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  1. N

    Stockton University in NJ

    I am choosing between Drexel and Stockton but torn on what to do. Leaning on Stockton as it is the cheaper school but was wondering if there are any current/former students from either program that could help me out with my decision! Very stressed with making up my mind so I would appreciate it.
  2. F

    When are you taking the NPTE and How do you plan to study for it? +

    Hey guys, I've heard the NPTE is changing. I'm a third year DPT student and I will be taking my exam in October of 2024. I have just decided to start studying for it but am not entirely sure how / what resources I should use. I've heard Final Frontier, Typical PT, PEAT, and TherapyED are good...
  3. M

    Stick with DPT or move to PM&R?

    I am only a month into DPT school and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it. But I find myself thinking, “should I have gone to medical school?” I think PT is what I want to do. Senior year of high school, when you’re supposed to make a college decision that effects the next 4-6 years of your life, I...
  4. Nava.

    A question about pandemic learning in PT school

    I have been struggling a lot with learning in graduate school during this pandemic. This whole virtual thing sucks. My school has essentially transplanted their in-person structure into zoom, and I just don't feel like it's working. At first, I told myself it was just for a couple semesters, and...
  5. Waldrons1

    Got a C+ of a Neuroanatomy exam... its 30% of my grade

    I just got a 78 on my first Neuro exam of the semester and I am devastated. I studied weeks in advance and ended up actually switching answers from right ones to wrong ones on my exam (which would have made my grade SIGNIFICANTLY higher). I feel like now I'm behind the class because I just can't...
  6. D

    HELP!!!! Which one is the right choice. MD,Pa,PT

    My life dilemma with career choices is that I am not sure which one would be the best choice for my current life situation(Med School, PT School, or PA School). A little background about myself is that I was a Corpsman for about 8 years(Mostly spent with the Infantry and finished off my contract...
  7. L

    Ohio PT Schools

    Hi all! :) I haven't seen many threads (if any at all) regarding schools that are in Ohio... I figured we could all keep each other in the loop with any updates/acceptances/etc. The Ohio schools I applied to are: University of Toledo Ohio State University Ohio University Walsh University There...
  8. M

    Applying 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hi pre-PTs! I'm applying this cycle and was curious how my stats looked and how high my chances are.. I think the best thing I have going for me is my cumulative GPA which is a 3.91, but for the GRE I have a 149 Q, 153 V, and 4 for writing. I have about 130 hours of shadowing at 3 different...
  9. C

    Applying to PT school right now, low cgpa

    whats going on guys, i am currently applying to DPT proggrams with a 3.0 GPA, 3.4-3.5 pre-req GPA, graduated from the University of Mississippi, right now i have about 60 observation hours and i am still working on getting ever more. Lastly, i am currently preparing to take the GRE withing the...
  10. L

    Clinical site rating

    Is there a resource somewhere which students who have previously done a rotation at a clinical site can rate it and/or give feedback on what their experience was like? I'm basically looking for a 'ratemyprofessor' for CIs and sites. Thanks!
  11. J

    Resources For DPT Interview

    Hey guys, The interview cycle will be opening in July, and I am a little bit scared about the interview process. Besides that, my grades, volunteer hours, etc. are up to par. Although I am great at working with people, I do tend to get very nervous when I am on the spot. I think its because...
  12. N

    Observation Hours

    What is a good number to have for observation hours? I should be in the 200 range in 2-3 settings by the time I apply, is this good?
  13. N

    Pre-Req Grades

    Hi, my pre-req grades are pretty good as of now, with A's and B's in just chemistry. But, my physiology class this semester is not going well, and I could see myself ending with a C+ or B- in it. I was wondering if a bad grade in a pre-req class can ruin my chances of getting into PT school?
  14. N

    University of Scranton DPT

    Hey, if anyone here got accepted to Scranton's DPT program, can you share your stats? Thank you!!
  15. N

    Northeast region PT schools

    Anybody get accepted to schools in northeast U.S, specifically schools in PA, NY, NJ, etc. If so, can you drop your stats for me to get a look at what I need? Thank you!!
  16. N

    Observation Hours

    What is a good number of PT observation hours to have? Most schools I see want around 50-100 in multiple places, but this is only a minimum. How many did people do to be able to be accepted into a program? Thank you!!
  17. N

    Letters of Recommendation

    Is it best to get a recommendation letter from a science teacher? Or would it be fine to get one from a teacher of another class who knew me better? Thank you!!
  18. V

    Combined Anatomy and Physiology sequence vs separate?

    I am looking at my school's PT pre-reqs, and for the A&P sequence, there is an option to take either: Human Anatomy (4 credits), then Human Physiology with lab (3+1), and also a separate anatomy lab (1). OR Anatomy & Physiology I + lab (3+1), then Anatomy & Physiology II + lab (3+1). I imagine...
  19. M

    Retaking Prerequisites? or Taking Advanced Science Courses?

    Hi, I am concerned with my prerequisite GPA as they are pretty low. Here are my stats (I plan on applying cycle of 2018) GPA => 3.26 but aim to be higher as I have one quarter left. cGPA now => 2.83 (with retaking classes => 3.3) (Bio I = C+, Chem II = C+) GRE = V 148 Q 157 Writing 4.0 (Plan to...
  20. drs17

    Pre-PTs: Need help?

    Hey guys! I was accepted this cycle to Duke (eeeek!), and I have created an instagram page and a blog to help out pre-pt students, and document my journey through PT school (and life of course)! I recently started a PTCAS application series on the blog, and so far I have posted about getting...
  21. B

    HELP! Stick with a possible C in Anatomy or drop with a W and retake.

