Texas DPT Wave 2023-2024

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Hi! I have also been waitlisted. I want to hear back from people who have been accepted because I’m wondering if they are post-poning acceptance letters until after the last interview date? I’m unsure, but I hate this waitlist thing!! Hoping you and I both get in!!
Yeah same here. I think UNT sent out their offers awhile ago. But I’ll feel like a lot of other schools sent their acceptances this week. And some students will accept offers until they have all their schools offers then make their final. So hopefully we can see some movement in December or Jan. But yes the waitlist is brutal. And yes! I hoping we do also!!!

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Has anyone gotten off of any waitlists yet? I know alternates can be notified at anytime… just curious if there has been any movement yet.
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got off the TXST waitlist on 1/4 and will be attending! This was my 3rd time applying and I’m just so grateful for this opportunity. Never give up!!

If anyone is waiting hang in there. I’ve heard of people getting off the waitlist 2 weeks before or even the day before school starts
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Just wondering if anyone has heard back from UNTHSC after their last round of interviews on January 19th?