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  1. AsianNotBsian

    UNC-Chapel Hill vs UCSF

    Does anyone have any thoughts on UNC-Chapel Hill vs UCSF? They’re my top two that I’m trying to start deciding between just in case, as I’ve been accepted to one and have an interview coming up with the other. I know some main differences I’ve seen are cost of living, rotation locations, and...
  2. future_tooth_dr

    Application Question: Comment on your DAT performance

    UNC's secondary application asks the question "comment on your DAT performance". I am a little torn on how to answer this question. My DAT scores are just average. 20 AA and 19 TS. I got a 22 on PAT, but an 18 on Bio. I don't know how to answer this question, because there's not much to say...
  3. medshousing

    Renting Durham, NC Sublease May 9-July 31 2020 shared 3 bedroom house

    MedsHousing.com AS Posted: live with two other medical students.. Contact listing here "Hey! I am Preston, a second-year med student and I have a room open at my 3BR/3BA house, a 12 min drive away from Duke/UNC! Rent is $600/month everything included (internet, water, electric, gas). The...
  4. A


  5. M

    Urgent Pre-Med Advice : Emory vs. Case Western vs. UNC Chapel Hill vs. Baylor vs. UC San Diego

    Hello! I only have a few more days to commit to my selected school and I am wondering what undergrad institution will set me up the best for success. I am not typically attracted by the cutthroat atmosphere and I would like a supportive undergrad experience with limited weed out experiences. I...
  6. O

    UNC SOM vs. ECU Brody SOM

    A resident of NC and got accepted to both UNC SOM and ECU Brody SOM. Could use some help on deciding which to pick. I have listed my mental checklist of pros and cons for each: ECU: Positives 1) Financials: I got nominated for Brody Scholar so if I get it, I would get a tuition full ride there...
  7. andtheam

    What Undergrad School before Dental School?

    I just spent my freshman year at a good state school. However, I now got into UNC Chapel Hill to transfer for the rest of my undergraduate career if I wanted to. If I stayed at my original school, I would definitely get a higher GPA than at UNC. I would still get all my shadowing in during the...
  8. medshousing

    Renting UNC and DUKE! fabulous residential community for familie! easy access to hospitals

    www.MedsHousing.com Stay in a safe gated community near all the amenities Ideal for families. Pool, playground tennis etc. Walk to SouthPoint Mall Durham, North Carolina-2Bed/2Bath Apartment – All Utilities – Fully Furnished $2,000/Month 1400 Laurel Springs Drive, Durham, NC, United States...
  9. S

    UNC (OOS) vs. Pitt (IS)

    Hey everyone. I was blessed to be accepted into 5 dental schools. UNC, Columbia, Pitt, Temple and Rutgers. I initially made a decision to choose UNC based on 3 major factors that I was considering (Cost, Name and Weather and location). However, after more research on ADEA book and on this...
  10. D

    Poll: UNC vs University of Michigan vs UCSF?

    Hi all, I have been fortunate to have been accepted into UNC and University of Michigan. Both schools are out of state so tuition is both 40k/year for me. Both are very well known for pharmacy. If you were me, which school would you pick and why?
  11. ebiroll

    UNC vs. UT Austin

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to the pharmacy programs at UNC Chapel Hill and UT Austin & I'm struggling to make my final decision. I know they are both top-rated programs, but I was wondering if anyone could provide other info as to why (or why not!) you picked either of these schools...
  12. T

    options for low gpa?

  13. F

    Berkeley vs Cornell vs CMU vs UNC Chapel Hill for PreMed

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school senior that has been accepted into the following schools. I am interested in pre-med and I'm torn between my schools. I want to become a well rounded person and so I don't just want STEM classes. I have listed some pros/cons I have discovered from reading other...
  14. M

    UW Seattle vs UNC North Carolina vs UT Austin