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  1. D

    WAMC? dental hygienist, reasonable GPA, low DAT

    Date of submission: September 23rd, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.61 Science GPA: 3.5 DAT score: 17 AA, 16 TS, 16 PAT...21 RC, 17 QR, 18 BIO 15 in GC and 14 in OC :-( State of Residence: Florida Undergrad Attended: Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College Major: B.S Exercise...
  2. predental.Em

    Withdraws and admission !!!

    Hi! I want to apply to dental school next cycle but I dropped out of nursing school and I have 10 w’s. I’m getting worried that my first year won’t allow me to be looked at further by dental schools. In that time I went to dental assisting school and realized how much I love it and want to...
  3. DAT Destroyer

    $25 OFF DAT and OAT Destroyer

    Take $25 OFF DAT Destroyer or any of our single products! Discount code take25 Ends October 1 $25 OFF DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer OAT Destroyer Organic Chemistry Odyssey General Chemistry Destroyer Dynamite Biology Review Save $75 DAT and Math Destroyer at checkout, no code needed OAT and...
  4. D

    Can I apply now? (first year masters student)

    I'm a first year grad student, started this fall semester (Sept). The dental cycle is opened, and I do not know if I am allowed/can apply now even though my first semester grades will be released in December (after my final exam grades are posted). I also took my DAT last year.
  5. S

    2022 DAT Breakdown (23AA/22TS/21PAT)

    8/16/22 Hiii everyone! Reading all of the past DAT breakdowns helped me a lot throughout my studying journey, so I wanted to share my personal experience. I only had 2 weeks to study, so it was pretty stressful, but I’m glad it turned out well. To those who only have a short period of time to...
  6. L

    Should I retake the DAT?

    Hi everyone, I took the DAT and didn't get what I was expecting. AA: 18 TS:18 PAT:21 RC: 16 QR:19 Bio: 18 Gen Chem: 15 Orgo: 21 I'm debating retaking the DAT because of the 15 in gen chem and 16 in RC. I was just wondering what your thoughts were and if you had any advice. I submitted June 21st...
  7. P

    I need some advice after taking my DAT

    Hi, I really need advice. I just took my DAT in July. I was super nervous as this was my first time and I had been studying since about 5 months ago. I planned on applying this cycle 22-23 once I took my DAT but I don't think I can anymore. I also got sick a couple days before the exam as well...
  8. F

    Score Breakdown of my DAT (May 2022, 23AA)

    Hi guys!! I just finished my junior year of undergrad. I took my DAT in May of 2022 after about 8 months of really discontinuous studying. I used multiple resources, but only parts of each so don’t feel like you need to purchase everything you see below. Because I took it immediately after the...
  9. datdentalgirl99

    DAT Breakdown (24AA)

    Hello everyone!! I took my DAT yesterday, and am so happy with my scores! I found breakdowns so helpful before and during my exam prep, so I wanted to share my experience. Resources I used: DAT Booster, DAT Destroyer, Bootcamp, and Anki. I bought Booster and Destroyer and the start of my...
  10. J

    WAMC: Do I have a shot at dental school?

    Real talk: I graduated with bachelors in music for undergrad at a private 4-year university with overall 2.65 GPA. Yes, you read that correctly. After my bachelors, I took some pre-requisite science courses at 4-year public university like Gen Bio and Chemistry and still did horrible - ended up...

    Premed to Predent

    So I'm finishing up my masters at Rutgers Biomed, however, I came in as premed. GPA has been a 4.0 but due to undergrad and copious credits I took, it only brings it up to above a 3.4. I'm Asian so if I continue w/ medicine I'm most likely going to osteopathic school. I'm not okay with becoming...
  12. thisis123

    Should I retake the DAT?

    This is my second time applying to dental school and I am not sure whether I should retake the DAT or not in order to improve my application. My first time taking the DAT last year I got a score of: Bio - 20 Gen Chem - 20 Orgo - 20 PAT - 22 RC - 21 QR - 18 In the previous cycle, I received a...
  13. S

    DAT breakdown

    I took the DAT last week and I’m not super happy with my score in QR. ive heard that some universities can look past a low QR score if the rest of the scores are adequate, and I think I fall in that category. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time to improve enough on QR to retake before...
  14. Roo12345

    High AA but very low PAT score. What should I do?

