1. M

    this timeline confuses me!!!! please help

    Hi guys I just finished a master's SMP and am waiting for my final grades. I am taking my mcat Aug 7 so schools will get the score a month from then in Sept. When should I turn in my primary?? I know asap but I have been waiting for my final grades from this sem to come up since I just finished...
  2. T

    Accept offer at Pitt or stay waitlisted at Cornell?

    Just found out today that I’ve been waitlisted at my dream school, Cornell. I would absolutely love to attend there, but I’ve also been accepted by my second choice, Pitt. WL movement likely won’t start until May. I’m tired of playing the waiting game but I don’t think I’m quite ready to give...
  3. M

    Possible MD Reapplicant (first gen)

    Hello All, Currently applying this cycle with only one WL so far and no other II. I've started to accept that I'm probably going to have to reapply. I'm first generation and figuring out college/med school has not been easy to say the least. I have a 3.65 cGPA and a 3.56 sGPA (strong upward...
  4. D


  5. diamondkings

    Letter of Rec Question

    I apologize if this is not in the correct area, but I was wondering how to go about having a senator from my state send in a letter of recommendation on my behalf. I know that I would not use AMCAS it’s self, so is the best route to just have the senator send the letter to the College of...
  6. R

    URM, 520, downward trend, 3.6c, 3.5s

    Hi Posting for a friend applying 2020- AA male NYC 3.60 cumulative gpa 3.50 science gpa 520 MCAT STRONG research STRONG leadership GOOD letters of rec OK clinical & nonclinical experience Yearly Trend: 3.9 - 3.9 - 3.4 - 3.2 1. Would you recommend an additional semester to raise gpa to show at...
  7. D

    How much should money matter?

    I'm deciding between two schools and I'm struggling to determine how much money should matter vs fit. If money didn't matter, I would definitely choose Loyola over Penn State because I feel it is a better fit for me. However, there is a major financial difference between the two. I was offered...
  8. G

    LOR questions - science faculty and physician letter?

    1) My school doesn't have a neuroscience department, but my major has an emphasis in neuro that I took psychopharmacology and cognitive neuroscience for (both in the psych department). In terms of LOR, could these count as science faculty? I asked my pre-med advisor and he said it depends on the...
  9. Z

    Anyone know anyone who has gotten into medical school (either MD or DO) with a 499?

    Anyone know anyone who has gotten into medical school (either MD or DO) with a 499? If so, what was their ECs, GPA, which medical school was it, ... etc? Thank you!
  10. M

    California University of Science and Medicine

    1. Does anyone know enough to comment the pros and cons of this program? How competitive is this school? (Cali School...) 2. Does anyone know enough about their MBS program and if it is good or not? Pros and Cons? Thanks...
  11. M

    MD SMP Problem with DO School?

    So to ask my question in a way it makes sense.... I have heard by a moderator on SDN that if you were accepted to a DO school (example) and declined the acceptance, you would then be blacklisted by all other DO schools. My question is- Would DO schools look down upon an applicant that was...
  12. M

    SMP Questions

    Hello, I'm a fairly new poster so let me get right to it... Some SMPs such as Toledo want a 500 MCAT to be accepted into the program which has a great matriculation rate as stated as "65-80%". My question is what happens if a DO school offers an acceptance but so does Toledo SMP? Should you...
  13. J

    MD Chances?

  14. T


  15. Dr. ThorStrange

    Following Medical Schools on Social Media

    Is it ok to follow medical schools on social media accounts? Is it ok to tag medical schools in social media posts? Or is it bothersome/annoying to them? What do you guys think?
  16. angryfruitbat

    Former Army National Guard and Medical School

    Hi all, I am currently serving in the Texas Army National Guard and will be administratively separated soon (within a month or so). I was transferred to a medical command unit after an injury from which I am being discharged honorably. I never deployed, so I won't be considered a veteran. How...
  17. J

    MD WAMC?

  18. Prescribe_Rock&Roll

    American Seeking to Study Medicine in Spain

    I am a nontraditional, 28-year-old American from Boston, Massachusetts. I am set to earn my undergraduate degree by December 2019—a BS in Exercise & Health Sciences, minor in Biology. Aside from having previously changed my major like a hundred times before realizing my passion for medicine and...
  19. Dr. ThorStrange

    When is it too late to expect interview invites?

    A friend and I were discussing this the other day :laugh:. He is freaking out because he hasn't received any II so far :nailbiting:. My response was that there is still hope to receive II because he submitted all his secondaries before Thanksgiving and many schools have deadlines for secondaries...
  20. T

    Apply this cycle or SMP?

    Hey guys, so I’m in a dilemma with wasting a ton of money and time applying and maybe not getting in or go ahead and start an SMP. Here is a little background: 3.35 gpa (upward trend of 2.7-> 3.35 over 2 years) 3.4 sgpa Practice mcat scores have been around 512 consistently. Decent amount...
  21. GoPenguinsGo

    Is six Letters of Recommendation too few or good enough?

