Aug 21, 2016
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Hi, first time posting here. I'm currently an AMG in a mid level school finding out I just failed CS before applications are sent out. I just feel sick to my stomach. Did well clinically and didn't take the exam seriously :(..Anyone here have any insight on how schools look at people like me, and my chances of interviews/match. I'm applying to anesthesiology and plan on taking CS again asap.
Please any help will be greatly appreciated
Step 1/2ck: 230/245


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Mar 24, 2011
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I am in the same situation here too. Just found out I failed CS and still unsure how; biggest shock to me in my life and put me in a mini depression for almost a week. Wondering where to go from here and how to approach the match differently now. Step1 was a 239 for me. Looking at IM programs at a academic center with good fellowship placement in a medium-big city environment.
May 25, 2016
Kettering, Ohio
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Generally anesthesiology/radiology won't care. I hope you already clicked that allow for USMLE to transfer its records to ERAS prior to your fail. If you did then you are absolutely ok because it will send your step 1 and step 2ck scores only which would for sure match by itself. Retake CS and get a passing score back before you click resubmit for your USMLE transcript. That way you will have already interviewed. You may drop a few positions on a rank list but I doubt it for anesthesia. Medicine on the other hand...Thats what medicine is. Seeing a patient and being able to formulate a medicine differential is literally the whole point of medicine. It will hurt you harder than other specialties unfortunately. But your step 1 score is good. Hopefully your step 2 ck shows improvement and if it does I think you'll be fine. If you don't have a CK score yet I would probably get one soon to be considered for an interview...usually 2/3 tests are needed.


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Mar 15, 2012
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I still do not understand how someone can fail CS??? my performance was disastrous and yet I passed with high marks in every category. I practiced FA CS 1 time through. I took it in Philly, which apparently they say is the hardest......I thought that I failed big time and even started to plan my retake for the exam, but then got the results and was completely shocked and came to one conclusion...Either you cannot speak english or the postal delivery worker can do a better physical exam that you. Take the exam again and if you do fail it for the second time give up and pursue a job in blogging different excuses for why you keep failing board exams....
Wow man, you just said in another post you failed... So which is it? This is a professional community, and your dishonesty speaks volumes about your integrity and future as a professional, if you are indeed even in the professional field, of which I have doubts. You trying to kick people while they are down? Is that what you plan on doing with your sick patients?

As a prior IT administrator, IPs are logged, and I really hope yours leads back to your computer and you are turned into credentialing organizations, because there are a ton of good potential physicians out there that don't possess the same indignancy and blatant dishonesty you have displayed here...