1. MEtoMD


    Edit: Please if you can provide feedback on my pros/cons or any other pros/cons you may know about either of these schools. Also a brief explanation for why you voted one or other would be amazing! Thanks for the help! Background: I went to UCF for undergrad. Fairly torn and I believe I'd be...
  2. S

    UCF vs. Tulane (WL)

    Hey guys! So I guess I just need people to tell me that I should pull the plug on this one and just commit to enroll at UCF. I guess it ultimately doesn't matter since I'm only waitlisted at Tulane, but I can't stop thinking about "what if I do this and had a chance of getting accepted." I've...
  3. I

    How do I find a doctor who would be willing to let me shadow them?

    I am a freshman pre-medical student attending school at the University of Central Florida. I recently began volunteering at the Nemours Children's Hospital in the surgical unit as I hope to become a pediatric surgeon or neurosurgeon. Based on the advice of my counselor, I was hoping I would have...
  4. Hales124

    What are my chances?

    Date of submission: Next cycle asap Overall GPA: 4.0 (after grades this semester may be a ~3.97) Science GPA: 4.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 4.0 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 21AA, 19PAT, 24 RC, 23 QR, 19TS State of Residence: Florida -- APPLYING TO LECOM, NOVA, UF (specifically what is...
  5. I

    UCF vs VCU (how important is overall feel?)

    Hi guys, I've really been struggling deciding between these two schools. I guess I feel like it makes sense to go to UCF - it has great step scores and match lists, it's more affordable, and my family is near by. But for some reason, I fell in love with VCU, and I feel like my heart is there...
  6. M

    Help me choose! UCF vs. UF vs. UMiami (premed)

    Hi! I will be a biology major next fall at one of the following universities: University of Central Florida: Full-ride (due to National Merit Scholarship) Burnett Medical Scholar (BMS), which guarantees admission into its medical school if some conditions are met. However, these conditions are...
  7. MedicalDoge

    HELP PLEASE: MCG vs. UCF vs. Dartmouth vs. Miami

    Hello! I am in the fortunate position of choosing between some of my favorite schools coming into this. I am actually waiting on the post interview decision from Miami, but they have a pretty high post interview acceptance rate, so I just want to weigh in your opinions on that school as well...
  8. I

    USF vs UCF (undergrad) HELP!

    Hello, I am currently a high school senior looking to pursue a biology degree with pre-professional track for medicine. I was recently accepted into both USF and UCF. I was not accepted into either Honors program. To my knowledge, USF is a significantly more research-based school than UCF. I...
  9. C

    UCF vs FGCU

    Hey guys - I’ve been offered early acceptance at both UCF and FGCU. FGCU is ~20k less over the course of 3 years. Has anyone gone to either of these schools? Reviews?
  10. D

    Accepted, but not to top choice!

    So this morning I was just accepted to NSU DPT, however this is not my top choice (my top choice is UCF). This is a school that is definitely high up on my list though, so I am very excited! However, the acceptance decision is due October 13th (extremely soon?!), and I don't want to accept it...
  11. B

    NJMS vs UCF

    I am a high school senior that has been accepted to BSMD programs at NJMS as well as UCF. Here are the details: UCF: 4+4, 3.75 overall & science GPA, 512 MCAT and interview in junior year beginning required. Undergrad: UCF NJMS: 3.6 overall GPA required, MCAT should be taken, score not...
  12. motu

    Miami Miller vs. Central Florida

    Hi, I am accepted to both Univ. of Miami Miller and Univ. of Central Florida for the MD Class of 2021. UCF is home for me and very up and coming, but Miami is so appealing in many ways as well. Please share any thoughts on how to decide between both and what you think about each school. I am...
  13. ch3cooh

    Is transferring worth it?

    Hi everyone, so currently I am a fall semester sophomore at Rutgers , I am a CBN ( Bio major with a focus in cellular bio and neuroscience), my first semester in college I failed Calc, and then the next semester I retook it replacing my grade. I wanted to know is it worth transferring to a...
  14. O

    Have you heard of a UCF or UNF student getting into a top tier med school? Will they hurt my chances

    Hey guys. I am currently trying to finalize my undergrad college decisions. I have received several acceptances to fairly decent universities (UCF, UNF, UPitt, VTech, PennSt), but have been unable to make a choice. Pitt, Penn State, and Virginia Tech are obviously far superior academically than...