CARS success discrepancies

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Jan 15, 2018
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Hey gang,

Two things:

1) I've been using the latest TBR CARS book and usually scoring only 60%. I assume that is not good. I then dug up my old "EK 101 passages in MCAT VR" book and tried those and did significantly better, 78% (keep in mind this is an old book and was designed for the old test, however, I did readjust to keep the time restraint similar to new test format).

I am wondering if anyone has experience with these books and can relate them to how well each is as an indicator of the real MCAT. Are the TBR passages harder than the real thing? Are the old EK books still a decent indicator?

2) The TBR CARS book diagnostics do not come with a raw score to scaled score conversion. Anyone know if there is one? If not, is there an agreed upon conversion people use?

Thanks fam,