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    Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up my sophomore year in CUNY Brooklyn College I intend on going to medical school to become a pediatrician, I have always been in love with the medical field and coming from a big family were there was always little ones running around I always loved...
  2. D

    Advice/Input, am I doomed for getting into Med School?

    Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up my sophomore year in CUNY Brooklyn College I intend on going to medical school to become a pediatrician, I have always been in love with the medical field and coming from a big family were there was always little ones running around I always loved...
  3. C

    What are my chances? 3.83 cGPA 3.81 sGPA 504 MCAT

    cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.81 MCAT: 504 50 Hours shadowing 720 Hours clinical experience (Scribe + Medical Assistant) 760 ish Hours volunteering - clinical and nonclinical - FIMRC International Medical Trip: Two separate medical trips. Led the trip as President and founder of the organization at my...
  4. S

    MD & DO Canadian 3.6GPA 514 MCAT chances?

    Hi, Canadian here, I'm currently in 4th year of undergraduate honors neuroscience. How competitive am I as an international applicant for MD and DO? Is it worth it to apply to MD at all? GPA 3.6-3.7 with progression of 3.85, 3.65, 3.94, 3.3-3.4. Are fluctuations detrimental to applications...
  5. H

    School selection help! Do or no?

  6. P

    What are my chances of getting into MD, or MD/Phd program?

    Chemistry Major BCM Gpa 3.59 AO GPA: 3.88 I haven't taken the MCAT but what would be a good score for such GPA? I have one more year before I apply to medical school and I'm hoping to raise both GPA's by then. I have over +200 Hrs of volunteer work +3 Years of research ( working on my 3rd...
  7. C

    Are my MD chances fading?

    Hello everyone! I am a non-URM with a 3.7+ GPA and a 507 MCAT with a very compelling P.S. surrounding my perspective on living with a chronic disease. Additionally, I have 6000+ hours of paid clinical work and 4000+ hours of leadership in the form of managerial roles at various jobs. I have...
  8. K

    PA's in Global Health

    Hello. I am having some trouble with the whole MD or PA decision. I would like to practice medicine, this is a fact. But, I'd like to be a provider to populations overseas in rural communities etc. I want to travel. Does anyone know anything about PA's in Global Health? Or can only MD's...
  9. M

    Biochem-- Should I risk my GPA or my last semester of UG?

  10. J

    Non traditional NJ

    Hi everybody I was hoping to get some help on what my chances are based on my current stats. MCAT is 509, GPA 3.72... I finished my undergrad in 2011 and DPT in 2013, grad GPA 3.69... multiple leadership roles in undergrad and PT school, community service, 4 years of practice as an orthopedic...
  11. M

    MD & DO Has anyone heard of a Master's program to get into Med School with low MCAT?

    I saw a video on Youtube about someone getting into Med School by doing a biomedical Master's program (taking the same exact 1st year Med School classes) at that particular medical school. Video Here - What are the chances of getting in with such program ? Any others with similar experience...
  12. M

    MD what are my chances?

    Hi guys, I have a 3.52 cGPA with a MCAT score ~518 (hypothetically, taking it tomorrow!) I am part of 4 clinical study/projects at Sickkids and Mt.Sinai in Toronto and in one of them I am the first author. I presented my work overseas during summer in California at an annual conference for...
  13. I

    MD What are my chances top 20

    ORM 3.84 sGPA, 3.83 GPA 524 MCAT computer science engineering major Research: no clinical research, but I am currently working as an applied researcher at one of the big tech companies in the "big data" field. I have one patent out of this, but we haven't been publishing much recently. I also...
  14. J

    What are my chances of getting into a decent MD program in the United States

    Hello everyone, I recently graduated for one of the big ten schools with a very low gpa (2.2). I am not sure what my chances are of getting into Medical schools. But my mcat score is pretty high (525). I have a year of research experience, about 2 years of clinical volunteering and I worked...
  15. C

    Help With School List?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this, but I'm a little stuck with my school list. MI resident Year: Rising Senior Majors: Double in Biochemistry (honors) and Philosophy cGPA:3.91 sGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 520 Research: 1 year, cancer lab, 2nd author paper submitted for publication (not published yet). Currently...
  16. L

