where should i apply?

  1. ginach

    Where should I apply? California resident 22AA/3.6 sGPA

    (Do let me know if there would be a better place to post this for more responses, lol) Hi, I'm a non traditional student planning to apply to this upcoming cycle. I graduated 4 years ago with a bachelors degree in psychology. I decided immediately after graduation that I wanted to pivot to...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Use the MSAR to Choose the Best Medical Schools for You

    If you are applying to allopathic medical schools, you will need to purchase access to the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) website. It costs $28 for one year of access. It is published each spring, usually in April, by the AAMC and includes the admission statistics for all...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical What to Look for When Selecting a Physician Assistant (PA) Program

    One of the key requirements for choosing physician assistant (PA) programs is having information about the programs, including data on the programs’ matriculants. Unfortunately that’s more difficult to come by for PA applicants since the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants...
  4. omgitsagreatday

    Help with School List!

    Hi all, I am a rising senior, applying to med school this summer. I am trying to figure out my list of schools that I will be applying to. I have a draft, but I'm not sure if it is well-balanced and such. Let me know what you all think. Here are my qualifications: GPA: 3.9 (Biology Major)...
  5. drspacewoman

    Where should I apply?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some help figuring out where to apply this year. I applied to these schools last year and feel like I could have done a better job curating my list: University of Illinois (IL resident), Stritch, Rosalind Franklin, Rush, Drexel, Temple, NYMC, Albert Einstein, SLU...
  6. M

    Need help understanding what schools to target

    MCAT: 33 (late 2014, going to retake June 17th as some schools require the new one) cGPA 3.83 (both s&c, undergrad), majored in Physics Graduate GPA : 3.5 - 3.7 at Hopkins' Biomedical Engineering Masters program I'm finishing courses this year and doing a reasearch thesis on intravital imaging...
  7. H

    What are my chances of medical school which schools should I apply

    I am a URM and come from low socioeconomicbackground (parents supported a family of 5 on $30,000 annual salary), First Generation college student. Florida Resident. I graduated HS with 96 college credits ( earning an A.A in Pre-medical Science from Community College) 3.8 GPA I graduated from...
  8. C

    What are My chances of Medical School

    I am a URM and come from low socioeconomic background (parents supported a family of 5 on $30,000 annual salary), First Generation college student I graduated HS with 96 college credits ( earning an A.A in Pre-medical Science from Community College) 3.8 GPA I graduated from JHU B.S in...
  9. Cath Up

    MD & DO Should I apply this year given my stats?

  10. M

    What schools to apply to with stats?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I could have a few suggestions on OOS MD schools to apply to given my stats and background. UMN Biochemistry major. Neuroscience minor. Old MCAT 2014 score: 31. New MCAT 2016 score: 515. cGPA: 3.82. sGPA:~3.75. 200+ hours shadowing MD/DO physicians in many...
  11. L

    where should I attend pharmacy school? MUSC or USC CoP?

    long story short I currently have a 4.0 from a state school in the south and a bunch of shadowing hours, etc. I am about to be a sophomore and am going to apply in state to one of the 2 pharmacy schools in my state (SC). One of them is MUSC and the other is the college of pharmacy at USC. They...
  12. S

    Where to Apply when OOS?

    Hi! I am applying for my second time around. I am from CT so last year I decided to only apply to east coast schools to stay closer to home (compatible or not). Unfortunately that got me zero interviews. After going through AADSAS's school guide I first found the schools that best matched my GPA...
  13. A

    Where should I apply?

    Hi everyone! I am new to SDN as a member and I just joined as we are entering the 2017 application cycle! I go to the University of Miami (originally from New Jersey) and I am a double major in biology and economics with a minor in chemistry. I have a short preliminary list of schools I am...
  14. B

    Where should I aoply?

    Where should I apply/ what are my chances. 3.43 CGPA 3.07 SGPA 503 MCAT 300 hours of shadowing. Kentucky resident