have it all calculated but I'd like to know for sure that I did everything correctly
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    2015-16 TMDSAS Waitlist Thread

    Hopefully everyone did well in the TMDSAS match today! If you didn't match, or didn't match to your school of interest, all hope is not lost! :) This thread is for those hoping to get off waitlists at any of the Texas schools. If you're waitlisted at any of these schools, just post in this...
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    Texas Med Schools and Tuition

    So as yall might know tuition in Texas med schools is insanely cheap. Here are the fees for MS1 Texas residents for the last school year at each of our 10 institutions: Texas Tech - Lubbock: $14,471/year UTH: $14,824/year Texas Tech - El Paso: $16,000/year Texas A&M: $16,432/year UTMB...
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    Official 2015-2016: Oh no, I didn't pre-match!

    because sometimes you have to let the paranoia fester, amirite?
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    Chances for getting into Texas Medical Schools

    Hello everyone! I am like many other pre-med students struggling and waiting to hear back from any med school. 3.89 GPA with a 27 on the MCAT (Verbal 6, English is not my first language and I have not lived in the US for long, moved here for college and I am considered IS) 100+Volunteer hours...
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    2015 Texas School Rankings

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