1. 9

    Weird GPA trend line and credits...is it that bad?

    Below is a chart I would like some feedback on... So, this is my running GPA, my GPA for each quarter and the number of credits taken simultaneously (right axis)....2 breaks in schooling, the first chunk was all semester not quarter (FL13-FL14) at 2x full time rate (SP14 GPA was like a 3.29)...
  2. JavaDocHopeful

    Answered my own question!

    Asked a question before digging into old posts. My bad!
  3. O

    StraighterLine Credits

    Hello! I transferred schools and had to take a semester off from physically attending an institution during the transfer. During that time I took classes online through StraighterLine as the result of poor advice from an advisor (anyone reading this DO NOT take courses at StraighterLine, they...
  4. Llamapower

    Applying with few credits factored into science GPA

    I made the decision last year to postpone my graduation from undergrad so I'd have time to take the dental prerequisites. I'm a business major that made the decision very late to pursue dentistry. Nevertheless, I have only taken a handful of the prerequisites for dental school (BIO 1 & 2, Gen...
  5. O

    Medical Schools with Emphasis on Last 32-60 Credits

  6. H

    Harvard summer school credits?

    If I take orgo in Harvard summer school can I send my grades to dental schools directly in the future? The problem is my university does not accept other universities credits during the summer if they are in the Boston area also. However, I do not want take orgo in my school during the summer...
  7. M

    Columbia: 6 credits of math..?

    Hey guys, Quick question. @Ari Rezaei, you might know this... I saw that for Columbia, you need 6 credits of mathematics. Does biostatistics count as a mathematics credit? I took an accelerated Calculus I course that was only 4 credits, and that is all I have taken because that is all I need as...
  8. C

    How much did I hurt my chances?

    I have a 3.53 gpa, 3.39 science (including a C I took at a community college over the summer in Orgo I). I declined credit and got a B, but I accepted my calculus grade, so that has been factored into my science gpa. The gpas by themselves aren't enough, I don't think, to prevent me from...
  9. entdreams47

    How many credits for an MD/DO degree?

    I know medical school isn't exactly like college, but does anyone know how many "credits" are in a standard curriculum? I cannot find this information anywhere, and assume it varies between schools. My scholarship will pay a certain amount per credit for doctorate degrees, so I am trying to...
  10. A

    Credits vs GPA

    Is it better to take 15-18 credits and get a 3.3-3.4 or take 12-13 and get a 3.9? How do you think adcoms will take each scenario
  11. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    Foreign degree, US community college, Harvard Post Bacc , Stanford Graduate

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please bear with this noob. I am concerned about my chances at a US MD school. My situation is a little messed up. I used to be an international student here in the US. I graduated from a foreign university with a horrific GPA of 2.64. I then earned an...
  12. M

    European Medical School Application Question

    Hello, I'm having some trouble understanding the application process of a school I'm applying to (the Medical University of Warsaw) and I was hoping someone could help me out. The application asks for me to fill out a detailed transcript of my pre-med courses (on top of submitting an official...
  13. D

    Math Requirement ant IB Transfer Credits

    Hey guys! I am a Canadian looking to apply to some US med schools next cycle. Currently, I am choosing my third year courses and I wanted to make sure I pick all the courses that fill the requirements. On my university transcript, I have 6 English credits (two semesters) as transfer credits that...
  14. Sameffect

    Semester Credit Hour Help For Pre Dent

    Hi I am a student in University of Houston and I just transferred from Houston Community College. I wanted help on my credit hour selection for the upcoming Fall 2016 semester. My credit hours in HCC are as follows: Spring 2015- 15 hours Summer 2015- 13 hours (incl Chem 1 with lab) Fall 2015- 17...
  15. N

    Can I apply after sophmore year?

  16. Delilah1106

    BCPM credits worth more in JC compared to university

    Hi all, I'll be applying to medical school in a couple of years and I had some concerns regarding the differences in credits assigned to BCPM courses at my junior college versus my university. I started off at a junior college and performed poorly in a few BCPM courses and each were worth 5...
  17. missrv

    Taking Chemistry and Biology at Community college vs University?

    I currently attend a community college and in order to receive my associates degree (so i can transfer to a university) i need to take biology and chemistry. I know that taking premed credits at a cc is not ideal. Should i take bio and chem at community college or should i take them at a...
  18. D

    Foreign/International Student: Should I redo Undergrad?

    As a foreign student, I obviously have challenges whilst thinking about applying to a US medical school. I did my undergrad in Australia and while my grades were great at first, I failed a few courses as I could not attend the exams on my last semester in school. I got married to an American and...