1. Y

    Best Med Med Schools in Egypt, Gulf or Turkey with affordable tuition fees or scholarship

    Hi, I'm an Egyptian student looking to study Medicine, I graduated from secondary school advanced stream from UAE 2021. I'm struggling with finding a university for the next intake or 2022 intake, I'm also open to study in UAE/ GULF/ TURKEY OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. The main problem is that I can't...
  2. Grimjow

    Azerbaijan or Turkey for med school

    Hello everyone I am a first-year medical student in Azerbaijan and I want to practice medicine in the US. However it worries me that I won't be able to build a necessary "foundation" let's say to do well on Step1. Do you guys think studying in Turkey instead would alleviate that? Is the turkish...
  3. E

    Internship in Turkey

    Hey guys, I'm from Pakistan, currrently in 2nd year of MBBS and I'm looking for decent internship programmes in any medical university hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Are there any programmes available for say 3-5 weeks this december? If yes, in which universities? Please hmu if you have any...
  4. N

    Internship in Turkey

    Hello, everyone I'm medical student in last year and try to find hospital in turkey to do my last year (internship) so I get benefit as I want to take residency there, it will help me in many sides. The problem is my university asked to provide name of hospital which I want to de my internship...
  5. Dr. Noura

    how to work in Canada if I will study medicine in Turkey

    I have graduated from high school and I want to study Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey for some reasons: 1- tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses will be free. 2-Education in Turkey has a good reputation. 3- my family isn't rich. But the language of study at university will be Turkish. I...
  6. N

    How to get cardiology residency in turkey?

    Hey any one have information about cardiology residency in Turkey or master ? And what is the requirements and fee?
  7. DocJuan

    Percentage of seats filled

    I've come across a lot of posts here on SDN saying to start thinking about a backup plan if one has no interviews by Thanksgiving. I'm sure it varies from program to program, but approximately how many seats are filled by this time of year (>50%, >75%, >90%)??
  8. S

    International Students in Turkey

    Hi guys! I know there are a few posts about medical schools in Turkey. However, I wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with the Acibadem university of medicine. I would like to know if it is a good school and the student life in there. Are there many international students or is it purely...
  9. K

    Medical Schools in Turkey

    Hey guys, Do any of you are studying in Turkey? I happen to like the idea of studying medicine in Turkey but I can't really find the resources to help me with this. I've found a few med schools in Istanbul that interest me. Marmara University and Istanbul. I will be trying to the SAT for my...
  10. B

    Working in private University Hospital in Istanbul

    Hi everyone, I'm an Egyptian fully trained neurosurgeon who wants to practice in Turkey. I'm currently in Istanbul studying Turkish Language in Tomer . What are the essential steps to do in order to get a medical license to practice in one of the private hospitals here in Turkey. I'm not going...
  11. BootySlayer

    Debrecen University Dental Program

    Hey, I was wondering if there was anyone on SDN that could shed a little more light on the dental program at Debrecen University in Hungary? I am a recent graduate (BS in Bio) from a California school and am interested in applying to Debrecen for dental school. My GPA as of right now is...