1. E

    American PhD Student Applying to APPIC Site in Canada

    Hello, I'm an American PhD student in school psychology applying for an internship through APPIC. I have applied to a school district in Canada, but I'm not sure which visa would be appropriate for me, given I will not have my degree but will not be a student, technically (although I'll still be...
  2. FutureVet1995!

    American Vet feelings of having a BVM/BVMS over DVM

    Hello, So I am having mixed feelings about graduating from a vet school that's degree would not make my official title Doctor aka DVM/VMD. I'm an American who's applied to both US and UK/Irish vet schools. I plan to work in the states once I'm licensed. And I just can't help but...
  3. GodIsBeautiful

    People Not Believing You're Majoring in [Insert Blank Here.]

    This semester, I was excited to be accepted into pharmacy school and my older sister, medical school. However, as she and I spoke over this break, we realized that many people who we have confided about our future professions to had surprised, confused, or condescending reactions, saying...
  4. S

    Canadian applicant: Unsure if I should apply to US med schools this cycle

    I'm a Canadian applicant heading into my final year of undergrad and I'm uncertain of whether I should apply to Canada and US med schools this year, or just apply to Canada this year and apply to the US (and Canada again) the following year if this cycle doesn't work out. I have strong...
  5. D

    ACS Exam for Organic

    My Organic 2 class is taking the American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry standardized test for our final in a month. Has anyone else taken this exam? How did you study? Any tips?
  6. 8

    University of Queensland Dentistry 2019 Cycle

  7. B

    Am I URM?

    Hello everyone! I was born in North Africa and I am a US citizen. Yes, I know, most people in North Africa are considered white by the US census bureau. However, from my sociocultural perspective, I have ALWAYS considered myself to be African. In fact, the concept of race is pretty much...
  8. S

    American studying medicine in Europe moving back to America?

    Hello, first time poster! I was born and raised in America so my first language is English. I'm halfway through medical school in the Netherlands (in Dutch) and was wondering how I should go about moving back to America (specifically California, I have family there) if I wanted to. I'm keeping...
  9. R


    I am Canadian student here in Toronto with a a pretty low undergrad GPA - 2.9. I am currently in my 4th year, and i will be doing a 5th year, to try to raise my GPA. This gives me 2 years of opportunity to raise my GPA - the question is choosing which way to do so. My extra curriculars are...
  10. T

    Canadian Citizen - Canadian or American Undergrad?

    Hey everyone, A bit about me: I'm 18 and just graduated high school this past spring (went to a US boarding school... think Andover, Exeter, etc.). I'm a Canadian citizen and I'm currently taking a gap year. Since I'll be applying to college this fall, I wanted to get some opinions on where I...
  11. S

    Taking the Canadian DAT after the American DAT?

    I want to take both exams if possible. However, if I take the American DAT around October 12 and Canadian DAT on November 4th, would this be allowed? I mean are there any rules and regulations that don't allow you to take the two exams close to each other?
  12. D

    Advice for applying to an American EM residency as a medical student from French Canada

    I live in Quebec and study at a pretty unknown french university. I'm going into my third year and just got back my Step 1 scores: 240. Next step is to start researching programs. After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided to apply to EM programs in the states. I am not picky as to what...
  13. pikaboo

    Canadian board study materials help!

    Hey guys, I chose to do both the American and the Canadian board exams as it opens way more options and since I am studying, either way, might as well... I know the studying materials for the American Board and I have them and I am using them and very pleased with how they illustrate the...
  14. A

    American high school to UK Med School?

    I am currently a junior in high school in California. My GPA is sadly very average, probably around 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. However, I have always had a very loaded schedule with lots of honors and AP courses, I am an active member of the Medical Science Academy at my school, have over 100 hours of...
  15. A

    How do you get a first author publication in a reputable American medical journal?

