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Oct 8, 2014
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Start studying early to ensure you will PASS ABIM 2016.
All materials are 50% off retail price

MedStudy: Internal Medicine Review Core Curriculum

15th edition: 5 books, 780+ pages, plus Studyguide and shelf case
Very good condition $200

MedStudy: Core Scripts Flash Cards 2014-2015 edition
Over 500 classic illness presentations likely to appear on your exam.
excellent condition $100
great for on the go review- put them in your purse or backpack or car. Also good to review for the month before the exam. I will throw in my additional 50+ flashcards/study charts for free.

Board Basics 3 published by ACP 350 page book filled with pearls
$50, excellent condition, has underlining

MedStudy Video Syllabus 2014 $25 or best offer- has writing in it.
This very large book is best used for the summary tables and diagrams on difficult concepts such as endocrine tests, jugular venous pulsations. Has 100 test questions in it (50 in beginning and 50 at end of book).

Awesome Review Series books 2013: 2 books of study notes. Questions are in q/a style and answers are handwritten. These 2 books are best used for the study tables and summaries
$25 or best offer

Don’t waste thousands of dollars preparing for this exam. Reuse study materials and save.
Feel free to contact me with questions

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Interested in purchasing Awesome Review material.
How may I contact you via e-mail?
The only study materials left are the Awesome book series which I currently posted on ebay and the medstudy core curriculum books.