1. bikinitop

    Volunteer Hrs - How few is too few hours to list?

    I'm applying DO this cycle (after a gap year or two) and was preparing to submit but I reviewed my Experiences section and realized my volunteer hours are scattered across many organizations and are few. How few volunteer hours are too few to list with a specific organization? Since I have so...
  2. HeavyDutyBinder

    WAMC - DO schools only. cGPA & sGPA 3.21, MCAT 504

    Hello, I am applying broadly to DO schools. Would greatly appreciate feedback! Here's more detail: 1) AACOMAS cGPA & sGPA 3.21 2) MCAT 504, 127 C/P, 124 CARS, 126 B/B, 127 P/S 3) Worked 2 part time jobs through undergraduate career and worked ~18 hours/week during grad program 4) Really...
  3. N

    Any Advise would be greatly appreciated !!!

    Hey I am an Black pre-med at a top 20 undergrad institution. I really worried my GPA is too low for MD schools, currently at a 3.4. I am taking the MCAT in January but from my practice tests I think I have been getting better, I currently score in the high 510's consistently on the practice...
  4. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Getting Burnt out....

  5. Dreadhead

    Some advice please? 2.89 cGPA, 3.09 sGPA

    Hardworking first generation college student. Provided for myself throughout college. 3 jobs + full-time commuter student. MathBio major Neuro & Chem minors. cGPA 2.89 (upward trend), sGPA 3.09, MCAT score 495, with little prep via Kaplan book set & lots of anxiety surrounding test day. (As I'm...
  6. K

    Bad Study Skills or Inability to Do Coursework?

    Hey everyone, I graduated in 2016 from a UC with a 3.1 cumulative gpa and a 2.7ish science gpa. I've recently gotten interested in dental school. Now, I know as it stands that my gpa will not get me into any school anywhere, but I guess I'm trying to figure out the feasibility of becoming a...
  7. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Making a underdog school list

    I'm making an MD school list that might be friendly to underdogs... I have made a DO list already because I'm more knowledgeable about their admissions. I spent the other day going through the new MSAR and selecting every school that has no minimum GPA, and/or low posted minimum GPA. I took the...
  8. EastCoastin

    URM Underdog / Comeback Story Thread

    Hey what's up y'all! There isn't too much info on the web about underdog URMs who get into med school and succeed. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find motivation when you're application is looking pretty good except for that low GPA or MCAT. It can also be difficult to gauge what GPA/MCAT is...
  9. L

    Messed up in community college 5 years ago - What are my chances?

    Hi all. This is my first thread and I just have a few questions regarding my chances for med school. Sorry to be that guy. My general info: Year in college: Junior Major: Social Work Minor: Psych Clinical experience: 5 years in a SNF therapy gym, outpatient gym, and ALF gym. (hands on contact...
  10. M

    Chances of D.O. and School List

    Hi Everyone, Was just wondering what my chances of applying in the upcoming D.O. cycle were and shot of acceptance. 3.61 cGPA and 3.4-3.5 sGPA 501 MCAT (actually improved, I know it is low) 400 shadowing hours at a competitive internship: rotated weekly with 10 different medical specialties...
  11. KingLucas55


  12. M

    Recommended schools with my stats?

  13. Alienman52

    ***The Official 2016-2017 Osteopathic Underdawgs***

    Hi all, I've noticed that there are plenty of threads from around 2011+ with people listing their stats as underdogs with respective acceptances, interviews, time of verification, etc. I was wondering if someone had made a thread like this for the 2016-2017 application cycle, as those previous...
  14. Doctor_Strange

    DO cGPA and sGPA 3.44, great ECs, PS, and stellar LORs, BUT underperformed on MCAT

    Hey, So I got a 497 (123, 123, 125, 126) on the MCAT. Can't believe it since I got a 504 on the AAMC scored practice. But, I attended a top 10 liberal arts school in the South, and I really believe and have been told that my ECs, PS, and LORs are abvoe average quality. I know this won't...
  15. M

    Where do i go from here?

    I am currently a graduate from University of Texas at Dallas and have just gotten my Bachelor of Science in Biology. That being said my academic record in the past few years have been lacking to say the least. My overall GPA is sitting around a 3.0 (factoring in the + and -'s) and my MCAT is a...
  16. Dr. Ivy

    I need help, please!!!!

    I need some help here on whether i should apply and if so where? Was thinking of mostly osteopathic with howard, miami, and quinnipiac as only allopathic. Ok here it goes URM Born in diff country, moved to US young cGPA 2.95/ sGPA 2.95; just graduated; very very very bad year of of college...
  17. Alienman52

    DO DO Chances: 3.31c, 3.28s, 501 MCAT

    Howdy, finally my turn to give this a shot. Please let me know what you think my chances are with the following details: Race: White Male. College: I attend a top tier liberal arts college in PA. I am a NY resident, however. Major: Biochemistry GPA trend has been fairly decent (Semester System)...
  18. S

    Advice please !

    I am graduating with my bachelors in biology this semester and I need some advice on which direction to go next. I want to apply to DO schools but I am afraid I am not a strong enough candidate yet. My science GPA is 2.8 my overall is 2.98 (hopefully can pull this up to 3.0 by the end of this...