Jan 14, 2016
Hi, I just finished my first couple weeks of M1 here at an allopath. in Chicago. I can't really help you all with admissions questions (I still don't totally understand how it works and I empathize with you all), but I do have a great opportunity to ask my classmates your most pressing questions. Hopefully I can get a solid anonymous sample size, and you use that info to judge what's accurate about the admissions process and what's important. I'll get the list started - feel free to add on:

GPA? Science GPA? MCAT? LizzyM Score? Any particularly poor grades? (and how these vary according to answers to the following)
college? do you think there's consideration of college difficulty?
gender identification?
research experience/s?
community service experiences?
IL resident?
'non-traditional' applicant?
when did you interview / receive offer?
did you get accepted elsewhere?
are you a reapplicant?
Free response: General thoughts about admissions process? Things you wish you knew before applying? Things you could've done more of? Things that don't really matter?