AOA Carolyn L. Kuckein

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May 6, 2023
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Hey has anyone heard back about the results of the AOA Carolyn Kuckein research fellowship for 2023? Today was the supposed release date and they don't specify if they notify those who did not win an award. Thanks!

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I called them and they said they're still waiting for some reviewers, so it may take them a few weeks to announce the award winners
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I called them too, same thing, waiting for reviewers.
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If I call/email them one more time, I'm going to get blocked for sure :lol: Y'all can give it a try though
Hey all -- I randomly stumbled across this thread a bit ago. Just wanted to stop by and share that I was awarded about 2-3 weeks ago; reviews came in 1-2 months ago. Y'all most likely just have slower reviewers.
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Whelp thanks for your replies everyone- I still have not heard but I'll update you when I do- I know a few people reached out to me personally who also have not heard so don't give up hope yet!
I got the award notification last Tuesday on June 20th!
has anyone not heard back yet? not sure if I should email them and ask for an update...
Also still have not heard back
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