1. N

    What courses are more important in undergrad?

    Hello all, I am currently a junior majoring in psychology with the goal to continue onto a PhD program (hopefully UF as I am already a Florida resident). My fields of interest are either pediatric neuropsychology or pediatric clinical psychology, but these may be subject to change as I'm open to...
  2. H

    MD & DO What technical skills will be most valuable for therapy development in the next 10-20 years?

    As the header says, what technical skills do you think will be most valuable for therapy development in the next 10-20 years? i.e. for treatments like immunotherapy, gene/epigenetic therapy. I’m not sure if focusing more on stats/machine learning or wet lab skills will be more useful to focus on...
  3. C

    [Post removed]

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  4. P

    Data collection on long-term results post-interview: Please respond if you have completed 1/+ cycles with 1/+ interviews. Thank you for contributing!

    Hello! This is a survey to help collect data that reflect with more specificity the ultimate fates of applicants who attended at least one interview, particularly how many accepted applicants come from waitlists versus direct acceptances, as well as how often waitlists seem to actually turn into...
  5. C

    Automatic "Table 1" Style Summary Statistics from spreadsheet data

    Heya Everyone, In case you are working on chart reviews/epidemiology studies or clinical trials and are in need of "Table 1" - style summary statistics, I created a small web app to help with this that can help save a lot of time: | Automated Summary Statistics for Research Papers...
  6. M

    Dental schools statistics/ private schools

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone have dental schools statistics data that could share with me (for instance school names/ requirements/ gpas/ volunteering.. etc.... and also all private schools in the US (that are easier to get it than other schools) I would greatly appreciate your help
  7. 9

    If you are an undergraduate in need of advice...

    Having read a lot of pessimism in the last few weeks, I thought I would throw some statistics as a confidence boost to anyone who needs them: Something a lot of SDNers need to hear is that the average for those who are actually competitive (>506 MCAT and >3.6 GPA) the average acceptance...
  8. bsneuroscience

    Stats & Biostatistics

    Hello all, I am currently taking a statistics course as a freshman student, and I've heard medical schools and medicine in general use A LOT more of statistics than calculus. Should I take biostatistics next semester or take calc 1 and be done with my math prereqs? The biostats class is geared...
  9. T

    For Sale ACCP BCPS 2018 Study Materials

    I have 2018 ACCP BCPS Pharmacotherapy Study Materials for Sale. The package is for sale at $150 including the workbook, presentation slides and videos. PM me for more details. Thanks
  10. P

    pre med course requirements

    hey y'all -- I've been looking at different med school pre reqs (required and recommended) and am wondering if a semester of statistics is really necessary for the majority of med schools?? my schedule is already at over 20 hours including a stats class, so should I take it or would not taking...
  11. TheDentalDude

    How OOS friendly is UMD?

    From what I’ve heard UMD Dental School is decently OOS friendly but I have no recent statistics to back up those claims. I was wondering if anyone has any up to date OOS and Instate admission statistics for UMD. I’m a Maryland resident so I won’t be affected even if it is biased. I’d just like...
  12. C

    DO School Stats

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up an excel sheet for myself so I can tell which DO programs I could realistically get into. I'm having trouble, however, as most of the schools' websites post the minimum GPA & MCAT scores needed to get in, not the average accepted scores. Does anyone know if there...
  13. K

    Other OT-Related Information UTMB, UTHSCSA Acceptances

    Hey Everyone! I will be applying to OT school this summer and my top two choices are UTMB and UTHSCSA. I was wondering if those of you that have been accepted can share their stats. I just want to see how competitive I am and what else I can do to be a better candidate. Thank you!!
  14. J

    Public Health Concentrations

    I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health...
  15. sasukeuchiha33

    Statistics vs Biostatistics...very confused!

    As I'm scrolling through pre-med reqs now it would seem some medical schools require statistics, but prefer biostatistics. I am enrolled to take elementary statistics next semester, and this statistics course specifically geared towards students who will later pursue graduate school in the...
  16. Pscyh6

    Legitimatize An Experiment

    How could I prove the results and the volunteers of an experiment's legitimacy and show that the statistics were not forged or faked in any way?
  17. TheToothTamer

    Orthodontics History Statistics

    I'm Currently a D1, and many of my classmates have dreams to become an orthodontist one day. I hear "orthodontics" mentioned pretty much everyday by both faculty and students. Since orthodontics is extremely competitive to pursue today, I was wondering if anyone knew about its past...
  18. Cluubias2

    Dental School Statistics

    Hello SDN! I've completed a spreadsheet that contains every major information about every US school. The excel contains a dropdown under each column that allows you to organize the data. For example, if you want to rate schools based on average accepted science GPA, select the drop down under...
  19. F


    Hi anyone know about the NAFLD angulo fibrosis score works? The formula it states it use on the calculator is "−1.675 + 0.037 × age [years] + 0.094 × BMI [kg/m2] + 1.13 × IFG/diabetes [yes = 1, no = 0] + 0.99 × AST:ALT ratio − 0.013 × platelet count [× 109/l] − 0.66 × albumin [g/dl]" However...
  20. P

    Does Precalc and Statistics apply to one's science GPA?

    Hello, I am not quite sure if math classes like precalc and statistics are applied to one's science GPA. Any help would appreciated.
  21. AcornFactory

    Which classes qualify as "college level math"?

