1. E

    UMKC School of Medicine 2020 Medical Scholars Program

    Hello all, My school is one of the 12 schools that has a linkage with the UMKC school of medicine. Essentially, you apply after sophomore of junior year of college and if accepted you gain acceptance to the school pending you receive an MCAT score of 500 or above. I haven't been able to find...
  2. Y

    UMKC Prerequisite Section on AADSAS

    To anyone who has filled out the UMKC Prerequisite courses on the AADSAS app, what did you guys do when they asked for each class and lab separately if you had courses that had lab joined with them? For example, they're asking for Anatomy, then Anatomy Lab separately. I took Anatomy w/ Lab...
  3. jjab8d

    ***The Official UMKC School of Dentistry C/O 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    Hey! First post on SDN. I didn't see any threads for the CO 2023, and in the midst of applications starting soon I thought I would make a thread. Feel free to post about your experiences, or general questions about applying/interviewing at UMKC SOD! Good luck everyone!:highfive: Link to...
  4. B

    Help! Choices UMKC, Houston, Washington

    I have an extremely difficult decision to make. I got into multiple schools, which I am grateful for, and have narrowed it down to three. But I have to pay out-of-state tuition for all my schools since my state does not have a dental school (woohoo-- oos life). My top choice was originally...
  5. G

    UMKC January Start Date

  6. U

    UMKC dental school: dean Pyle leaked letter

    Attached is a screenshot of a letter written by UMKC's head of oral surgery and two dental school professors emeritus to the provost of UMKC. It appears that their concerns did not receive a response and presumably, as a result, this letter was leaked and has now been well-circulated among...
  7. R

    Pharmacy School Personal Statement

    Hey everyone. I am applying to the UMKC School of Pharmacy this fall and I was wondering if anyone had tips on what to include in my personal statement/essay. What are some things that you think must be included in your personal statement/essay?
  8. V

    What Dental Schools Should I apply to?

    Hi all, I am a Missouri resident Bio major, chem minor 3.50 GPA, 19 AA DAT. I plan on applying to these schools; any critiques recommendations or ADDITIONS? Lake Erie (FL) U of Louisville Roseman (UT) Marquette Creighton Western (CA) UMKC UNLV THANK YOU! :)
  9. U

    UMKC Reserved Admissions

    Hello all I'm a newbie to these forums and thought I'd stop by to ask a few questions. So I just finished up my freshman year of college and it did not go as planned to say the least. I attended the University of Nebraska my first semester and after dropping a Calculus class I ended up only...
  10. C

    Nova Southeastern vs University of Missouri - Kansas City

    I've been accepted to both UMKC and Nova Southeastern University. Would love to hear some pros/cons from students that have attended either school. I would especially like to hear from some D3s and D4s from Nova. How do you feel about the clinical experience there? What are the requirements...
  11. M


    I am accepted as an out of state student by UMKC (Kansas City, Missouri) for pre-medical program. Per university counselor, I can be transferred into six (6) year BA M.D. program after one semester. If someone who is currently enrolled or completed his premedical program or transmitted to BA...
  12. P

    UMKC School of Pharmacy Fall 2015 Applicants

    Hey guys, I couldn't find a thread for applicants applying for Fall 2015 so I created one. Anyone send in their applications to UMKC and hear back yet??