    WAMC/ MD List

    I am wondering if I am a good enough candidate to apply to some MD schools and could really use some help with a list. Any advice or schools or in general? I already have some DO schools but was hoping to still apply for some MD. cGPA: 3.7 sGPA: 3.55 MCAT: 502 (not so great and but I am afraid...
  17. D

    Help with school list, please! 3.55 GPA/502 MCAT

    Hey y'all. Like the title says, I'm having a hard time figuring out what schools to apply to. My cGPA is 3.55, sGPA 3.45. Strong upward trend since my first year. MCAT 502. I have strong extracurriculars, with research, leadership, non-medical and medical volunteering, clubs, medical and...
  18. leturbinator

    3.6 cGPA 3.5 sGPA 502 MCAT- what are my chances?

    Hi everyone! Hope people are doing well. With my stats, I'm applying mainly DO but I'm getting encouragement to apply MD. I feel like my stats are too low to even try- what are my chances if I decide to apply MD? Stats: MCAT- 508 cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.5 -over 100+ hours of volunteering -over 100+...
  19. S


    Hi everyone, I am currently a senior in my university, with a psychology as my major and biology as minor. I started the journey to do medicine in my sophomore/junior year, but it seems every science class I take I do bad in. So for a while I am giving up, as I am approaching my 5th year...
  20. NaDaniel

    Lacking ECs

    My GPA is 3.6 and I'll be taking the MCAT in two weeks- I believe 510 a realistic expectation based on practice exams. I am a nontraditional student that spent all of my free time working several jobs in college and am somewhat lacking in the EC department. I was a TA for A&P, biology, and...
  21. lickerwhicker

    CA Res, school list, need more safeties?

  22. T

    Miserable and depressed

    Hello, This is my first time posting ever so if I made a mistake please bear with me. I'm graduating in few days and my grades came back today. I'm finishing undergrad with a 3.49 cGPA and a 3.378 sgpa. I'm aware they are brutally low. I never expected them to be so bad. I had to retake orgo...
  23. M

    3.9+ GPA, great MCAT

    I'm an Asian male at a top level UC. I'm actually only a sophomore right now but I was wondering what my chances are of getting into a low to mid level med school with the following: 3.95+ GPA (assuming I am able to keep it) Great MCAT score (don't know what qualifies as great at this point) 2...
  24. B

    MD CA Resident School List; 3.69 cGPA, 3.60 sGPA, 514 MCAT

    Could use some feedback/suggestions on the school list below as a CA resident. One thing worth noting is that my parents are paying for my application fees so money is not an issue when it comes number of applications submitted. Cumulative GPA: 3.69 Science GPA: 3.60 MCAT: 514 State: California...
  25. HopefulDoc91

    MD Do I have a shot at MD? 3.45 cGPA, 3.22 sGPA, 508 MCAT

    I've been focusing on applying to DO schools, but I was just wondering if it's worth applying to any MD schools. I'm a DE state resident (no instate med school). I have a 3.45 cGPA & 3.22 sGPA; improved MCAT from 496 to 508 (127/129/126/126). I have over 2000+ clinical hours (mostly in...
  26. M

    MD & DO What are my chances? 3.1 gpa 520 mcat

    hello everyone! This is another what are my chances thread! I am an asian female, texas resident, and senior applying this cycle. I took my MCAT last summer and I got a 520! GPA wise i haven't been so lucky, i was enrolled in a dual credit program in high school and didn't do very well so...
  27. I

    MD & DO cGPA 3.4, sGPA 3.2, 514 MCAT +Small business owner

    Major: Biochemistry Minor: Psychology Cumulative GPA: 3.4 SGPA: 3.2 Mcat: 514 Clinical Volunteer: > X Hospital (Avg 4.5 hours/week for 4 years -Roles: Floater and ICU, sometimes ER >Children’s Hospital (Avg 4 hours/week for 2 years) Nonclinical Volunteer: >X Humane Center >Y Humane...
  28. K

    MD/DO chances? Low ugGPA

    So I am a re-applicant. 3 years will have passed since I last applied. Trust me, even I wouldn't have given myself an interview the first time I applied. Here's what my resume looks like now: ugGPA- 3.01 sGPA- 3.1 gGPA-4.0 (Biomedical Sciences) MCAT- 502 (retaking this June) 1300+ hours...
  29. jukie13

    Heading into post bac, what are my chances?