    Math is not my area. It never has been. Obviously I know I'll need to be proficient enough to succeed in physics, chem, and two semesters of "college level math" in order to get into most med schools; but I'm honestly not 100% clear on what qualifies as "college level". College algebra? Pre...
  22. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS prereq disappeared

    Hi. So I'm freaking out a little bit. I recently logged into OTCAS and saw that two of my schools didn't have checkmarks next to them. When I searched further, I saw that my statistics course was missing from them. Has this happened to anyone? Should I call them? I really don't know what to do.
  23. N

    MCAT Biology Questions (specifically Stat questions)

    I've been working on the EK Biology 30-minute Exams, but I'm having a lot of difficulty with the statistics heavy passages. Does anyone have advice on how to approach these questions? I'd really appreciate it!
  24. AcornFactory

    Most med schools don't require calculus anymore, right?

    I'm not majorly concerned about any of the other med school prerequisites....but calculus scares the **** out of me. I've successfully avoided math entirely unto this point. Now I'm in an algebra class, and that's fine, I'm getting an A; but I honestly think that I'm not capable of going up to...
  25. U

    Should I apply 2017/2018 cycle? Low GPA

    Sorry to be that guy that asks on this thread but i'm having a real crisis here. I'm on the fence on applying this coming cycle yet not sure if it's worth it with my stats. For those that have gone through this any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. So my stats.. 3.05 oGPA 3.26 sGPA 50...
  26. jya5ab

    DAT QR section - I've never taken Statistics before...

    Hello! I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I plan to study for 10-11 weeks. I am most worried about QR because 1) I haven't taken math since high school and I was never good at word problems, and 2) I've NEVER taken a probability/statistics course before, so I will have to learn that from...
  27. FutureDoctorX-men

    Any Canadian Medical Students out there??

    Hi there! I'm sorry if I've been posting quite a bit recently. I was just wondering if there are any Canadian Medical Students (or Residents/Doctors) out there on this website. I understand that Canadian medical schools are just a little bit more competitive than US medical schools (I don't mean...
  28. N

    Psychology Statistics counts towards BCPM?

    Its just listed as Statistics under the course catalog but is taught within the psychology department as a requirement for psych/neuro/cogsci majors. Could this count towards BCPM?
  29. W

    Admissions Statistics

    Hello, I am having trouble finding the guide will all the application stats. It included, interviews, offers, applications, and DAT scores. It had all the schools in the USA and Canada. Does anyone have or know where I can find this information?
  30. N

    Help! Psych Stats Question

    Hi! Right, so I have what is probably a really stupid question with a really obvious answer to it, but I am eye-ball deep in the midst of all the data and can't see the wood for the trees anymore. Okay, the overall question of interest in my latest study was if rape survivors were seen as a...
  31. M


    Hello everyone! Since I started to try to learn the Canadian medical residency matching process, i realized something. Everyone in the forums who obviously know how the system works talks really hopeless for IMGs. I mean, before i started to study for the MCCEE, i think i am about to give it up...
  32. A

    Ask M1 Class Your Admissions Questions

    Hi, I just finished my first couple weeks of M1 here at an allopath. in Chicago. I can't really help you all with admissions questions (I still don't totally understand how it works and I empathize with you all), but I do have a great opportunity to ask my classmates your most pressing...
  33. X

    University at Buffalo Pharmacy Statistics

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering the statistics of everyone who has gotten into University of Buffalo because I would like to know if I have a chance there with my GPA so far since I'm concerned about grades and letters of recommendation. Thanks all!
  34. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTD and research

    Hi! I am planning to apply to a few OTD programs this fall (Belmont, Washington University (STL), and Huntington). I have so many questions. 1. RESEARCH VS. VOLUNTEER/ EXTRA CURRICULAR: I am currently in an psychology undergrad with a minor in wellness. I have done a fair amount of volunteer...
  35. J

    Should I keep pursuing pre-vet?

    I am currently a junior at UT Austin and an advertising major. I've been pursuing pre-vet for a few semesters now and already know I'm going to graduate a semester or a year late. My current GPA is low... like a 3.1 and I do have vet hours but not that much. (I was going through some health...
  36. D

    Are Statistics Classes considered toward sGPA?

    Hi, just thinking ahead for my next year's app cycle, will the statistics classes be considered towards the science GPA? I have taken 1 stat class called "Stat 133" with a "Concepts in Computing with Data" as a title and 1 stat class with "Public Health 142" on it (this class is a bio-statistics...
  37. W

    Summer School Advice

    Yes, I have went through prior posts regarding this. I'm taking Organic Chem I, Organic Chem I Lab, and Stats summer session 1. I'm taking Organic Chem II, Organic Chem II Lab, and Calc summer session 2. I've taken both the maths before. I'm simply trying to raise my sGPA/BCPM GPA. Do you have...
  38. CareerNumTwo

    Reminder: 50% of students who apply to dental school each year matriculate!

    When I read day after day that thousands and thousands of students applied to X school to fill 60-80 seats, it's a little disheartening. Especially when I constantly see very impressive GPAs and DAT scores from some of you on here. However, I came across these graphs courtesy of the ADEA. The...
  39. D

    Med Schools - advanced statistics or intro to stats? Need advice.

    I know lots of medical recommend statistics. However, does anyone know if med schools have a preference on the type of statistics class? I haven't been able to find any medical school that has specified. I'm debating between STATS 1040 (intro to stats) which seems like the most basic stats...
  40. R

    Schools to consider applying to?

    I am a Senior at the University of California Santa Barbara looking to apply to schools for admission in 2017. I have a small list of schools I'm considering applying to but wanted some advice on other schools to consider. I'd prefer to stay west coast but am weighing my options nationwide. Any...