1. S


    VCOM - CC + Cheaper tuition ~$45,500 + Less moving throughout medical school + Clinical experiences every Friday + Clinical years spent in hospitals + 100% Match rate + Cheap cost of living - Mandatory lecture attendance - Letter grading system - Far away from home ATSU - SOMA + I'm from...
  2. elderflowers

    Harvard vs. Yale vs. UMichigan

    Hi everyone! Never thought I'd be posting something like this! I got way more love with my applications than I was expecting, which is making the decision making process really difficult. Being of really low income, cost is my number one concern in deciding where to go. These are my three most...
  3. F

    UVM v.s. Rush

    I'm incredibly torn between both schools and was wondering if people can provide some insight into these institutions. I'm going to compile a list of pros and cons for both programs taking into consideration the information that I can find online and from you guys. Any input is very much...
  4. ---> Dr.<--


    I got accepted into both programs and am having a really hard time deciding which one I should choose. I had an amazing experience at the interview with ARCOM but with them being such a new program it’s a tough call. I know the Dean who established dcom is also the dean at arcom so that is a...
  5. M


    ive been accepted to vcom Carolinas and Marian university. I'm having trouble deciding. Which do you think is better? Feel free to add to the list of pros/cons Vcom Pro Closer to home (Miami,Florida) More likely to get residency in south east Older 40k Con I didn't really vibe with the...
  6. HopefulDoc91

    PCOM vs Nova

    Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to PCOM, and I was planning on putting down my seat deposit. I was looking over the other schools I applied to, and the only other school I think I would ever consider would be Nova. Does anyone have any insight in comparing these two schools? I am from ~45...
  7. HopefulDoc91


    Hi all, I was recently accepted to ACOM, and I have an upcoming interview at AZCOM in October. I've been looking at prices for flights, rental cars, and hotels and freaking out a bit at the cost. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to go to the interview. Overall it'll cost me at least $500...
  8. J

    U of Minnesota Vs. Indiana University Vs. ASDOH

    Hi everyone! I hope you are all finding your dental school application process going smoothly! I have been admitted to these 3 schools and I am having difficulty picking which one to attend!! I am from California, but what is most important to me is having a balance between school life and...
  9. SoCalThinkBLUE

    Baylor MSTP vs Cornell MSTP (Tri-I) vs UCSF (MD-only) Neuroscience

    Hi all, I am fortunate to be in the position to choose between these great programs. I would like some advice in picking between these programs/institutions. I am originally from SoCal, so staying in state is preferable, but not a deal breaker and I am willing to go anywhere in the US for my...
  10. J

    Jefferson vs. Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson

    I narrowed down my school list to Jefferson and RWJMS. I am an NJ resident, so the difference in tuition will be about 15k per year (60k over the 4 years). Either way, both schools are going to put me over 200k in debt. It'll be 200k for RWJMS vs. about 260k for Jefferson. I liked Jefferson...
  11. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Employment OTD v MOT

    Hi Everyone, I am currently considering pursuing a master's at my much cheaper state school, or getting an OTD at a well known out of state school with a very good reputation. Since I am heavily considering the master's at the state school (solely for financial reasons), I started looking into...
  12. H

    Harvard vs. State School

    Hey everyone, I know that this is a thread that's been done many times before, but really want to hear as much input and perspectives as possible. First off, the total cost of school is incredibly expensive at Harvard. It totals to around 400,000 for all four years. Meanwhile, VCU totals to...
  13. T

    OSU vs. Houston McGovern

    Please help! I am trying to decide between OSU and McGovern. I need some help comparing them. I am not a state resident of either and understand that McGovern would be cheaper. I also know that OSU is ranked a little higher with regard to research. But here are some questions: How does...
  14. K

    Pros and Cons... PA vs PharmD

    I am almost done with undergrad (I will finish in the summer), but I am currently torn between applying to PA school or Pharmacy school... I enjoy both professions (maybe pharmacy a little more since it's heavier in problem solving with math, chem, bio). I've shadowed one pharmacist and a couple...
  15. Y

    Uworld vs Combank

    The Great Debate https://makeameme.org/meme/the-great-debate-onw9pu
  16. C

    MD vs Mid–Levels (Nontraditional Students)

    Calling all Nontraditional Students!! If you have a moment, and you are willing, please answer the following questions: At what age did you matriculate? What was your background going in? What motivated you to make a switch into medicine? Did you go for an MD or Mid–Level credential (such as...
  17. K

    Indiana vs ASDOH

    Hey everyone, Having a hard time deciding between these two schools. Indiana has been around for a very long time and ASDOH hasn't. ASDOH seems to be very focused on clinical experience and IU has unlimited resources and every specialty. What school would you choose and why?
  18. K

    ASDOH vs Indiana

    hey everyone, I have been fortunate to be accepted to ASDOH and IUSD. Having trouble deciding among the two. ASDOH has a modular system which may ease stress and the clinical rotations are awesome. But Indiana has an established name of a long time, unfortunately it is more expensive and you...