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Feb 1, 2016
Hi everyone!

I'm really interesting in working abroad for a few months. I don't want to do medical-related work abroad simply because I feel as though I'm not qualified enough to do anything very significant.

I would LOVE to do a program where you can teach English abroad for a summer/semester.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any programs that actually pay you a little to do so. I've been looking at a few volunteer programs and the program fees are hurting my soul, along with the flight ticket etc. - and I simply don't think I could afford it in the near future.

Are there any ingernships or summer job programs that pay you to do so?

Thank you :)

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Mar 15, 2011
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There are very few, if any, internships or summer job programs to teach abroad that pay you. There are very, very few "have fun teaching/volunteering in other countries" experiences that you don't pay fay for.

If you want to teach English abroad, the most popular places that pay are: Spain, France (competitive), Japan, and China, but, they are year-long programs at minimum and not "for a summer/semester" programs and are serious work.

Your best shot for a random job teaching abroad isn't going to be from a program; it's going to be by getting TOEFL certification and then finding work at a random school or through private tutoring. It is not easy to do this. Most jobs you come across through TOEFL require you to be in the country you're planning on working, already.
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Jan 13, 2016
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WorldTeach has semester long programs, but keep in mind that this is more for your benefit than anyone else's. Several of my friends did it and loved it, though. I can attest that it is a legit program, but you do essentially have to pay your own salary before you can begin. However, your host country takes care of your living arrangements, I believe, so the money you get paid (your money originially) is for basic needs and whatnot.

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Oct 13, 2011
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I worked for a private company in China for several years that (at the time) offered 3, 6, 9, or 12 month contracts. Bachelor's degree required, in-house training. Large staff, didn't jerk you around with pay or visas.

I don't know what their contract terms are like now, but PM me if you'd like contact info.
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Dec 22, 2015
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Korea and China have lots of paid stuff. France has a special program that pays. The JET program. There are lots of year long opportunities

Now an internship or summer job? Probably not. A company would be stupid to pay someone to teach for only 3 months. You'd waste so much time getting adjusted and you can't teach too much in 3 months (except apprently the one mentioned above- you will probably be more limited in your location choices if you are only 3 months though)
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