what program to choose?

  1. T

    Marquette (OOS) VS UConn dental

    Hello all, I have been fortunate enough to get accepted to multiple schools. A little background about me: I am from the east coast and leaning towards general dentistry/public health dentistry. I am considering applying for the NHSC scholarship. Marquette Pros: Urban location in Milwaukee...
  2. M

    Where do i go from here?

    I am currently a graduate from University of Texas at Dallas and have just gotten my Bachelor of Science in Biology. That being said my academic record in the past few years have been lacking to say the least. My overall GPA is sitting around a 3.0 (factoring in the + and -'s) and my MCAT is a...
  3. C

    3.70 GPA and 508 MCAT: Where should I go??

    I've been stressing myself out a bit looking through MSAR and trying to make a list of schools, so feedback is definitely appreciated! Here's me in a nutshell: Currently in MPH Epidemiology program at state school (will finish next May) (GPA 3.74) Graduated liberal arts school with major...
  4. namaste08

    3.9 GPA, 512 MCAT, Where do I go?!

    Hi- not sure if I should post here but I am desperate! I am graduating from a northeast public university in the spring with BS in pubhlth. Science GPA 3.98 Nonscience GPA 4.0, MCAT 512. Currently enrolled in a 1 year accelerated MPH at the same university, but not impressed with the classes I...
  5. Denraham

    *Possible to get into dental school w/ these credentials? Any help appreciated.

    Hello, I am a 24 yo female, new to SDN, and have now decided to apply to dental school. I have been working for the past 2 years as a medical assistant, since graduating. I recently quit my job to study for the DAT and prepare/strengthen my applications. My questions: 1. Is it possible to get...
  6. Chasing Never Land

    HELP!!! 4 year MD/MPH or MD @ U.Miami Miller SOM?

    Hi Everyone, I'm posting because I'm in a unique dilemma, and would truly value your advice. I was recently accepted to both the 4yr MD/MPH and regular MD programs at University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine. I know that this is a wonderful problem to have. I'm also scared sh*tless...