1. S

    DAT in less than a month, just took my first full length on DATBooster

    So my DAT is in less than 4 weeks and I just took my first full length test on DATBooster. I was using DATBootcamp towards the beginning of my studies, but it expired and I decided to try out DATBooster. I'm honestly feeling defeated after my FL, as my scores really haven't improved in the last...
  2. S

    TFE on DAT Bootcamp Practice Tests

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on if they felt the TFE portion of DAT Bootcamp practice tests were similar to the actual 2021 DAT? I felt as though the questions in the practice test were very different from the generator questions. Should I place my focus more on...
  3. S

    Struggling with Top-Front-End

    I can't wrap my head around the Top-Front-End section. I keep struggling and score 5/15 on a good day. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. V

    PAT advice?

    Alright guys, so I take my DAT exactly two weeks from today and I've been doing pretty well in most areas but am struggling with my timing and a few sections on the PAT (specifically keyhole and TFE). When I start a new PAT test (I use both PAT Booster and DAT bootcamp), I immediately skip to...
  5. F

    PAT Help

    Hi guys! I cant seem to wrap my head around: Angle ranking Pattern Folding TFE I took 2 tests and my timing was perfect, but I simply am hit or miss with angle ranking, I'll either get 12-13/15 or 6/15 and lately its been on the lower end of the spectrum. For TFE, my hardest thing to...
  6. smiledoc1

    DAT PAT: Angle Ranking and TFE struggles. Hitting a plateau sos

    Hi everyone, so I know AR and TFE are pretty notorious for being some of the more difficult PAT sections to master. With angle ranking I've been doing practice everyday for the past few months (mainly using bootcamp generators) but I've seemed to hit a plateau recently and cant ever get more...
  7. E

    TFE Line counting on 2018 PAT ?

    I use DAT bootcamp for my PAT practice and have already read the post on Bootcamp about the DAT being changed to hinder the use of this technique. However, with that being said im wondering if anyone has used line counting as a last resort on the actual DAT? Obviously, it should not be used as...
  8. beeepbooop

    Bootcamp TFE glitch?

    Hey guys! Are there differences between A, B, & C? Only B registers as correct and I'm wondering if it's just a glitch that all three look identical or if I'm missing something. Thanks!
  9. E


    I knew not to use the line counting strategy for TFE so I never even attempted to learn how to use it. But, I guess when I was practicing using the generators I picked up on how the horizontal lines of the front and end views need to match up and that the vertical lines of the front and top...
  10. I

    Retaking DAT, PAT help!

    Hi everyone, I took the DAT last month and received a 20TS, 19AA but a 16 in PAT, so I finally decided to retake it since I sent out my application this cycle prior to taking the exam. I used bootcamp generators to study for the DAT, the sections I struggled the most with were keyholes, TFE and...
  11. Dental24/7

    Any advise on TFE??? I am going nuts.

    I started PAT with someone teaching me online. Of course, I learned the line counting method from someone online and it got stuck. I know we cant do that anymore (figures!) and now i am struggling. Any advise? Please let me know. Id be forever grateful!