1. A

    Rescind admission??

    Recently was admitted. However upon doing a background check it came up positive for a possession of marijuana charge from when I was 18. Charge was immediately dropped and I WAS NOT convicted. The marijuana was not mine, but I was the one driving the car. I did not mention this on any...
  2. AnonTex

    Application Essay Privacy

    I recently became privy to a member of an admissions committee sharing loads of personal statements (at least a few dozen) in-full and critiquing them during a workshop. She holds these and speaks at my university quite regularly. Given the sheer amount shared, it seemed like they were taken...
  3. P

    How do adcoms make the difference between good, bad, and excellent clinical experience

    What is the criteria used to categorize clinical experience by adcoms? Is it hours, the type of experience, how you write, or some other criteria
  4. T

    Can someone please help me decide between a FT clinical vs research opportunity?

    Hello everyone, First and foremost: thank you for taking the time to read my post and help me out. I am a 28 YO nontrad. I spent the past year scribing in an emergency department and I LOVED IT! My experience prompted me to start in a premedical post bacc program, in which I am in the second...
  5. T

    Should I stay with my current job (research) or take a new one (clinical)

    Hello everyone. First and foremost: thank you for taking the time to read my post and help me out. I am a 28 YO nontrad. I spent the past year scribing in an emergency department and I LOVED IT! My experience prompted me to start in a premedical post bacc program, in which I am in the second...
  6. Future Dr. Juice

    Thomas Jefferson P4 2022-2023

    Hello, Has anyone received an interview invite/acceptance from the Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4) at Thomas Jefferson? I received an invite Friday 12/17 and I signed up on the website they gave me to schedule an interview. They provided two online dates for 12/20 and 12/21...
  7. B

    Institutional Action (IA) and ramifications of it

    I am a senior about to graduate at the beginning of the upcoming cycle. After this coming spring semester, I will have been an undergrad for 2.5 years and leave with a BS. Along with this short time in undergrad, I also have a single IA on my record during my 2nd semester in UG. A little...
  8. Dumplingz

    How do medical schools view varsity esports?

    Hi everyone, bit of an odd question, but I haven't seen it talked about much on here so I thought I'd give it a shot and see what the general consensus is. Do you guys think varsity esports is worth putting on the activities section of my app? My university has club esports that I was on for a...
  9. Sapphia

    ADCOMs of SDN - Med school faculty offered to write LOR, is it ok to ask them to 'put in a good word' instead? I interview in 2 weeks.

    I am doing some research at my top choice and one of my co-investigators who faculty at the med school offered to write a letter of recommendation, however, I've already turned in the maximum number of LORs and it's too late in the process. Is it acceptable to ask them to put in a good word with...
  10. LizzyM

    U Chicago's Director of Med Admissions on Jeopardy!

    This is wild! Tweeted by UChicago Pritzker School of Medicine today: Our Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Emily Sharp-Kellar, will appear on #Jeopardy tomorrow! LizzyM's observation: She's up against a grad student from New Haven who has already won >$700K and an analyst from Florida.
  11. F

    Post-Bac 2022-2023 Admissions

    Hey everyone! I have yet to see a thread for those of us looking to be admitted into career-changer post-bac programs in 2022-2023 so I thought I'd go ahead and post this! Please feel free to drop any questions and advice here :) Good luck to all of my fellow prospective students!!!
  12. D

    Cancelled Admission to Med School

  13. D

    Next steps

  14. J

    I’m in a pickle, could use some advice!

    So with Covid, things are interesting. I took a semester off during Covid because of some personal stuff but upon returning last fall things were different for sure. I didn’t take any sciences this past fall but taking orgo II, biochem, microbio and a writing this course this semester in...
  15. S

    Do Admission Committees look into course descriptions?

    The answer to my question is likely no as that would be very time consuming, but I was just wondering if admissions committees ever scrutinize university course descriptions to make sure certain courses covered all the topics that they deem essential knowledge for a course. I have seen one...
  16. M

    Would this class count as an upper-level biology lab?

    I am considering taking a class called " Laboratory Techniques in Biomedical Research" that is a 400 level class in the physiology department. However, it is an online class. Would I have to take an in-person lab next year as well, or would this satisfy my upper-level biology lab requirement...
  17. X

    How does the admissions committee timeline work (infrequent meeting)?

    Hi, all. I have heard some talk about admissions committees meeting very infrequently at some schools (e.g. once a month) and am confused about how this works. Does this mean if they meet, say, when info is transmitted this year on July 10th, everyone who was verified on the day of July 11th is...
  18. D

    Waitlist Inquiry

    Hey everyone! So I'm currently sitting on 6 MD waitlists and 1 DO acceptance. I have an institutional action on my application for plagiarism/misattribution from two years ago which I thoroughly discussed on my app and it was only brought up in two of my interviews. I was just wondering whether...
  19. R

    MPH to MD possible with high MPH gpa and high MCAT but low undergrad GPA?

    Okay so I’m really looking for some solid advice because my situation is always a little different from other people on here. So I graduated last May with a degree in biology with a 2.98 cum gpa (sGpa is a little lower). I’m currently enrolled in an MPH program that takes approximately 2 years...
  20. A

    Questions for the adcoms out there: What is your opinion of Student-Athletes?