    Hi everyone. I need advice on what schools I should apply to and which ones care strongly about PAT scores. Overall GPA: 3.75 Science GPA: 3.8 DAT: 25AA, 24TS, 17PAT :( I am so happy about my DAT score besides the PAT section, I ran out of time and I was completely overwhelmed. I really don’t...
  15. M

    DAT Limbo

    Hi all, can you please advise me on my DAT score and whether I should retake? I just took it and the scores are: PA 19, QR 21, RC 19, BIO 22, GC 18, OC 21= TS 20, AA20 I finished undergrad (3.0) and just completed a post bac (4.0) => now my cGPA 3.26, sGPA 3.15, BCP 3.18, with post bac classes...
  16. U

    DAT: Apply or Retake Again?

    Hi, so I just took my DAT again and my scores differed from the first time I took it; both good and bad and I don't know how to feel about it. My first DAT I got: PA - 18 QR - 20 RC - 16 Bio - 19 GC - 25 OChem - 21 TS - 21 AA - 20 And my second time I got: PA - 17 QR - 22 RC - 21 Bio - 20 GC...
  17. D


    I took my DAT twice. The first time I strictly used Bootcamp, and the second I used Bootcamp, BOOSTER, and some of destroyer. My first attempt was not good. I think Bootcamp is a great resource for those who have forgotten certain subjects like GC & OC and need to relearn. Mike does an AMAZING...
  18. E

    Destroyer vs Kaplan vs bootcamp

    Hey guys, My DAT is this Monday & I couldn’t be more anxious/confident/nervous/excited all at the same time Hahahaha. However, I decided today to use the free practice tests from different sites and was a bit concerned. Specifically, I took the QVault, booster, destroyer and Kaplan online bio...
  19. E

    Dat in a week, need help!

    Hey everyone, I have attached my bootcamp scores for all tests and I want to know if you guys think I will do better or worse on the real thing. I know practice scores aren't a perfect indicator and for every question I get wrong on my exams, I write down the answer on a piece of paper and...
  20. E

    DAT ADVICE 2020

    Hello all! I’ve just gotten involved on SDN and have been reading everyone’s dat success stories and feel more motivated that ever. Of course, like every other normal person on earth, I’m still anxious about the DAT. I’ve been studying since May 1st (My actual exam is on August 17th) and I’ve...
  21. D

    DAT and Math Destroyer

    DAT and Math Destroyer. 2018. No to little markings. In excellent condition. Price $150. Email at [email protected] if interested. Asap, must go soon
  22. G

    DAT Retake - already used bootcamp so now what do I do

    Hi! I took the DAT back in August (scored an 18 AA) and am now prepping for a retake. I used bootcamp before and did all ten practice tests multiple times sooo I don’t really want to use bootcamp again, since I think I’ll remember the questions and it’ll be ineffective. I already purchased PAT...
  23. R

    Low GPA Advice Needed

    Hi Everyone! I applied this cycle and have not received any interview invites. The biggest problem with my application is my low GPA. My stats are oGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 2.97 DAT AA: 22 TS:19 Bio: 19 OC: 18 GC:19 RC: 27 QR: 25 PAT: 18. I know I need to improve my GPA, but I am unsure of the best way to...
  24. L

    Advice on starting a DAT prep

    Im planning on taking the DAT in April 2020 and will be prepping with DATDestroyer, Feralis notes, Dr. Romano's Dynamite bio review, DAT Bootcamp, and PAT Booster. Im a little unsure on how to begin studying for the DAT with the vast amount of information that is covered on it. Would it be wise...
  25. L

    Taking the DAT without Organic chem II advice

    Long story short, I’m a full time Dental Hygienist and have to take evening classes due to my work schedule (limited class offerings during most semesters). I’m strongly considering taking the DAT around April 2020 and have not taken Orgo II yet (made an A in Orgo I). I’ve made an A in all of my...
  26. B

