1. P

    Ophthalmology Pre-Residency Fellowship at Pacific Clear Vision Institute/Oregon Eye Consultants: Dr. Ambati & Dr. Hunter

    Hello everyone! I want to inform you all about a fantastic opportunity for medical students or recent MD/DO graduates. This is an update to a previous SDN post. We are looking for students with a gap year or who did not match this cycle. Pre-Residency Research Fellowship at Pacific Clear...
  2. C

    Research position after not matching

    Hi guys, I applied for pathology this cycle and found out I didn’t match today. I had some red flags on my application like failed rotations and LOAs while I did soul searching. Anyways I graduated from a DO school in December so I’m sick of vacation by now and want to go back to work. I...
  3. M

    Other Unmatched Again! They Don't Care!

    Exams completed. ECFMG certified. No gaps in between and have remained consistent with work in the health field relative to gaining clinical experience. I have called numerous programs where the program directors/coordinators have straight said over the phone "I have not had a chance to check...
  4. MD69

    MD Unmatched! Please help with your advice!

    Hello everyone, I am a NON-US IMG with low board scores (Step 1: 212, Step 2 CK: 222, Step 2 CS: Pass 1st attempt, Step 3: 199). I had 5 USCE (3 at University of Miami, 1 at Northwestern and 1 at Cleveland Clinic FL) and received 5 strong LORs. I applied into Internal Medicine Categorical, had...
  5. MD69

    Step 3 implication! please help!

    Hello everyone, I am a NON-US IMG, Step 1 score: 212, Step 2 CK: 222, Step 2 CS Pass 1st attempt. I had 5 USCE with 5 strong LORs. I had 4 interviews and unfortunately I did not match. I did really well in the interviews and one program sent me an e-mail saying that they will love to have me...
  6. M

    Unmatched radiology applicant..research fellowship vs. observerships

    Hello all, I recently dual applied to rad onc and radiology, and went completely unmatched. I was not able to SOAP into a prelim or TY as well, despite a strong application (great board scores, GPA, LOR's, lots of research). I know rad onc is competitive as a DO, but with regards to not...
  7. J

    Assessment of Realistic Options

  8. P

    Position Wanted Unmatched position list

    After searching threads with no luck, I am asking if you know how to find unmatched positions. I'm finishing my TRI and didn't match into residency. I'm looking for almost anything but limited to the west. find a resident- you have to pay for it? There are other similar sites nms- can't find...
  9. F&ADoc

    Unmatched DPM in Ohio

    Does anybody know what a graduate from podiatry school is allowed to do in terms of practice in the state of Ohio without a residency program? Anywhere I can find this in writing? So far what I've heard is that a DPM without a residency can have the responsibilities of a medical assistant under...
  10. I

    Did not match to any Ortho program and opted to delay graduation

    I found out Monday I did not match. I decided to delay graduation instead of going into the SOAP. Looking for experience and advice with this so I may use this year wisely and better my odds to match next year. I only received a handful of interviews and it seems my application was weak due to a...
  11. D

    Other List of unmatched programs

    Hi, Any kind SDNer willing to post a list of unmatched programs? Is it against the NRMP rules? (Particularly looking for surgery program lists). Thanks ds
  12. NoMatchMD

    Inside story on the residency shortage

    More than 8,000 doctor graduates for each of the last 5 years have not matched into a post-graduate residency position. This "fall-out" compounds each successive year and the deficit continues to grow. Without post-graduate training these unlicensed doctors cannot work in Medicine. They are...
  13. P

    Research Opportunity for Unmatched Applicants/Expanded Med Students

    Hey Everyone, First off, congrats to all those who matched last week! Its a huge accomplishment and worthy of celebration. For those that didn't match, keep your chin up. I was in your shoes at this point last year trying to make those difficult "what the heck do I do now" decisions. I wanted...
  14. idontwantnoscrubs

    Other Responses wanted: Did you SOAP or not match?

    Hello! I am a graduating 4th year medical student and writing an article about students that don't match to a residency positions. I respect that this is a sensitive subject that impacts each individual's careers and take care to keep information anonymous unless you would prefer it to be shared...