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Application Data


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Sep 13, 2004
    Ok...here are the data for the # of anesthesiology applications submitted for this year (and historical data for reference) from ERAS.

    Total = 3566
    USG = 1177
    IMG = 2389

    Total = 3301
    USG = 1478
    IMG = 1823

    Total = 2980
    USG = 1570
    IMG = 1410

    2004 (our year)
    Total = 2974
    USG = 1638
    IMG = 1336

    My analysis... Total applications have been trending down. However, the number of USGs applying has gone up every year. It has reached a 4 year high with our current applicant class (ERAS only has data for the past 4 years). Thus, this year appears to be slightly more competitive than last year in terms of USGs. (This data says nothing of the quality of the applicants, which supposedly has increased as well).

    Now, clearly some people apply to anesthesia as a backup (and some anesthesiology applicants apply to other fields as backups). So, I will list some of the data for cross-speciality applicants for the past 2 years. Take my "analysis" of this section as you will.

    Among people that applied to anesthesia, they also applied to...

    Section #1 "Anesthesia as a back-up" (again, though the data is true, take my "back-up" sentiments with a grain of salt, as many people that applied for other specialities - and could get into them - may ultimately decide/have decided to comitt to anesthesia for any number of reasons)

    Derm = 81 people in 2004, 43 in 2003
    Diagnostic radiology = 309 in 2004, 235 in 2003
    Ortho = 101 in 2004, 82 in 2003
    Plastics = 37 in 2004, 24 in 2003
    Rad Onc = 50 in 2004, 37 in 2003
    Urology = 23 in 2004, 42 in 2003

    Section #2 - "Toss up"
    EM = 302 in 2004, 272 in 2003
    PM&R = 226 in 2004, 247 in 2003
    OB/GYN = 245 in 2004, 230 in 2003
    Peds = 306 in 2004, 359 in 2004

    I'm tired of copying down data. If you want if for any specific field, just ask.

    Overall trends:
    #1 - Approximately same number of total apps as last year for anesthesia (increased number of USGs)
    #2 - No data here on "quality" of applicants.
    #3 - Seems like more people this year are applying to anesthesia AND another specialty.
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