Am I on the right track?

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Feb 26, 2017
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Hi there! I'm currently a sophomore physio major and I wanted to know whether or not what I have accomplished so far has me on the right track for med school and any advice on what I should do in the upcoming years leading up to applications.

Currently, I am in the honors college and have a 3.9 GPA. After this semester, the worst case scenario I will have a 3.85 GPA. I have hundreds of hours shadowing in the emergency department at two separate hospitals, I am the secretary of a large club on campus, member of premedical fraternity, have research right now through my university (research lined up this summer with my dream med school) and I am starting to work on volunteer hours through the fraternity.

Is there anything else I should work on or try doing? I think my biggest concern is not standing out when the time comes to apply. Also, I plan on taking the MCAT next spring, so any advice on when I should start studying and how I should tackle it?


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You're on the right track. Focus most on GPA and MCAT as those are the biggest factors, but also do volunteering and shadowing as time permits. If you can find a cohesive story to your premed experience or passion for wanting to be a doctor that can make your personal statement stand out but you're a little ways out from that.

Your gpa is solid, it doesn't hurt to start reviewing for the MCAT soon and make a dedicated study time for it. If you can don't take classes or work during that study time.