unbalanced mcat

  1. X

    Poll: Would you retake a highly unbalanced (123/132/126/129) 510 MCAT?

    Would you take the risk of your scores in the other sections going down to try for a higher C/P score? Thanks for your advice.
  2. X

    Should I retake? VERY unbalanced (123/132/126/129) 510 MCAT?

    Hi, all. Wondering if I should re-take my very unbalanced MCAT... Physics is a clear weakness of mine and the C/P section on the exam I took was particularly brutal. In practice exams I most recently (before taking the exam for real) scored a 125 for C/P. I'm afraid such a low C/P score will...
  3. little_giant

    Retake a 516?

    Hey guys, so I got a 516, which I'm fine with even though I'm a little dissapointed that the top 10 MD schools are basically out of range for me now, being an ORM with a very average GPA (both cGPA and BPCM). I go to a top 10 undergrad. My issue though is that my score is unbalanced: I got a...
  4. S

    MD 3.965 GPA, Unbalanced 512 MCAT (123 CARS)

    Hello, Title says all about my stats. 3.96-3.97 GPA, 512 MCAT 131/123/130/128 taken somewhere in 7/17 I am a US pre-med, graduated in late 2015. AP credit in 1st semester physics, 1st semester comp, and other (non-pre-med) courses IB credit in biology Activities include/will include: Between...
  5. K

    Unbalanced, yet high MCAT- thoughts?

    Hi all, I don't know if this question gets asked a lot, so I apologize if this is redundant. I received my scores last week and was ecstatic with the overall of 519. However, the breakdown is a 132/131/130/126. While the first three sections are great, the P/S is quite drastically lower. Does...
  6. A

    Chance for a decent medical school?

    My MCAT score is a 513 (129/130/129/125). I was expecting higher but I messed up on PsychSoc. I was scoring 128-130 on PS coming into the test, but I guess I was nervous or not focused enough on the actual MCAT. Anyway, do you guys think that the drop in the PS score will look really bad to med...
  7. CT153

    Unbalanced MCAT, retake?

    I took the MCAT in 2016 and got a very unballenced 510 (<50th percentile B.B.) This was the score I used in my 2016-17 application cycle, and while I received two interview invites I did not end up with any acceptances. My question is should I retake it before I reapply In 2018? I know 510 is an...
  8. P

    unbalanced MCAT 511 with 98th percentile CARS, 54th BB

    511 - 128, 130, 125, 128 My bio/biochem score is in the bottom 10% or lower in some schools I am considering... I was wondering how important the individual section scores are. If one of my section scores is below the 10th percentile should I even bother applying?
  9. Camou_Cat

    MD & DO Re-applicant, Non-Canadian International, Average GPA, Unbalanced MCAT

    Hi friends, I just got my MCAT yesterday with an unbalanced 511 (130/124/128/129). It was a retake from 509 (131/122/129/127). English is my third language. I have never been good at (interested in) reading. I don’t know if I should apply with this score, or retake the MCAT, or give up on med...
  10. P

    MD & DO 2 MCAT Scores (Low CARS) What Are My Chances?

    Hey guys, So I recently took the mcat in August 2016 for a second time and got a 507 (128/122/130/127). No clue what happened with the cars section never scored that low when I was practicing. My first mcat was in August 2015 and I got a 504 (126/124/128/126). I've submitted all of my...
  11. J

    New to forum + weird MCAT scores, please help

    Hi everyone, As the title already states, I'm new to this forum. I would really love some feedback about what my chances are in terms of medical school (MD) acceptance this application cycle. If anyone received interviews from schools with my stats and similar ECs, please let me know. I would...
  12. neuro17

    Need help with school list!!!

    Hi SDN I could use some serious help with my school list. My goal is to get the list to around ~20, but I could see myself at like 35 different schools! I've done my best to filter out OOS-unfriendly schools and locations that I wouldn't like. My main issue is that my MCAT is super unbalanced...