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  2. DITKI

    USMLE/COMLEX Ditki - Medical & Biological Sciences - FREE TRIAL + COUPON

    With a multimodal platform that supports lifelong learning, ditki offers a better way to master the medical sciences. Free Trial + Save 20% with code: NEWDITKI #ditki #medicalstudent #medicine #medicalscience #usmle #abpn #neurocme #cme #nursing #premed #mcat #medicaltraining #futuredoctor...
  3. N

    Taking Step 1 as a DO. Advice with P/F now

    I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth the extra stress and money to take step one if it’s past fail. I’m thinking about taking step two instead to get a score and sent me a part what is everybody else’s opinion on this. I want to be competitive and I just feel like another pass fail score is not...


    RADSTEP is the only comprehensive course which covers the entirety of radiology image interpretation for the USMLE & COMLEX exam. 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED ACCESS FULL ACCESS TO COMPLETE VIDEO LIBRARY OVER 7.5 HOURS OF KEY CONCEPTS FOR BOTH USMLE AND COMLEX EXAMS OVER 1 HOUR OF NORMAL RADIOGRAPH...
  5. The Lovely Maverick

    Anking/ zanki/ FA 2021

    hello, Does anyone know if there is an updated Anking deck including the FA 2021 text? pls help meee
  6. Zjhafeez

    USMLE Highest Yield activities for final weeks of Step 1 Prep

    Hi team, What are the highest yield activities for the final weeks of USMLE Step 1 study: Uworld 2nd round? New Question Bank? 300 questions a day? Practice Exams? If so which one and how many? (UWSA, NBME, something else?) Continue Reading First Aid for 3rd time? Pathoma all 18 hours again...
  7. TheSuperColider

    Regarding step 1 / comlex prep

    hi guys. 2nd year with straight B's from 1st year. 50th %ile in my class. Ive been using anking with ~10k mature cards so far with BnB, sketchy, and pathoma for my learning. I want to incorporate some practice questions and wanted to know what you guys think i should do regarding that. On...
  8. C


    is the NBME CBSE exam that OMFS applicants take the same one the US MD Students take before the USMLE Step 1? If so, doesn't that skew the Scores?
  9. K

    USMLE How Crack The USMLE Code

    Like everyone, I am preparing for USMLE for a couple of weeks. I want to know what are the best ways to prepare for the USMLE. Please share your experiences and best practices.
  10. DrDry

    Verified help passing USMLE...

    Hi. My name is Dr. Richard Dry and I’m the Director of Institutional Relations from MedSmarter, a smarter way of preparing you to take your USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK and Step 3 exams. It’s the only test prep company that can boast a 98% success rate because of the unique approach to...
  11. sehazem

    USMLE Looking for a study partner in san jose

    Graduated in 2016, studied kinda for step1 last year but couldn’t continue , starting from start again . Need a study partner with timeline for step one around june of next year. Resources are kaplan, first aid , pathoma , bnb
  12. sweetsiri

    Archer Step 1 Qbank thread

    This thread is to discuss Archer step 1 Qbank questions to learn topic by topic important concepts. Please feel free to post answers and debate. I am not violating Archer's copyrights. I am getting these from their public blogs and obtained permission. I am not discussing answers to UWorld or...
  13. X

    First pass of FA

    just wanted to give a quick introduction. im an international medical student preparing for step 1. i hope to take the exam in october of this year. I started studying almost two months ago from scratch (basically), and doing my first pass of FA. I have done biochem, immune, micro so far...
  14. Friendly MichaelMyers

    Tips for going out of state

    Hello. So I haven't been out of state for high school/undergrad. I might attend a med school out of state. I am wondering if anybody knows things that they did or their friends did that could ease my move-in to another state. I am thinking about things like: 1) When should I worry about a...
  15. Clint Westwood

    MD What are the Best USMLE Prep books and MSY1 Materials to have?

    What are the best USMLE prep books and books/study materials to have before starting MSY1?
  16. D

    Help with US clinical experience for an IMG

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well! I am an IMG who graduated from med school in 2017, and have been preparing for the USMLE because I am interested in practicing in the US. I am searching to gain clinical experience in America, to further raise my chances to get matched in to a residency program...
  17. Grimjow

    Azerbaijan or Turkey for med school

    Hello everyone I am a first-year medical student in Azerbaijan and I want to practice medicine in the US. However it worries me that I won't be able to build a necessary "foundation" let's say to do well on Step1. Do you guys think studying in Turkey instead would alleviate that? Is the turkish...

    USMLE/COMLEX 15% OFF Step 1 and 2 CK Course

    SmashUSMLE reviews is giving 15% off all USMLE Step1 and 2 CK online course. use the code THANKS click here to get offer.
  19. A

    USMLE NBME diagrams

    Hi guys. I wanted to make a thread talking only about diagram questions from the nbmes. We could briefly describe the question and then write down what all the letters mean. Is there a post about this already? I couldn't find any. eg. Nbme 19. There's a diagram asking about at which letter...
  20. D

    USMLE USMLE 1 study help

  21. medlife2017

    December/January Firecracker discount

    Hey guys, follow this link to get a great discount through firecracker that will only last until early January: Firecracker Good luck with your studies!
  22. Isoval


    I’ve recently been looking into AMBOSS following a presentation they gave at my school. From what they showed and what I’ve been able to play around with, it seems like a solid platform, especially when it comes to their “knowledge cards” (basically their textbook). I’m curious what everyones’...
  23. M

    What could be my step 1 score?

