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    Temple (OOS) vs. UDM vs. UMD (OOS) vs. UK (OOS)

    In terms of clinical experience, out of Temple, Maryland, Detroit-Mercy, and University of Kentucky which would be at the top and what makes them special? Do they schedule their own patients? Place implants? Have their own chair? Each schools individual requirements? If current dental students...
  2. L

    UDM vs. Case

    I got accepted to both Case Western and UDM, and I strongly believe both are great schools, so it's hard to make a decision. I'm from Michigan, so going to UDM would be cheaper. Does anyone feel strongly that one is better than the other? Thanks in advance!
  3. J

    [Canadian] UDM vs. Louisville (OOS)

    I was accepted into UofL a couple months ago.. but now I have also gotten into UDM. I dont know which I should pick. Some things that are important to me are: -where I can be most successful (is one less difficult/stressful than the other?) -where I will be put in a positive position to...
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    UDM vs. Tufts

    Looking for some outside perspective with regards to my choice between Tufts and UDM. UDM was the first to accept me on the Dec 1 date, with Tufts following suit soon after in January. I just need some thoughts so as to decide on one or the other. I love both schools, and both match my...
  5. E

    UDM Waitlist Class of 2021

    Whoever is wait-listed at UDM, we can use this thread to give updates on our status over the coming months.
  6. N

    UDM Offer Acceptance

    So I mailed my offer of acceptance and deposit on Dec 20th and it was suppose to be delivered on Dec 23rd. I tracked my package and they said they tried to deliver the package but no one was there to accept it. I was wondering if anyone else has had the issue in the past and what happen. I'm...
  7. P

    NYU vs UDM vs UMD

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into 3 great schools and I am having an extremely difficult time deciding where to attend. I have read countless threads but I would greatly appreciate any details/comments/opinions anyone would like to share with me. My options are NYU, Detroit Mercy and...
  8. K

    Choosing the right Dental school

    Hello everyone! I am having a hard time choosing between NYU and UDM for dental school. Can anyone who has graduated or is currently attending either of these schools give me some real pros and cons not just about the dental school but maybe also the surrounding area that the dental school is...
  9. N

    Passing all classes?

    Does anyone know if offers of admission state you must pass all the classes you are currently taking. I have interview at UDM and have a D in orgo 2. The email I received before my interview said I had satisfied my org 2 requirement so I am just wondering, if I get an offer of admission, will it...
  10. S

    CDCA (NERB) Exam Site Change to UDM

    Hey guys, I have to take the CDCA Endo/Prosth manikin portion of the exam away from my home school (IU School of Dentistry), and thankfully University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) has allowed me to take it there on September 16th/17th. I was hoping to see if there are any UDM dental students who could...
  11. V

    UDM application status on AADSAS

    Hey everyone, Does anyone's AADSAS portal say "received/waiting additizonal information" under UDM dental school? I just called them a few days ago and they said they had received my supplemental information so I am not sure what it could be. Is anyone in a similar situation/should I not worry?