    So I have 2 from MD's (one whom I've shadowed and the other who knows me super well for a long time), a DO whom I have shadowed, my Oral Communications professor who specializes in Medical Communication, and two of my Chemistry profs who know me very well. If 6 is too many, who should I leave out?
  22. GoPenguinsGo

    MD Can a 503 MCAT with a 3.37 GPA get into these Allopathic MD schools?

    So above is my GPA and MCAT (individual sections are posted below if you care to look) score. I have shadowed 5 doctors and I have both an MD and DO writing LOR's for me just to give some light as to the rest of my app. My residency is in Ohio. These are the MD schools I selected: 1) Rosalind...
  23. sushi18


  24. sushi18

    Thinking of doing 2 public health labs... am I crazy?

    As the title says, I'm considering working in 2 public health labs with pretty similar topical areas. I know in general this is ill-advised, but what's killing me is that Lab A has a project that I'm really interested in, whereas Lab B has a project that I am not as crazy about but potentially...
  25. insaiyan-premed

    Which Post bacc/Smp would be good?

    Graduated this May with B.S. in Biochemistry GPA trend is weird 3 semesters with a 2.6-2.7, 3 with 3.0-3.1 and 3 with 3.7-3.85 My last semester I took a decent amount of upper-level courses and did well. I got a B+ in Immunology though, and prereqs are mostly Bs. Didn't know I wanted to pursue...
  26. sushi18

    Types of Clinical Experience: 10 Admissions Offices Weigh In

    Hi SDNers, I contacted 10 different MD admissions offices about preferences for types of clinical experience (paid/volunteer/shadowing), and found it really helpful. Since I’ve learned so much from reading these forums, I thought others might benefit from this information as well. If I get in...
  27. M

    Need help with Research!!

    I will be an incoming freshman with an associate's degree, so I feel like I need to step up my game to get into medical school. Since my university requires a completion of prerequisites to participate in undergraduate research for academic credit, I could wait to do research for the following...
  28. E

    Recent Firecracker review?!

    Has anyone used Firecracker recently who can comment on how they liked it? I feel like given my learning style I would enjoy it but at the same time I have never used pre-made flashcards before and do not know if I would like that aspect. Any comments on the program would be appreciated.
  29. JavaDocHopeful

    Answered my own question!

    Asked a question before digging into old posts. My bad!
  30. J

    Need some Advice 506 Mcat 3.8 Science GPA

    So I just got my MCAT score: 506 (128/125/127/126) and my science GPA is 3.8. Was pretty pissed cause I was hitting 510+ on AAMC FLs I’m not a strong applicant rn as I only have a few shadowing experiences and some volunteering/leadership which I plan to work on my senior year (yes I’m taking...
  31. scaredhamstermeme

    Undergraduate Research Difficulty

    So I'm a rising senior, and I've been in my lab (really small, no grad students, a couple undergrads including me, and the PI) for the past year. I've been focusing more on getting my GPA up over the semesters, so I've only been coming in regularly for the summers. My PI is super nice and...
  32. G

    What are my chances (WAMC) for a friend

    Here we are, the classic what are my chances thread, however this time it’s for a friend of mine. I appreciate any and all advice as always. (sorry, this is quite long) She’s currently pretty discouraged to apply at all this year, but I figured I would consult SDN and hope for some positive...
  33. D

    Psychiatry Residency and Step Score

    Hi! I am interested in psychiatry residency and would like to match in California, where I am from. I am wondering, with my step score of 227 (a little above the average psych step score....I think average was 224 according the charting the outcomes), and someone being from an allopathic U.S...
  34. C

    Rejected an MD acceptance

    In the 2017-2018 cycle, I applied to 24 schools, of which I interviewed at 2 and was accepted at 1. The acceptance came from USUHS (the military medical school). After a lot of deliberating, I decided to decline the offer (further explanation below). I am in the process of reapplying, however I...
  35. futuredoc813

    2018-2019 Rutgers University - NJMS

    Good luck!
  36. DocSherman

    Re-Applying in 2020 - Need help planning

  37. docijoon

    Upcoming 1st year Podiatric student has questions :D

    Hello Future Doctors! I'll be starting school this fall and was wondering if you could answer the following questions and provide any general tips. already posted in the podiatry forum, but I'd still like to read from fellow DO/MD students 1) I know every student is different, but how many...
  38. C

    What are my chances? First year Pre med student

    Hello all!! I am new to this forum and could use some insight. So I just completed my first year of undergrad as a pre med student and it did not go as well as I wanted it to. I have a 3.2 GPA right now. I got C’s in both Gen Chem I and Gen Chem II. I also got a C+ in Applied Calculus. I feel...
  39. P

    Personal statement help!

    I have completed my personal statement and am looking for people who are able and willing to look it over. Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated (grammar suggestions, content suggestions, whatever you're willing to give!). Some background info: My undergrad GPA is a 3.34 with a U-shaped...
  40. spartan_scalpel

    Odds of getting into medical (MD) school?

    Bear with me, this might get a little lengthy. A little backstory may be useful, so I'll start at the beginning. I'm currently a sophomore at a less than stellar college--Ferris State University. However, I started my college career at Grand Valley State University. I was a freshman, pre-med...