AAMC FL retake validity after 3 months !!!

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Jan 24, 2018
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I took the AAMC FL in April before my May exam, and I want to retake them now but I'm not sure about the validity of my new score. I'm wondering if anyone here retook AAMC FL!!

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It really depends on how thoroughly you’ve reviewed the tests before and how much time has passed. For three months and assuming you reviewed the test, I would expect a 1-2 point increase per section but this can vary. Remembering five questions consciously or subconsciously in the 125 score range could bump you to a 126, but those same 5 questions could bump your score from a 130 to a 132*, so it’s hard to predict. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t retake the test but that using it as a predictor of how you may score is a bit less clear. For retakes I tend to encourage folks to look at the trend of their scores across multiple practice tests.
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I wouldn't really recommend it unless you can without a shadow of a doubt say that you complete forgot every single portion of that test. I took FL1 when i started out, about idk six months later I decided to retake it since I thought I forgot it, Though yes I didn't remember most, there were passages from every section that immediately came back to memory and definitely ended up skewing my score.
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