    My GPA is currently a 3.6. I have As in all the science classes I've taken so far and intend to keep that up in post bacc since it'll be the only thing I'll be focusing on and science usually comes easy to me if I put the work in. But I'm a little worried about a few things: 1) I have a few...
  30. L

    what are my chances coming from a small liberal arts college??

    I was referred to this source by a friend and thus I am taking the plunge, because at this moment I am in desperate need of advice before I pull my own hair out. I am a rising senior at a small liberal arts college who will graduate in December of 2017. It is my lifelong dream to be a practicing...
  31. S

    Chances? Non-trad Applicant

    Will any MD or DO schools consider my app? 1. cGPA:3.012, sGPA:3.35, post-bacc GPA: 3.8, Major: Geology, B.S. 2. Taking MCAT in April, planning to crush! 3. State of residency: TN 4. Race: white 5. Clinical Experience: Volunteer: 50+ hours volunteering in ER at University hospital...
  32. go2viveksingh

    MD & DO My chances as a non- traditional student

  33. Cait

    How to make up for low GPA caused by medical condition?

    Hello! I am currently a junior at my university, and due to an undiagnosed health condition (which is documented on my medical records) I was unable to perform well in school and now have a very low GPA. I went from making a 3.7+ GPA per semester to barely passing classes. I took difficult...
  34. B

    Chances for IUSM-West Lafayette

    Hello! I'm trying to figure out what I should do to better my chances at IUSM-West Lafayette. Over the past two years I have made some strong ties to the community and would really like to continue staying here for as long as I can. Should I retake the MCAT, become a resident of Indiana, get...
  35. rosyrisu

    What's worse: Getting 2 C's in core undergrad classes or withdrawing them?

    I was sick with strep for 2 weeks and during those 2 weeks I missed the lectures leading up to 3 tests in 2 classes(bio 2 has a lab and lecture integrated into 1 class and they both had tests the same week, and a gen chem 2 test). Both my bio and chem prof did not allow me to reschedule those...
  36. S

    What to do while applying in year off

    Hey everyone, I am applying to about 15 MD and 15 DO programs, I would like to keep my options open. I submitted my secondary apps around September so things are a little late at the moment for my chances of getting into a school in this cycle. I was wondering what applicants do while they are...
  37. Harrybean

    MD 3.7 GPA 510 MCAT (low CARS)

    Hey yall! Just want some advice on school list for this anxious pre med. - Asian, CA resident - UCR Grad w/ 3.7 GPA, 3.72 sGPA (upward trend, averaged 3.85 2nd-5th year) - First MCAT 505 (126,125,126,128) -----> Second MCAT 510 (128,123,127,132) - Multiple Leaderships in clubs that served the...
  38. 7

    TN Resident, 3.7 cGPA, 3.7 sGPA, 516(127/131/128/130), help with list

    I attended two schools (a liberal arts school and state school; will be 2 years at each) so I've broke my resume down by school. ExtraCurriculars: School 1 (small liberal arts school): -Pre-Health Society (SGA Representative 2016) -Honors Student Council (Class representative 2016) -Chemistry...
  39. I

    What are my chances?

    I have a 3.8 GPA (3.7 sGPA), 504 MCAT, Part of my university's Honors College program, 50 hours research, 400 hours shadowing (4 different physicians including a D.O.), 80 hours clinical volunteering helping patients at a major Florida hospital, 40 hours university volunteering and tri-lingual...
  40. D

    "Highly Recommended" Courses- Should I take them??

    Hey guys, So I'm in a weird kink right now. I'm on the border of switching majors (Kinesiology to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) due to mixed info I'm getting at my school. I asked 1 of my science professors if I should take 'recommended' courses for medical schoool, like Biostatistics or...