AACOMAS verification questions please help

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Nov 21, 2015
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I just got my app verified but am a bit confused. In the last column it says "ver grade" but there is nothing there even though it says my app was verified. Is this normal?

Second, I realized a mistake on my application. I entered a genetics lab course with the wrong number (282 instead of 283) and I also wrote that it was 3 credits instead of 1. It seems that they have corrected the number of credits to 1, but the course number is still incorrect. Should I call them about this?

Finally, they have randomly changed a few "lab/lecture" classifications. Some courses that even say LAB in the course title were changed to lecture only. Why would they do this? Is it a big deal? None of them are prerequisites so I assume it doesn't matter it just seems strange.

Edit: @gonnif I know you're an expert with the AMCAS application process but do you have any ideas about the AACOMAS one?

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