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Dec 19, 2015
Hey all,
I am just wondering if I'm on the right track. I am starting my Junior year this fall and so far I have done:
oGPA: 3.86
sGPA: 3.77
1) Major: BA in economics
2) Shadowing: around 50 hours so far
3) Finished my internship of 4 months and got a job from it
4) Going to join some clubs/organizations this year
5) Starting a weight training/workout programs with my friend
6) Other ECs such as playing in soccer teams, basketball, etc.
7) planning to take the DAT next July/August(2017)
Is that good so far? of course I have to build upon it some more, I am just concerned that I might not have done a lot yet. Will taking the DAT the summer before senior year affect me? Thanks in advance!


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Mar 14, 2016
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I would say you're definitely on the right track! Most people take the DAT the summer before senior year!


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Jun 6, 2015
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Just know that if you wait to take the DAT next July or August, you'll have to balance studying with your application. You'll also have to wait a few weeks for your DAT scores to be sent to AADSAS. A lot of people like to have their applications complete by the end of July for the best chance at an interview they can get. I'm assuming you'll be applying next cycle, so if you're applying two cycles from now, never mind.

Try to get some more shadowing in too since a lot of schools ask for 100+ hours. Take a look at requirements from school to school. Maybe consider taking an upper division class like Genetics or Physiology too.