Sep 12, 2015
I have decided to pursue a Physical Therapy degree 2 months ago.

I am currently attending a Community College, majoring in Pre Physical Therapy. This associate will obtain all the prerequisites for Physical Therapy school. I transfered from University to College, so I can have a better chance of getting a higher GPA on my sciences.

What do you recommend I major as a Bachelors? I am currently registered as a Bio major, but I don't want it to be such a heavy work load, that my GPA will decrease.

Any advice for a starter? What would you do differently? What will increase my chances to getting accepted? What do you recommend and not recommend?
Jul 11, 2015
Physical Therapy Student
Congrats for pursuing Physical Therapy. I have volunteered with multiple PTs and PT students and their undergraduate degree ranges from exercise science, business, arts, athletic training, chemistry and biology. I would recommend you to get your undergraduate degree in interests you, helps you with Physical Therapy such as exercise science, athletic training or biology, and prepares you for a job or alternative career path.


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Jan 29, 2012
Physical Therapist
I was going to recommend engineering, but you mentioned that you're BIO and believe that is considered "heavy work load". Go with what you're interested in. Just keep in mind tangibility if the whole PT thing does not pan out.