1. GodIsBeautiful

    Working The Summer Before Pharmacy School.

    Is it best to work an educational job that requires me to use brainpower or apply myself mentally the summer before pharmacy school? I feel like doing something non-pharmacy related before things get intense in pharmacy school in Fall 2019. I also don't want to burnout before I'm even [a] P1...
  2. B

    Working in an optometry office while in undergrad

    I am currently working in an optometry office but I am having trouble filling my schedule at school with classes. This upcoming semester I am only able to fit 9 hours of credit due to my tight schedule at work. I am a junior now. I was wondering if optometry schools will look down on me for not...
  3. Y

    Engineer to PA - Possible? Where do I even start?

    Hi everyone, I'm a process engineer who has been working in the medical device industry for 3 years, and I'm looking to make a huge career shift to become a PA. A Little Background (trying to keep this part short): Truthfully, this passion to make this big change came from a medical diagnosis...
  4. Frosty808

    Working to Save $ to apply to Med school - deadline?

    Background: Hi all, I'm going to be starting a new job (turning 30 this year) in a clinic-setting and I anticipate making at least a 2 year commitment. For now, I want this to be the last GAP YEAR JOB before I apply since all previous jobs either were only contract positions (leaving me to...
  5. samiam1007

    Starting a practice / working together with your classmate?

    Do you know of any cases or scenarios in which a dentist and his/her classmate of the same year had started a clinic together? That is, after building up a good chunk of experiences for some years as associates. Say they've been a really close friends for the whole 4 years of dental school and...
  6. DBee88

    Employment & Professional Networking Which OT programs allow for work in every state?

    Hello All! Long time lurker, first time poster :) I'm considering many schools here in California (Currently living in the East Bay , CA.) While I am surrounded by Dominican U,SJSU and Samuel Merritt, I was wondering if any other programs in different states (Colorado U,Columbia University...
  7. P

    Advice for Second Career

    Hello everyone! I accidentally stumbled across this forum through a google search and I hope that you can give me some good advice. I've decided that I would like to be a therapist, and thought that a PsyD would be an attractive option (more counseling focused, less research focused). I just...
  8. B

    MPH Jobs during school?

    I'll be entering grad school for an MPH this fall. My concentration will either be in policy or epidemiology (couldn't decide haha), depending on what I hear from the remaining schools I applied to. Anyway. I want/need to get a job before that; I had one last summer/fall that was a nanny gig...
  9. D

    Need advice, should I even apply this cycle?

    Hi guys! So, I've been a lurker for quite some time. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My decision to do dental was a fairly recent one, and I want to apply this cycle (I'm going to be graduating this spring). I was going to do PA before, but I changed my mind. So, stats: Overall GPA: 3.5 Science...
  10. FractalLotus

    Does taking a gap year to work (not med related) hurt your chances when reapplying to an MD program?

    Title says it all.
  11. B

    Did you work during undergrad?

    I'm transferring to a university from a community college this year and am debating whether or not taking on a job is a good idea. I did 25 hours of work a week and went to school full time last year, but it was pretty manageable since the classes I took weren't so difficult. However, this year...
  12. ayothen

    Should I take this p-time job while MCAT studying?

    I'm not in dire need of money, but I want to start my EMT job already! I'll be working part time and probably starting late or mid February. My MCAT is May 6th and I'm planning out my schedule currently. I feel like working and studying with this much time is doable and will help keep me...
  13. ayothen

    How long to study for MCAT given my circumstances?

    Okay, this is probably asked over and over again, but I would still greatly appreciate any input or advice anyone has! Currently I'm signing up for the MCAT but might either take it in March or April. People have told me that without a job, they studied 2 mo and did very well. I'll be starting...
  14. MagentaKarma

    Typical Life of a Physician

    I've shadowed different types of physicians (internal specialist, pediatrician, medical specialist, surgeon) and volunteered countless hours in the hospital. I've also started to receive interviews and a few acceptances to medical schools. Despite this, I still wonder if I fully understand the...