Arizona WICHE students?

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Sep 2, 2003
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Hi, I'm looking for past and present Arizona WICHE funded students! I am interested in going to Colorado State with WICHE funding, and this requires me to either work for 4 years in AZ after school (or 2 years in an underserved area), or to pay back half of what AZ pays of my tuition.

Does anyone know what the "underserved" areas are? I've tried to look on their web page, but all i found were the minutes from a meeting where they mostly just reiterated that they don't know a good way to define an underserved area. Apparently only 3 returning students out over more than 150 were in "underserved" areas in the mid 90s! Do these areas not actually exist? Or do student just not want to go where they are? I am seriously confused. unfortunately, because everything is so undefined, the wiche people are unable to give me a clear answer on where these areas are, I guess it is the job of the licensing board,

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I am currently a WICHE student at CSU, in my second year of Vet School. I must say, that this has been the best time of my life. I will try and answer your question as vaguely as possible; just kidding. But to be honest, I don't know what the underserved areas are. In my opinion, you should not spend too much time thinking about only practicing in those areas. If you find a practice in an area that is not covered into this, then what is another two years? If you go to one of these areas, and the practice just takes everything out of you, leaving you with no life, why would the two less years make it worth it? Salaries are increasing, so you will be able to find a job, wherever you like, and can make a good living being happy. Usually in underserved areas, the salary will be much lower, hence not many practitioners working there.
Another comment, Congress and the House of Representatives just passed a bill onto the President to set funding aside for increased tuition pay backs for graduating veterinarians going to practice in underserved/rural/vet needed areas. These areas/regions of each state have yet to be determined, as far as I know. You can log onto the AVMA website and I am sure you can find some more information on this.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, whether on here, or private email through this.

Good Luck to you!!