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  1. S

    Deciding which dental schools to apply to! Help!

    Hiiii, getting ready to submit my application for this cycle.. but having a lot of trouble picking which schools. I've tried to do research, which was ineffective lol. I only want to (can afford to) apply to schools I actually have a chance of getting in to. Any input helps! :))) CA resident DAT...
  2. T

    Need Help Coming up with a School List

    I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO APPLY......just kidding :) I posted on here a year ago regarding the same thing. But That was with a projected MCAT score. My actual score turned out horrible. So I took a year and increased my score significantly. Now I just need to figure out where to apply. I...
  3. H

    how to use residency match data in your med school search

    I’ve been trying to narrow down my schools list, and it’s been difficult! Fortunately my stats and experience make me a competitive applicant at top schools, but I want to make sure I also have a good chunk of quality second tier schools on my list because acceptance rates are wack (looking at...
  4. G

    3.9 GPA, 512 MCAT

    Hi, everyone- I'm currently kind of anxious about whether I'm going to get in anywhere or not. Dream school is CWRU or CCLCM but I'd be happy just about anywhere tbh. Where should I apply/where could I reasonably get in? Current stats: Nontrad, would be applying 2 years out of undergrad, but...
  5. M

    Application List??

  6. B

    Chance me: where to apply to dental school

    Looking for advice before applying in the upcoming cycle! I am a rising senior at University of Michigan Michigan resident AA DAT: 21 TS DAT: 20 PAT: 23 GPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.59 150+ hours dental shadowing 200+ hours hospital volunteering research in UM dental school dental mission trip was...
  7. T

    MD & DO What are my chances (MD & DO)

    Hello everybody, This is my first time posting on SDN. So I apologize in advance if I make a mistake. I think this is the right forum to post in. Anyway, on to the main point. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO APPLY......just kidding :) But seriously, I am currently finishing up my 2nd semester of...
  8. gph997

    Where do I go from here? (MCAT Prep,ECs and etc.)

    Hello Everyone!!! I'm a long time reader of SDN, but this is the first time that I am actually posting in a thread! I am currently a sophomore at a top 50 university located in New York. I have actually created my own major through a special program, however I am on the accelerated track to...
  9. W

    MD 3.7 sGPA 3.7 cGPA 511 MCAT School List

    About: Nontrad w/ postbacc. Have worked 20 hrs per week as a clinical assistant last year and a half in a clinic so plenty of clinical experience. 1 Wisconsin 2 Medical College of Wisconsin 3 Georgetown 4 UVA 5 VCU 6 Tufts 7 USC 8 Stanford 9 UCSD 10 UCLA 11 Rosalind Franklin 12 Rush 13 Loyola...
  10. lgk5x4

    What's the difference between the ADA and the ADEA AADSAS ?

    recently i was trying to signup to take the DAT and apply to dental schools through the ADEA AADSAS website, but not till recently i was reading about people who had submitted their applications with ADA, are there any differences between them or are they the same?
  11. B

    Which SMP? Do I apply for MD now or wait?

    Hey all. I've received admission to Tulane's HumGen Masters program, KGI's PPC program, and the Tufts MBS program. I am still waiting on Georgetown's SMP and UofM's physiology Masters program but am torn because they all offer something unique. Tulane: adds to my lengthy history with genetics...
  12. A

    Where should I apply?

    Hi everyone! I am new to SDN as a member and I just joined as we are entering the 2017 application cycle! I go to the University of Miami (originally from New Jersey) and I am a double major in biology and economics with a minor in chemistry. I have a short preliminary list of schools I am...