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Jul 11, 2016
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I recently took the MCAT and have yet to receive my score. However, this was my third attempt and I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself post exam and I begin to think of questions that I got wrong. My first MCAT was on the old version, which I scored a 22. I did very little prep and immaturely took it without the proper preparation or mindset. My second attempt was a 505, I prepared much better, however, I did not truly grasp the reasoning aspect of the exam and this score is mostly just off of content knowledge. I had a much better grasp of the reasoning this time, but as I wait for my next MCAT score I can't help but think "what if I did poorly?" I know that from what I was told in my interviews this past cycle, that the rest of my application is where it needs to be, it's just the MCAT (which improves but slowly). Any advice for the scenario where I don't improve? My state MD schools are not top 25 or anything like that.