BOLC quizzes A-G

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Feb 23, 2015
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Does anyone know when the BOLC quizzes A-G found on MODS under the tab "admin" need to be taken? I found a thread from 2013 stating that they need to be completed 1-2 months prior to attending BOLC and that you get an informational CD in order to complete them. However, I spoke with my HPSP counselor today using 877- MED-ARMY [877-633-2769] and they mentioned that they were unaware of the quizzes and don't believe I need to complete them prior to attending. Now I'm thrown off on what's right and when the quizzes needed to be completed.

Anyone that has gone through this know if/when these quizzes need to be completed?

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Thanks GJMeig! That's exactly the type of clarity I was looking for!
Can confirm. No quizzes during BOLC. There was a midterm and final exam though, but it was very basic (study the night before).
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