where to apply?

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Choose a Medical School: Numbers Aren’t Everything

    After completing the first steps in determining which medical schools you should apply to by analyzing your scores, it is essential that you use these scores to guide your decision-making process (and not beat yourself up about the numbers!). Separate yourself as much as you can from those...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Use the MSAR to Choose the Best Medical Schools for You

    If you are applying to allopathic medical schools, you will need to purchase access to the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) website. It costs $28 for one year of access. It is published each spring, usually in April, by the AAMC and includes the admission statistics for all...
  3. T

    Need Help Coming up with a School List

    I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO APPLY......just kidding :) I posted on here a year ago regarding the same thing. But That was with a projected MCAT score. My actual score turned out horrible. So I took a year and increased my score significantly. Now I just need to figure out where to apply. I...
  4. F

    Advice on where to apply? URM 512/3.71

    Hello everyone, I am trying to compile a list of what schools I should apply to for this upcoming cycle. I got my MCAT score back today, and got a 512 (C/P: 127, B/B:127, CARS:127, P/S: 131) My GPA over all is 3.71 with a science GPA of 3.6. I have solid extracurriculars involving a lot of...
  5. MiamiHeatElite

    3.96 GPA, 512 MCAT

    Overall sGPA and cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 512 (125/129/129/129) Race: White Undergrad: Microbio major/Bio minor from Virginia Tech (Virginia Resident) Clinical Experience: 1.5 years/2000 hours of scribing in a relatively fast-paced ED; I considered the experience meaningful Shadowing: ~70 hours of...
  6. T

    MD & DO What are my chances (MD & DO)

    Hello everybody, This is my first time posting on SDN. So I apologize in advance if I make a mistake. I think this is the right forum to post in. Anyway, on to the main point. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO APPLY......just kidding :) But seriously, I am currently finishing up my 2nd semester of...
  7. B

    What schools to apply to as a canadian?

    Hello guys, I am a Canadian student (UofT - Human Bio major) applying to American Dental schools. What Canadian-friendly schools should I be applying to? I have just finished my American DAT (24AA, 25TS, 21PAT), with a 4.0 GPA (thanks to the CAD->USD conversion), 100+ hours of shadowing...
  8. J

    What md schools should I apply to?

    Already applying to many do schools. I am a borderline applicant with 508 mcat spring 2016, 3.5 cumulative gpa univ of virginia(science gpa is higher), medical experience in 2 labs, medical sales, hospice administration.
  9. C

    3.70 GPA and 508 MCAT: Where should I go??

    I've been stressing myself out a bit looking through MSAR and trying to make a list of schools, so feedback is definitely appreciated! Here's me in a nutshell: Currently in MPH Epidemiology program at state school (will finish next May) (GPA 3.74) Graduated liberal arts school with major...
  10. namaste08

    3.9 GPA, 512 MCAT, Where do I go?!

    Hi- not sure if I should post here but I am desperate! I am graduating from a northeast public university in the spring with BS in pubhlth. Science GPA 3.98 Nonscience GPA 4.0, MCAT 512. Currently enrolled in a 1 year accelerated MPH at the same university, but not impressed with the classes I...
  11. DocsRocks21

    Where to apply? 503 Mcat 3.4 uGPA 3.4 sGPA 3.4 Masters GPA

    Hello, Currently I am getting my masters in pharmacology at a medical school in NY. I have a 3.4 gpa (one more semester before applying and I am hoping to get that GPA up) here and had a 3.4 gpa in undergraduate. I applied last year with just my undergraduate gpa and a 24 (6,9,9) on the mcat. I...
  12. I

    My experience with the MD schools I applied to, for you future applicants

    Note: I did not get into any MD schools, so I am a bit sour about that, but I will try my best to provide facts about my experience, so you all can benefit for my experience. UCDavis: My stats were too low for this school, so if your stats are okay and fit their pathway, go ahead and apply...
  13. E

    Please help, Where should I apply? (First time post)

    Dear Studentdoctor peers, I am a longtime lurker, but an inactive participant. I have searched other threads, but wasn't able to find an answer specific to my interests. Here are my stats MCAT retake: 504 GPA: 3.7 NY resident A lot of awesom ECs and one publication. I can list a few if it's...