    1. What is your honest opinion about NCAA D1 student-athletes? 2. What had your experience been like when you interviewed them? 3. If you went on to accept them, did your opinion about them change? Thank you in advance from all the SAs out there.
  21. M

    Diversity topic?

    Hi all, Would either of these topics be good for diversity secondaries? My background- grew up in a well-off Asian family in a rural New england community. 1. Talk about rural upbringing and attending schools where the majority came from poverty-ridden families (ie greater awareness of the...
  22. M

    Appropriate topic for diversity secondary?

    Hi all- I'm from a rural community in the Northeast. (meaning rural, but not to the extreme of locations in the midwest per se). This was my idea for a diversity secondary and I would appreciate any feedback: -I want to talk about coming from a rural area and a public school system where...
  23. M

    Adcoms- Listing volunteering on amcas

    So I started a non-clinical volunteer position summer before the 9th grade and was a full time summer volunteer for 5 years and did part time work since (currently a college junior). Is it fine to put the date range as 2012-2019 865 hours and then explain in the description part when my full...
  24. M

    Listing parent for shadowing on AMCAS...?

    I apologize if this has already been answered but is it okay to list a parent on AMCAS for shadowing? My dad is in primary care and I spent two weeks shadowing him all day in our family run clinic for about 60ish hours (2 years ago) and I wanted to list it but I wasn't sure how it would...
  25. Z

    Medical Mission Trips

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how to approach talking about medical mission trips on my "Experiences" for the AACOMAS application. I went to Costa Rica for a week to volunteer. I know there is this idea of "rich" kids going to a 3rd world country to look good on their application. I am not rich...
  26. Z

    Anyone know anyone who has gotten into medical school (either MD or DO) with a 499?

    Anyone know anyone who has gotten into medical school (either MD or DO) with a 499? If so, what was their ECs, GPA, which medical school was it, ... etc? Thank you!
  27. P

    MD wamc

  28. 9

    Personal Statement review?

    I am on draft 12 of my PS and think I am on or near my final draft. Would anyone care to provide feedback (particularly med students or faculty...?) TYIA
  29. J

    Army medic experience and injury

  30. 3

    Recovery from addiction in my application?

    So I'm a premed undergrad, and currently over 2 years sober from drugs and alcohol. My recovery is a huge part in my wanting to go into medicine. I want to help people with mental illness and substance abuse disorders (so Psychiatry, though neurology and neurosurgery seem appealing as well)...
  31. Franzliszt1

    Updating adcoms the proper way

    Dear SDN, Hope you are all doing well. I have an update to give to adcoms as I joined a new research lab. The update process for some of these schools is to upload a document. i.e. "choose file." I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on formatting these word documents for upload. Obviously, I...
  32. S

    Interview for admissions committee

    I'm interviewing for a spot on my school's admissions committee. I have no idea what kind of questions I will be asked. I would appreciate any advice on the types of questions if anyone has been through this in the past. Thanks!
  33. scarlettsky

    help GPA: 3.34 no volunteering experience, Middle Eastern

    Can anyone provide me with advice on my situation? I'm a Pre-Med bio major and am going to enter my 4th year undergrad this fall. I did fairly well in my first few semesters but due to personal responsibilities and being overwhelmed with taking too many credits, my grades suffered...
  34. J

    How do adcoms view dual enrollment courses on application?

    Hello, I’m a rising senior (technically) in high school, but I’m a full time dual enrollment student and haven’t even been to the physical high school since I was a sophomore; I have about 40 credits and will have my associates degree this coming spring. There is a slight problem, due to...
  35. Franzliszt1

    Will this make an Adcom roll their eyes?

    Dear SDN community, Hope you are all doing well. If I have to write about a time I failed (and how I responded), what is the general wisdom on writing about my organic chemistry course. I scored around a 55% and a 65% on my first two tests, didn't panic, turned it around, earned an A on the...
  36. DoctorOrdinary

    Boundaries of Volunteering, Making myself a "well rounded" applicant

    Many medical schools love insane amounts of volunteering, whether clinical or non-clinical. I do the typical box-checking stuff to meet the 100-200 hour "requirement" to make myself a better applicant, but I've only recently started and I will be applying next cycle. However, I also founded an...
  37. S

    Native American but not considered URM

    Good Evening fellow SDN'ers, I'm just a lurker, but I haven't really found the answer to my question so I had to ask! This is not a troll whatsoever, in fact it's simply a yes or no question. Throughout my childhood I was considered Native American. That's only because my father was 75% NA...
  38. R


    I'm not sure what to classify this class from my freshman year. We read research papers from science and non science disciplines and talked about research methods and critiqued the papers. Description from school website catalogue: "Introduction to the Intellectual Foundations program and...
  39. N

    A few questions regarding dental application

    I have a theoretical scenario I can't seem to find an answer to.. I hope someone can help me out. Suppose I took the DAT in May and my scores are average. If I apply and get denied from my schools is it possible to retake the DAT in September, get a higher score and reapply in the same...
  40. P

    Dog Agility Training as an EC?

    I have had my dog (Mini Australian Shepherd) since August, and we have recently started agility training to compete locally. This is something that I like to do in my free time as a stress reliever, but it has now become a huge part of my life. This training has really taught me how to...