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  1. D

    Apply or another gap year?

    Happy new year everyone! I'm looking for some guidance (again) and figured this would probably be a good place for that. I'll give a short outline of basically what my application would be (minus the PS) and what my dilemma is. GPA Stuff GPA: 3.988 sGPA: 4.000 MCAT: 518 LizzyM: 75.9 WARS: 85...
  2. D

    GPA 3.988, sGPA 4.0, MCAT 518, Aiming for T10-T20, Gap year advice needed

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance on what to do moving forward. I’m in my final year of undergrad and recently got my MCAT score back (518). I have an LM 75.9 and WARS 85, conservatively. The 2017 WARS doc gave me an S level rating and recommended I make 45% of my applications to Category 1...
  3. M

    Does prestige of PA school matter?

    Hi all, I am an undergrad student, previously MD-hopeful, who is now interested in the prospect of PA school as I feel it will better suit what I want out of my career and life in general. As I am starting to look into PA schools, however, I am wondering if the prestige of the PA school that...
  4. M

    Questions to Ask at Medical School Fair

    We have a medical school admissions fair at my school next week that I need to start preparing for. What types of questions are best to ask these schools? What do you wish that you had asked admissions at various schools when you were starting to feel them out? Some of the schools attending I...
  5. S

    Chances for top 10 surgery programs

    Hi everybody, Looking for advice about whether I have a good chance at applying for top surgery programs - mostly worried about my lack of research while in medical school and don’t know how much that should hold me back or make me apply elsewhere: Woman at a top 10 medical school Step 1 >...
  6. S

    How Common are the Following in Top 10 Admissions?

    If anyone has an idea of how common any of the following are in applicants who apply to Top 10 schools, I would love to hear your thoughts (I admit I'm a bit clueless myself) - thanks! (1) MCAT > 520 (it seems like half this board has MCAT's higher?) (2) First author publication, Sole First...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 Best Medical School Rankings

    In reviewing the med school rankings, they were pretty predictably ho-hum. After all, schools don’t change a ton in one year. Most changes were minor and amounted to a shuffling of the deck chairs. However, there were a couple of big jumps that meant new members in the Top 10 for Research and...
  8. E

    3.83 GPA, 517 MCAT, Upwards Trend

  9. Piglet2020

    Reach Schools - How likely?

    What is considered a “reach” school? Is it a reach if you are below their median stats? Top 20 schools? And how likely do people actually get accepted into their dream/reach schools? I would be happy with just 1 acceptance considering how competitive this is. I heard stories from my advisor...
  10. inGenius Prep

    Medical Top 10 Medical Schools and Average MCAT Scores

    Where does your score lie among the top 10 med school MCAT averages? Harvard: MCAT-518, GPA- 3.9, Acceptance rate 3.3%, Stanford: MCAT- 519, GPA- 3.9, Acceptance rate 2.5%, John Hopkins: MCAT- 519, GPA- 3.9, Acceptance rate 5.8% UCSF: MCAT- 516, GPA- 3.84, Acceptance rate 3.4% UPENN...
  11. Tenzing2017

    Committee Letter Ranking Question, Hurt Chances?

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question on the Committee Letters. My schools ranks it's pre-meds, 10% Top, Next 15% Strong, next 60% Recommend, 5% DNR. My question is this: I've come a long way academically: Started as a freshman 3.0, then did another 3 years (4th year student) and maintained a...
  12. I

    What are my chances? Low-ish GPA from top school?

    I haven't taken the grad school tests or graduated yet, but I'm wondering what I can hope for with good scores. I have around a 2.9 from Johns Hopkins University. With great test scores could I get into a good grad program or good post-bacc??
  13. H

    Baylor vs. WashU

    I'm in the fortunate position of having to choose between attending BCM or WUSTL. BCM pros: -I received a scholarship at Baylor, which is already a super cheap school -Closer to home -It's in the Texas Medical Center -Texas weather is more my style -I'll potentially have classmates I knew in...
  14. M

    concerned about bad grad gpa - please advise and help me!

    I have spoken with admissions reps at top 10 med schools... Your undergrad GPA and MCAT are what matter. Not everyone gets a PhD so they can't judge your GPA for that across the board. How in the heck can anyone evaluate someone who has a PhD in physics from MIT with a 3.0 vs. a 4.0 MPP from...
  15. A

    Summer Research vs. During school year research?

    I am currently applying to some top 10/20 schools this cycle, among many more mid tiers and low tiers and I understand the importance many of the top schools place on research. Having said that, I feel a little bit weird comparing myself to students who have conducted research for 2-3 years...
  16. scaredadvocate

    MD GPA/MCAT discrepancy- need help with my list!

    GPA: 3.6 (science and overall) MCAT: 519 (129/132/129/129) morehouse pitt temple tulane penn columbia duke emory