    Just took my exam What do you think my chances are for a score 240+? My scores Nbme 16 - 225_1.5 months out 15 - 236_1month out Uwsa 1-256 1month out Nbme 17 - 236_20 days out Nbme 19- 240_ 1 week out Nbme 18_ 238_ 1 day before( i was actually reaally stressed that day as also wantes to take...
  24. S

    USMLE Help! I used all resources but still feel the question is like alien language

    Hi! I have been preparing for USMLE Step 1 for 5 months now. I have completed First Aid 4 times, NBME x 8, Pathoma x 1, UWorld x 1, Goljan x 1. Sketchy Micro, Brenner's I have improved from 48% to 70%. But I still feel a lot of the questions are not covered in those resources. What should...
  25. deweystrontium

    MD & DO Do people finish Step 1 early?

    Hey all, I have a question for students who have taken or about to take Step 1. While browsing through the First Aid notes, I noticed a 45 min break that can be extended to 1 hour if you skip the tutorial in the beginning. Hence, this 8-hour test is actually 7 hours, which makes it about 45...
  26. H

    Study partner- Sydney

    I am a female medical student based in Sydney in my 5th year of study, looking to do the USMLE step 1 in February 2019. I am in the intermediate stages of my preparation, and am planning to really ramp it up in the next few months. I have been going through FA and some UWorld questions this...
  27. sehazem

    study partner in california

    Hi , Iam an IMG living in san jose . I graduated in 2017 from pakistan , starting my step 1 preprations my target is to give my exam around july next year . I need a study partner with whom I can plan , study and target goals
  28. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount (always valid)

    Hey guys, follow this link to sign up for firecracker and you'll get a great discount. Lmk if you have any questions. This link will always be valid. Firecracker - Refer a Friend
  29. S

    USMLE Need Help with Step 1 Please, Starting from Scratch

    I am an IMG and i have not been able to study anything for the last 3 years, and i dont remember anything anymore because i passed my exams by memorizing stuff and dont know the basics i want to be able to apply for residency next year and try to clear step 1 withing next 4 months...i am...
  30. Cleos Half

    USMLE Herditary Spherocytosis Normocytic with Increased MCHC?

    I just did a question on USMLE-Rx re: Hereditary Spherocytosis. I got the diagnosis right but in the answer explanation, it says that it is a normocytic anemia but at the same time, there is an increased mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration. How is this possible when you are normocytic...
  31. medlife2017

    Phsych question

    Psych* (Since people tend to focus on typos here... smh) Hey guys, so I recently got a question that Im having trouble with. In the question, it describes a patient who just switched to another physician due to her previous physician moving. She loved her old physician and now looks at her new...
  32. E

    MD & DO Best resource for biochemistry?

    Hey guys, I'm just looking for a good resource for studying biochem... Any suggestions?
  33. S

    USMLE Bank but not USMLERx?

    Hello, I got an email in my school email about a discounted price for a qbank that I assumed was USMLERx. However, I am realizing now it is a totally different website: USMLEBANK - USMLE Step 1, Step 2-CK, Step 3 QBANK and not USMLE-Rx Home | USMLE-Rx I'm afraid I got completely scammed. Does...
  34. Z

    USMLE-1 Rx 360 discount code

    Hello guys, I really appreciate if someone has a promotion code for USMLE-1 Rx 360 6 months or 12 months to share
  35. shco1992

    USMLE NMBE scores vs USWA are very different, where do I stand?

    There is a BIG difference between my NBMEs and UWSAs and my test is in 4 days...Thoughts? 12/22/17 NBME 15-167- pre-dedicated 2/28/18 NBME 16-180- pre-dedicated 3/13/18 NBME 17-182 -beginning of dedicated 4/15/18 NBME 13-205 5/2/18 UWSA1 -241 5/11/18 NBME 19-198 5/22/18 UWSA2 - 239 UWorld...
  36. B

    USMLE score needed for each speciality

    Does anyone have a link or info for what step score is the average for each specialty? I’m sure this has already been posted but I’m an incoming M1 and I’m just branching out of the pre-med forum haha
  37. M

    USMLE 1online study partner

    I am looking for an online study partner to study for USMLE 1 .I am a beginner and planing to apply for the exam next year so I want to study in a slow pace.
  38. ifJDwasagirl

    MD & DO WOLF PACC for live USMLE prep? Plz send help

    hello SDN - I'm new to the site & I need advice! I want to do a live USMLE prep during the summer between M1 & M2 years (Current MS1 at an allopathic school). The WolfPacc program was recommended to me, but then I read a bunch of reviews that seemed fake (both good & bad) & now I'm worried...
  39. S

    Help going crazy!!

    So I just got my step 1 score 198 on my second attempt and I'm going crazy. I studied like if my life depended on it aiming for 234+ and ended up 198. So guys what should I do??? I'm an US Img (carribean) should I quit??