    Did not mean to post

  27. D

    DAT Transcript Dilemma

    I'm a Canadian resident and I requested the CDA to send my DAT transcript to admissions offices of the universities I've applied to back in May. 8 out of the 10 universities I applied to received the transcript except for Tufts and Temple University. I tried to reach out and get a hold of them...
  28. dentalbenchprep

    SF/Silicon Valley - Dental Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants! -

    Don't wait! Dental bench Prep is offering an Advanced Dental Bench Test preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of seats left for the course starting in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, California from...
  29. Dustyrose96

    DAT Prep DILEMMA, please HELP!

    You know the saying that there is a time and a place for everything? Or something along the lines of things having"bad timing"? Well, I feel like I am either not finding the right time to start my DAT perp.. or I'm just too afraid of starting because I don't want it to go downhill. I know its...
  30. D

    How i got into dental school with LOW GPA (under 3.0)

    Hi everyone! since the cycle was just opened, i want to share my experience when i was applying to dental schools. When i was applying last year, I was on SDN NON STOP. I was nervous, scared, and full of questions. I'm here to share my experience on how i got into dental school with LOW GPA. If...
  31. D

    Feeling Lost & Unmotivated

  32. Kobethegoat24

    What do you make of my DAT score?

    So I studied extremely hard and I can't say I was surprised with anything. Math has long been my weakest subject and I spent a lot of time on it but didn't the score I expected. So what do you guys think, should I retake(REALLY dont want to but I will if its a must), should I apply this cycle...
  33. Z

    What are my chances?

    Date of submission: First week of June 2019 Overall GPA: 3.58 Science GPA: 3.44 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.52 DAT score (include AA and all sections): PA: 20 / QR: 17 / RC: 19 / BO: 20 / GC: 21 / OC 20 / TS: 20 / AA: 19 State of Residence: Minnesota Undergrad Attended: RIT Major: Biomedical...
  34. B

    International trained dentist

    Hello! I would like to ask you as a foreign dentist who wants to study in UCLA do I need to take the DAT test or I need to take only the Toefl exam and the NBDE 1 and 2 part?
  35. K

    RDH: How much of an advantage will I have when applying to dental school?

    Hi everyone, I am a registered dental hygienist currently working towards a bachelors in biomedical sciences. If I get almost straight A's for the rest of my curriculum, I can raise my oGPA to a 3.4-3.5, which I know is not the greatest. I am aiming high for the DAT and hoping to get a 25AA and...
  36. N


    Hi guys! I want to start purchasing and preparing for the DAT. I've read up on many of the books in which have helped many people succeed on here. I was wondering though, can anyone possibly post the links to the resources? I've looked up several on Amazon and there's sooo many different...
  37. Kobethegoat24

    When to take DAT?

    Hello everyone, so I have been studying for the DAT on and off since december but started full time studying for it in january. My scores were around a 16-17 for most the subjects. After one month all my scores have gone up Bio highest 24, Orgo highest 23, Math highest 20, GC highest 19, RC...
  38. artist2022

    Forum Members DAT Summary, Tips, & Tricks

    Hi all! I think it would be helpful to have everything* that is useful in this forum put together in one easily accessible thread for everyone to use. I'll also be adding links to products so people know what sorts of materials are helpful for the DAT. Signing up to take the DAT: 1. Read these...
  39. K

    Pre-Dent help!

    Hello All, I am a non-traditional student. I just finished my microbiology class at a community college and now transferring to a 4 year in January. I have all science classes left to finish.Biology I & II, Chem II,Organic I & II, Bio-Chem, Cell Bio, Genetics,Physics. I have it planned out to...
  40. C

    Hoping to get a little feedback...

    My wife is a 2nd year dental hygiene student. Recently a faculty member said she may want to think about switching to another field... She only has a few months of school left and he said she isn't quick enough on the cleaning to pass the final exam. Is this something that is common and is speed...