    Hello everyone, New here, I'm currently stuck in a very stressful situation that may affect my chances of getting in Med School/PT School. I'm currently taking Anatomy at my local CC and my current grade is a mid C(76-77) that maybe could go up. The last day to drop the class with a W is...
  22. K

    science ga courses

    hello- I understand to apply for schools most of them will look at science/ science + math gpa which tends to include the bio/chem/physics/A+P as well as any/all math courses I was wondering that if I take a "science" course during my winter break to possibly boost my gpa (and hopefully boost...
  23. B

    Feeling hopeless after seeing everyone else's GPA. Can I still get in?

    I'm applying to PT school this cycle, and I feel as if my stats are very weak as compared to some of the others that I've seen for this cycle. University: University of North Texas Major: Kinesiology Overall GPA: 3.31 Pre-Req GPA: 3.3 GRE: 152 verbal 155 quant 4.0 writing Extra-Curric: Research...
  24. B

    Improve chances to get into DPT programs?

    Hello! I am a bit nervous about applying to DPT programs because my grades are not ideal, especially in the pre-requisite and science classes. I have a 3.0 science GPA and a 3.2 overall GPA. The last classes that I have taken were: Kinesiology, Biomechanics w/ lab, Exercise Physiology w/ lab...
  25. A

    Need Outside Opinions! (applying to Physical Therapy School)

    So I have been in quite a predicament for the last month about applying to pt school this cycle 2017-2018, or the next cycle 2018-2019. My current statistics include: University: University of Louisville Major: Exercise Science Minor: Wellness Coaching Overall GPA: 3.93 Pre-Req GPA: ~3.73 (only...
  26. S

    Health Professionals Scholarship Program (HPSP)-PHYSICAL THERAPY-Application Open!

    As a member of the Federal Section of the APTA I receive occasional updates regarding federal PT opportunities. A few days back they sent this link to apply for HPSP PT scholarships. PT school scholarships are pretty much like the proverbial white whale. Uncle Army is already paying for my PT...
  27. D

    Waiting Game

    Hello, I know I'm not the only one, but I wanted to find out if anyone else has previously experienced this... I applied to 14 PT schools with 9 rejections, but still waiting on 5 others (Arcadia, Neumann, Misericordia, Alvernia, and Lebanon Valley). I understand most schools do acceptances and...
  28. T

    Pacific University 2020

    Hey guys! Has anyone else heard back from Pacific University (Oregon not California)? I got my response today that I am on the waitlist. Does anyone know roughly what number of waitlisted students are usually asked before the program is filled? Thanks!
  29. A

    Do I still have a chance at PT school?

    I graduated Spring 2016 with a degree in Biology. I applied for PT schools after that and didnt get accepted anywhere. one of the places I applied to was TWU(Texas Women's University) which was my top choice and still is. After receiving my rejection letter I asked her "what could I do to make...
  30. C

    What else can I do? GPA Predicament

    I graduated a year ago from a four-year university but didn't so well GPA-wise. I was unsure of what career path at the time and didn't really have a clear sense of direction. For the past year I've been retaking my pre-requisites for PT school at a local community college but I don't feel as if...
  31. Q

    Online courses vs in class CC class

    I need to take Anatomy I and II this summer. There are courses with University of Phoenix for both that are online-this would be ideal because of my PT Tech position I have this summer. However, will that be frowned upon? Technically it's a four year university, although it is online. OR I could...
  32. F

    Criteria in choosing a PT school

    Hi everyone! So I'm between three schools at the moment: UIC, Northwestern, and Ohio University. I got a great feeling at both OU and NW, but a meh feeling at UIC, although I know all three programs would be great options. In choosing a program, is it bad to go with the better logistical fit? In...
  33. Cheezy89


    Always ask this one question!
  34. R

    Jobs to work before PT school starts

    Hey guys, I know that many of us who applied this application cycle are either stressed out waiting to hear back from a program or have already heard back (congrats!). Depending on your program, school may start either in the early summer or the fall, which is still some months from now, so...
  35. F

    Retaking Science Pre-requisites

    Hello, everyone! I have a question that may apply to a lot of applicants who are planning to apply next cycle or who may have not quite made the cut this cycle: What schools out there accept grade replacements for science pre-requisites? I know that a lot of PT programs only accept 1-3...
  36. DPTinthemaking15

    DPT to D.O.

    Okay, so the subject pretty much explains it all. I am a first year Physical Therapy student, and I’ve realized that I enjoy Physiatry more than Physical Therapy. I’ll explain. I observed with multiple PT’s over a course of two to three years, and I thought it was something I would enjoy doing...
  37. F

    Married in PT School?

    Hey everyone! I've got a new question for you that I think is kinda refreshing amongst all of the questions about stats, GRE scores, GPAs, acceptances, interviews, etc. (But, for those of you applying this cycle: good luck!) Anyway, my question is: Is anyone married and in PT school? And, if so...
  38. K

    PT school? Other fields to consider?

    Pre-PT from CSU, graduating this fall cum. GPA 2.5 pre-req GPA 2.8 last 60 unknown, but lets say around 3.2 Clinic hours: 150 outpatient & counting/currently trying to obtain inpatient hrs Considering taking the GRE in the upcoming months So not going to give a whole history, but my prior...
  39. K

    Applying to PT School.. What are my chances?

    Hello all! I am currently applying to different DPT programs and am looking for some insight from PT "veterans" if you will. My story is a little different. I started out my undergraduate degree thinking I would become a nurse. However, when I had a tumor removed from my brain sophomore year...
  40. Cheezy89

    How to get to PT school with low GPA!

    Your grades may be low but it is not impossible. I did it and so can you. Of course your chances are low, of course it is hard but I had the lowest stats you could possibly imagine and now I am a first year PT student. This thread is to inspire applicants to chase their dream of becoming...