    I'm a medical student new to research. Just wanted to know what kind of criteria they look for when publishing in an American medical journal. I heard having a first author publication is really good for residency (also heard it is very difficult). So just wanted to get a little information...
  16. N

    Canadians who have written both the cDAT and aDAT (applying to States)

    Hi guys, I've tried searching on this but couldn't find anything, so I was hoping someone might be able to comment. For those who have written both the Canadian and American DATs and have/are applying to the States, do schools even bother looking at the Canadian one if you've written the...
  17. L

    Dual Citizenship Med School Applications

    Hello! I’m a California resident, with a dual American and Canadian citizenship. I am considering completing my undergraduate degree in Canada, and had a couple questions about admission into medical school after that. Will I be considered an international or domestic student when applying to...
  18. OsteopathyBlues

    Are osteopathic medical schools also on this absurd PC train?

    I know political discussions are usually not encouraged on this forum. I understand why, and it is not my intention to start a flamewar. However... I recently got done with an interview at a school I will not name and my interviewer was acting plain unprofessional regarding my home state of...
  19. OsteopathyBlues

    Are medical schools also on this absurd PC train?

    I know political discussions are usually not encouraged on this forum. I understand why, and it is not my intention to start a flamewar. However... I recently got done with an interview at a school I will not name and my interviewer was acting plain unprofessional regarding my home state of...
  20. S

    What to do? Low first year. Canadian getting into Medical School?

    Hi! I am currently in my 4th year of undergrad in Bio Sciences, attending a university in Alberta. As I'm reaching the end of my undergrad studies, I am trying to weigh my options of what I should do. My GPA is in an upward trend from my first year which was quite poor: Year 1: 3.0 Year 2: 3.77...
  21. A

    Applying to AUS med school with US Bachelors

    Basically I am about to graduate soon with a US Bachelors in Biology and minor in chemistry... I am planning to move to Australia (it has always been my dream) so I can apply for med school there. I've been searching on the internet and I always see answers for how people from Australia try to...
  22. M

    American going to med school in Europe?

    Would medical schools in Europe, specifically Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Charité in Berlin or Heidelberg consider accepting an American high school graduate who meets the language requirements?
  23. M

    MCAT advice for Canadian Schools. Canadian, but US undergrad

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen, but I completed my undergrad in the U.S. Thus, I am not so familiar with the Canadian medical school application process and was wondering if you kind individuals could lend me some guidance/advice. First off, my stats are as follows: • cGPA: 3.843 and sGPA...
  24. E

    American High school student, endgame is to practice in Europe. Need advice

    I am a 16 year old American entering my senior year of high school, looking at colleges now. Little bit of background, I am half Indian, and look it (I don't know if that would be an issue). I know basic High school French, and English is native. Grades-wise, I am competitive for the top caliber...
  25. JenTheNurse

    Pre-requisites from a Community College

    So a little back story I am American and my husband is Canadian, we're living in the states right now and I'm getting my undergraduate here in the states in nursing. transferring my nursing credentials up there is no issue, dealing with the visa process is no big deal (as well as something for...
  26. R

    When to take CASPer?

    When applying to american schools, should I take CASPer before or after the interview? Does it matter? Because the dates of the test are spread out over many months, all the way to the beginning of January, which would be after most of the interviews. In Canada, all of the CASPer dates are in...
  27. D

    Senior Level Courses in American Dental Schools

    Do American dental schools require you to have a certain minimum number of "senior level courses" in your junior or senior school year? Ie. UWO now requires that "Each of the two best years used for GPA consideration must also have at 3.0 full course [out of the full course load of 5.0]...
  28. A

    Are you protected by the U.S. if you go to a Caribbean medical school?

    Several people keep asking if you can file a lawsuit against a Caribbean medical school. The answer is yes. For example, if you are suing Ross, you would file your lawsuit in New Jersey, that's where their offices are, the owners are American, and most of their business is conducted from...
  29. Melezour

    PhD Is Public Health still attractive in the U.S. ?

    Hey there! I'm a French med student (5th year), and I'm planning to get a PhD in Public Health in France (within 5 years or so), and I'll probably try to specialize into health politics and management. Public Health has a bad reputation among med students in France, and many people choose this...
  30. L

    MD Canadian, 3.88 GPA, 518 MCAT - Top tier American med school?

    Hi everyone, First time posting on here. I'm a 3rd year Microbiology and Immunology major at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. Expecting to graduate in 2017. I do not have permanent residency or citizenship in the US, but I am a Canadian citizen. GPA: 3.88 (over Years 1...