volunteer work

  1. F

    Mission Trips as Surgeon

    In the future if I’m able and do become a doctor I would really want to use my medical knowledge in third-world countries, such as Honduras or Guatemala. I was wondering what types of medical specialties are most needed for mission work and also if it is possible to get additional time off for...
  2. W

    Has anyone ever had bad volunteer experiences?

    I'm saying this because, I've been volunteering in the patient care program at a unit in a hospital. I've been made fun of several times by the nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists there and I always hear them make sly remarks towards me, I even had two nurses laugh at me and...
  3. F

    Clinical Volunteering in Philadelphia

    Anyone know of good opportunities to get experience in Philadelphia? Will be here for the summer!
  4. papi_md

    is working as emergency response team considered clinical experience?

    Since i didnt get any reply last time might as well ask here again. Just finished red cross training as a first aider last week. If i join the emergency response team, will it also count as clinical experience?
  5. J

    Volunteer wrok

    So I know the requirements for applications, and I am searching for volunteer opportunities at the moment. One that I am interested in is the crisis text hotline, in which I will be able to answer calls or receive text messages from people in crisis ( Suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, depression...
  6. R

    Paid Teaching English Abroad?

    Hi everyone! I'm really interesting in working abroad for a few months. I don't want to do medical-related work abroad simply because I feel as though I'm not qualified enough to do anything very significant. I would LOVE to do a program where you can teach English abroad for a...
  7. G

    Volunteer Help

    GPA: 3.75 MCAT: not yet taken My only patient experience is from volunteering at nursing homes. Where I live it is not very possible for me to volunteer at a hospital. It is also impossible to find a doctor willing to let someone shadow them, so I have no shadowing hours. Other volunteer hours...
  8. L

    Volunteer Hours?

    Hey all, I haven't been able to find information on my particular issue, so I thought I would ask it here. In my financial aid package from my university, I was offered a work study. I work in a cancer research lab as an undergraduate research assistant. That being said, I am taking summer...
  9. NormanJ

    Best Volunteer work to do while being a non-science UG student

    Hey, Okay. So i'll get straight to the point. Currently i'm a finance student, (didn't take any science class since high school) Will finish my bachelors in may of 2017. I will do a post-Bacc in pre-med after I finish my bachelors. I will try to take few classes here and there during summer...
  10. TAMUstu

    Rochester (MN) Mustangs Sled Hockey

    Hey guys! The Rochester Mustangs are a new and growing sled hockey program. The Mustangs are the first sled hockey team in Rochester, but one of many in the state of Minnesota. Sled hockey provides the opportunity for those with a wide range of physical disabilities to play hockey. Being a...
  11. Chanze3

    US/UK(/Australia) Pathways to Medicine and High School Courses

    Hey everyone, The very first thing I want to do is to sincerely apologize for the text wall... But I would really appreciate it if you would read everything I wrote. With all due respect, I know that your time is important. But if you could, please take the time to read everything. If you...