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  1. F

    University of Miami MiBS 2022

    Haven’t seen much about this program on here. I was wondering if anyones applied to UM’s MiBS program for fall 2022?
  2. AppaAppa

    University of Miami 2021-2022

    Starting a thread for this program since I don't see one currently. I interviewed on Nov 5th but haven't heard back yet. Hoping to hear back soon!
  3. medshousing

    Renting Miami, FL, USA-Spacious, Comfortable Private Bedroom with Attached Bath 5170 Southwest 60th Place, Miami, FL, USA This is a spacious, fully-furnished, private bedroom with wall-length closet space and a large, attached private bathroom with a full-length mirror and seating at the extra-long vanity. The bed is an extra-long, Tempur-pedic single...
  4. P

    Best Post Bacs in Florida?

    Was wondering if anyone had any insights on Post Bacs in Florida? Like which are the best and if any have some kind of linkages etc. Haven't found a ton of info here on Florida, I might be missing a thread somewhere but feel free to redirect me, super new here. Thanks! According to AAMC these...
  5. D

    UM DPT Class of 2022 Acceptance

    Hey Everyone, I was googling in search of finding any forums talking about the acceptance process for UM DPT and came across a thread from last years students that shared who had already been contacted, accepted, and also wait listed. I figured it would be a good idea to do the same here. I...
  6. S

    2018-2019 University of Miami Miller School of Medicine MiBS Program

    Hello! I've searched far and wide for a thread on this new program at Miller and can't seem to find any. I've recently been accepted and just wanted to gage the applicant pool/know if anyone else had been interviewed and/or accepted. Cheers
  7. MedicalDoge

    All Help Welcome! Emory v Miami v Dartmouth

    Hello again! I have narrowed my choices down to 3 awesome programs. I can't believe I am in such a blessed position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards Emory or Miami at this point. My general interests are in neurology/neuropath, infectious disease, and pathology...
  8. D

    University of Miami DPT Acceptances 2021

    I know this is early! But I wanted to create this post to keep track of who has been accepted so far. I had my interview on 10/20 and am currently awaiting a response! Best of luck to you all!
  9. A

    Strong in-state ties - Florida schools

    I'm a PA resident, but my sister lives near Tampa, my aunt and cousins live near Orlando. Would these be considered strong in-state ties for any FL schools? I'm fairly certain I'm going to apply to Miami, but I was also considering University of Florida and USF. I checked the MSAR for number...
  10. R

    2016-2017 University of Miami Acceptances

    Wondering if anyone has heard back from UM about interviews? UM received my PTCAS application last Thursday and now I'm in waiting mode. Has anyone heard anything back from UM besides that they received your application?
  11. P

    University of Vermont vs. University of Miami

    Hello! I've recently been accepted off the waitlist at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and currently hold a spot at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I have one more week to decide, so I'm hoping some of you can help me weigh some of the pros and cons. As a bit...
  12. K

    Creighton vs Miami

    Does anyone have any advice when choosing between two schools? I have recently been accepted at both Creighton and Miami and I can't decide which to choose! It would be very helpful if anyone could provide some of the pros/cons of either school from personal experience if possible! What kind of...
  13. T

    University of Miami DPT

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has heard back from The U following their interview? I am so anxious to hear back from them, but it seems from past threads the earliest people hear back is around January and as late as March. Good luck to the rest of you fellow applicants!